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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Seek some classic movie ~ high score

Seek some classic movie ~ high score

The more touching and touching movies like pianist and Iwo Jima letter, the better. I really can't find it. Please give me the best picture list of past Academy Awards. Thank you. Thank you! Oscar's need not change ~ help to find some very touching movies... Start

Some of these films are aspiring, but they are also lack of touching plots. There are many places that make people think deeply

There are a lot of the completely touching feature films that the landlord wants. It can be said that these are the most classic and thought-provoking films in this year. If you savor them carefully, everyone has something touching

The whole life is in it

Edward Scissorhands: classic, Depp, the love of robots

[children of heaven] the story is so simple that it is almost monotonous. A child loses her sister's little shoes, which makes her unable to go to school. But it is for these shoes that the children of the poor show their innocence and self-improvement, which is very touching

When happiness knocks on the door

[Marine pianist] it's too classic to watch a movie that can't be calm for a long time

Forrest Gump teaches all people to be tolerant of others. Being stupid is good luck

[devil in Prada] one of the top ten must see movies for graduates

Children's warm movie

[big fish] watch it twice. Be kind to yourself when you are alive

[Truman's world] a novel about human value and human nature

Every man's childhood memories are so classic

Shawshank Redemption: a must see inspirational film for men

[sunny day] the youth of us

[Schindler's list] a very touching film about how some Jews were rescued during the war

[Notting Hill] Super moving, happy ending ~ works of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant

[this killer is not too cold] is also a classic film, one of the representative works of French director Luc Besson. It's a bit of a fringe movie

Supplement: father's flag is the brother of Iwo Jima letter. The director Eastwood describes the battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the US and Japanese forces! It's two movies.

The landlord can also look at the flag of his father's generation

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