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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Movie recommendation

Movie recommendation

Take a look at the movie adapted from Stephen King's novel, The Shawshank Redemption 1994, the green mile 1999, Nazi pursuit 1998

"The mist" the mist 2007

I've seen the rest of Stephen King, and the rest can only be said to be general

Now it's not Stephen's: "Forrest Gump" (more said, it's not really good), "smell the fragrance and know the woman" (what do you mean, don't sell others to earn profits, even if he has bad conduct, of course, this is also to distinguish the seriousness of right from wrong), "million baby" < guess the train > (why? Take a look at the introduction of Encyclopedia) < Lola Run > (the director is a lunatic, genius is a bit crazy. Of course, he said his shooting technique) < crash > (why can you beat Brokeback Mountain? Of course, there are reasons for it, especially after you see it, you will know why, It is suggested that we first look at the Encyclopedia) I am not original, and I only recommend the movies I have seen and remember. PS: (lightning miracle) after watching, I cry... I think many people have seen the Lvli miracle, and the character feature is more profound than him (I suspect Lvli miracle is a bit plagiarized, and Lvli miracle has the support of big stars!! So the lightning miracle is not as famous as the green miracle..... Suggest to take a look at the encyclopedia!

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