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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How are movies and TV made?

How are movies and TV made?

When every late novice gets started, the most common question is, what software should I learn? Basically, the reason for entering the pit is that one day, at a certain place, I saw the special effect of breaking a cow to fry, and then I went deep into the mud and couldn't extricate myself. Even after countless nights, I tossed and turned, couldn't sleep at night, cried and screamed, and questioned whether my mind was squeezed by the door at that time. If you see here, you finally have a thorough understanding and are determined to cherish life and stay away from the later stage. Then click the small in the upper left corner, tomorrow will be better. If you are determined, stick to the end and don't die until you see the Yellow River, keep reading!

First of all, you should position yourself well and determine whether you are a editor or a special effects synthesizer. Determining a good direction is very important for your future study. However, both editors and special effects composers have certain requirements for aesthetics, so starting from the most basic part, the essential software is Photoshop.

This is a professional image processing and drawing software developed by adobe. It can provide professional image editing and processing, and use its extensive editing and drawing tools to edit pictures more effectively. The function is quite powerful. You can repair pictures (legendary beauty) and make posters, logos and moving pictures. The support for various filters enables users to easily create various fantasy effects.

To really get started to video production, PS is obviously not enough. When PS has a certain foundation, you can learn editing software such as premiere. There are many video editing software, which are basic and easy to learn. These are relatively easy to use, as well as the existing basic special effect templates. However, professional software is still commonly used, such as PR, EDIUS, final cut pro, etc., with many functions and good results. This is also an important distinction between professional and non professional( Exclude those great gods who are great no matter what software they use (HA)

If you want to make those cool special effects yourself, you must start a special effect synthesis software. After effects CS... (many versions, CS6 or above is recommended). Some time ago, the controversial quantum invisibility cloak came from matting with key. Don't go into detail about this function? In addition, this software is also developed by adobe. It is the same company as PS and PR and has excellent compatibility with each other. Now most TV columns are basically inseparable from its shadow.

Another auxiliary software is also indispensable, that is, audio software. In case of noise interference during early shooting, it can reduce noise and edit the audio effect if it is not serious. The most commonly used audio software is au

However, Xiaobian still prefers to use Nuendo, which may be related to personal habits. In a word, no matter which software is used, as long as it is easy to use.

Finally, if you have strong perseverance and are unwilling to the current situation, you have a strong love for the later stage. Then learn another 3D software! 3D or Maya are optional objects, but Xiaobian personally recommends C4d. Literally, it is a 4D film. Using it as a model and map can confuse the false with the real. In recent years, the momentum is very strong. It should be said that it is a little simpler than Maya.

design sketch

After mastering these software, you can basically be among the great gods. Of course, mastering it is not an overnight thing, but also needs to be practiced repeatedly. Always learn from the advantages of others, and you will gradually be promoted. In addition, if you want to focus on editing, the application of a color matching software is also very important. Some pictures have poor texture before they are processed. This is what some people often say that there is no sense of film. If you understand color matching, this problem may be improved. Leonardo da Vinci is definitely the best choice for color matching software. However, certain color knowledge is also necessary, which goes back to what we called aesthetic requirements at the beginning.

Of course, the software is only an aid, and the later staff should also have an open and innovative thinking. To put it bluntly, they should have a big brain hole, so people who are too regular should carefully consider whether they are suitable for this occupation! So now, are you ready to step into the ocean of suffering?

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