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Thursday, July 8, 2021

What movies are there to watch???

What movies are there to watch???

The latest ones are Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in China: Huahua criminal police, Changjiang No.7, big dunk, assembly No.2, Touming certificate, big movie tens of billions 2, Lust Caution, Bangbang tiger chicken, destiny call transfer, the year of dragon and chicken, Chibi, the secret of baohulu, unspeakable secret, dear father, no place for old age and power wind Foreign countries: ten thousand years before history, tiger gall 4, wolfhound hunting, chief food mover, ugly girl turned over, delicious love, sharpshooter and smart star, electric saw 4》 Love in the age of cholera, Shrek 3, little mermaid, Princess Disney, beauty and beast, transformers, Harry Potter 5, soul chariot, Spider Man 3, dragon war, National Treasure 2, FireWire bodyguard, I am legend, magic toy city, Beowulf, bee story, American Gangster《 Santa Claus, Jurassic Park 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 28 weeks of upheaval, spy 3, die hard 4, snipe the line of life and death, Knight of the evil spirit, Sparta 300, rise of the dark, alien vs. iron Warrior 2: ballad, the golden compass of the dark matter trilogy, Beowulf: Curse of the North Sea, Loch Ness monster, electricity The unseen movies in 2008 are: King of Kung Fu, red cliff, the story of the Three Kingdoms, dragon's armor removal, Jiangshan beauty, fantasy elf event book, blackjack, Batman: Dark Knight, national Superman, natural disaster, Raider 4: Indiana? Jones and the kingdom of crystal skull, the first drop of blood 4, Jurassic Park 4, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Mummy 3: The Curse of the dragon, Batman: the God of the night, there are too few high-quality movies, I would like to recommend some classic films: Abroad: X-Men series Batman Series alien series alien series Star Trek series terminator series mechanical police series Jurassic Park series back to the future series blade Warrior series matrix series biochemical crisis series Lord of the rings series spy Spy series "cocoon" series "battle of the stars" series "magnetic collision between heaven and earth", "doomsday", "monster gesra", "X-Files", "Star Wars", "black hole surface", "the fifth element", "man in black", "12 monkeys", "interceptor of the future", "future water world", "future master", "comprehensive memory", "abyss", "mechanical hero" and "inner space" 》"Thunderbolt 5", "flies", "E.T." blade killer "," brave to take life island "," air prison "," Star River team "," tears of the sun "," the fifth element "," heart of the king "," the day after tomorrow "," collision between heaven and earth "," perfect storm "," Godzilla "," doomsday of the earth "," Troy "," Da Vinci Code "," Gladiator "," speed of life and death "," Forrest Gump " Biography, double homicide, American Gangster, true lies

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