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Friday, July 23, 2021

There are several kinds of film(movies) special effects production software:

There are several kinds of film(movies) special effects production software:


Houdini is a very powerful software for special effects. Many movie special effects are completed by it. The "magic fireworks" put by "Gandalf" in the Lord of the rings, the scene of "water horse" breaking down the "ring spirit", and the tornado the day after tomorrow.


Avid's illumination is a synthesis software integrating film stunts, synthesis, painting and deformation software. It is an uncompressed digital non-linear post editing and stunt production system based on SGI full series platform, with efficient production environment, production quality and integrated functional modules.


Inferno system running on SGI super workstation is an award-winning world recognized as the best film and television special effect production system, from the lost world, tornado, independence day, collision between heaven and earth, Star River team, Godzilla and mummy to the most successful film Titanic in film history.

4、Alias / Wavefront

The predecessor of the software is alias. The system was originally developed by alias company in Toronto, Canada. It mainly runs on various SGI graphics workstations and IBM r60000 Series graphics workstations. The products of the system are divided into many levels, from low to high: designer, animator, power animator, studio and auto studio.


In 1986, Daniel Langlois, one of the directors of the computer animated film "Tony de peltrie", founded Softimage company in Montreal, Canada, and launched Softimage 3D animation software in 1988. Softimage 3D system supports applications in many fields, such as film and television production, product and industrial design, architectural and scientific computing visualization, etc.

6、Digital Fusion/Maya Fusion

Professional synthesis software based on PC platform developed by eyeon company of Canada. This software is one of the best synthetic software on PC platform. Working with Maya makes it even more powerful. It can work closely with 3D software such as Maya to modify the material, texture, light and other properties of 3D objects in a 2D environment.


Discrete logic company launched a series of software on the PC platform. Among them, edit is a professional nonlinear editing software, and effect is a layer based synthesis software. Users can set motion for each layer of picture, carry out operations such as color comparison, matting and tracking, and set lights.

8、Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a complex video editing program made by apple. This is the choice of multimedia news editing software used by Apple computer, which is comparable to Adobe's premiere video editing program. Final Cut Pro does not have a Windows version.

9、Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a commonly used video editing software launched by adobe. It has good compatibility and can cooperate with other software launched by adobe.


Avid technology provides a full range of digital media solutions from program production, management to broadcasting. As a recognized professional digital standard in the industry, avid can provide professionals in media production with world-leading technical means from video, audio, film animation, stunts to streaming media production.


Autodesk's famous 3D modeling and animation software. According to Autodesk, Maya 2016 can greatly improve the workflow efficiency of development, design and creation in film, television, games and other fields, improve polygon modeling, improve performance through new algorithms, and multi-threaded support can make full use of the advantages of multi-core processors.

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