Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Film(MOVIES) production process

Film(MOVIES) production process

1. Choose a script

This is the most important thing. Generally, the producer chooses the script, but there is no lack of the director to choose the script. But after the director chooses a good script, he has to persuade the company and the producer to invest for him

2. Funds

The cost of a movie includes not only the cost of the director, screenwriter, camera, actor, scene, shooting, post production, accommodation, etc., but also the cost of marketing and publicity, which is usually equal to the shooting cost or 1 / 2 of the shooting cost.

3. Choosing directors and actors

In a movie, the director is in charge, which means that they should be responsible not only for the quality of the film, but also for other aspects of the set. In international film production, the director only needs to be responsible for the task of making a good film

4. Star lineup

In a successful movie, there should be not only a great script, a good plot and a good director. The most important thing is to have the participation of big stars. Stars are the shining focus of the movie and the guarantee of the box office

5. Set up a film crew

The photography group includes: field notes, make-up, props, lighting, fine arts, late stage guidance, and splicing with the group.

6. Film editing

In commercial films, directors have no right to cut. They are all cut by production companies, but if they are front-line directors, that's different

7. Publisher

In the commercial film, the distributor and producer are not the same. The distributor obtains the right of distribution through competition. The quality of a film can also be shown by the distributor

8. Publicity methods

Advertisements and posters.

9. International Film Distribution

Distribution of film dubbing rights, editing rights.

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