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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Some standards of film(movies) production

Some standards of film(movies) production

What are the general standards for three-dimensional film production, including national standards, industry standards and some default standards. What rules to follow, etc. Can make Hollywood, Disney and other film production standards, the more detailed the better, thank you, that is, what kind of film

Press: the United States may not be the country that produces the most films per year, but it is definitely the holder of the largest share of the world film market. Whether you like American films or not, its position is self-evident. Unfortunately, when it comes to American films, it seems that only "Titanic", "true lies" and "Transformers" can be thought of. Moreover, it seems that American films can be equated with Hollywood films, and American films can be equated with pure commercial films. This idea is undoubtedly too simple. Therefore, I am interested, On this issue, say a few words.

1、 American films are not Hollywood films

This title is very big. I try to write it in order one by one. In fact, Mr. Zhou Liming's two books can be used as good materials for his understanding of Hollywood. I won't elaborate on the contents involved above.

What is Hollywood film? If we understand this word in a narrow sense, we can understand that in the golden age of American films in the 1930s and 1940s, films were produced and distributed by MGM, paramount, 20th century fox, Lei Dianhua, Warner Brothers, universal, Columbia, Lianmei (Lianyi), etc., the eight largest studios in Hollywood, or even not only produced and distributed, Even the screening is in the cinemas controlled by these companies. However, as we all know, Americans are very anti-monopoly. This kind of vertical behavior, which covers all links from production to sales - especially some companies that control a large number of cinemas, is considered a monopoly. Therefore, the later screening of this piece is basically separated from production and distribution. After so many years of ups and downs, these eight companies also have different fortunes, such as ups and downs, honor and disgrace. Leihua, who made Citizen Kane, fell down, and Lianmei, which was originally pulled up by the rich actors, disappeared. Colombia was merged by Sony, Warner was merged with AOL, and MGM was almost bankrupt by a windwhisperer, but it is similar to the bigger Disney, The new line, originally Miramax under Disney, and DreamWorks, which had just been merged by paramount, rose one after another around the 1990s and became the upstart of the film kingdom.

After a brief explanation, we can see that if we understand it in a narrow sense, only the films produced and distributed by these eight studios can be called Hollywood films. Now, many times, even if large companies carry out distribution work, it does not mean that this is their work - because the monopoly of large companies on distribution channels is self-evident. Moreover, even if independent production can afford intensive production costs, the cost of distribution, especially post publicity (in a sense, it is a waste of money), But it's hard to afford not to do so), but it's hard to say that these independent films distributed by large companies are rigid "Hollywood films". Therefore, when "experts" rated the Lord of the rings 3 sweeping the Oscar as a typical "Hollywood commercial production", it's obvious that he didn't check the production team of the film.

Well, the definition of Hollywood film is not so rigid now, and its recognition may be greater from the recognition of some representations of the film, such as the routine of the story, the emphasis on visual wonders, the grasp of exposed scenes and ideological labels. This view may be more recognized. Even on this point, the concept of "Hollywood film" is not without merit, but I will talk about this later. Let's go back to the past and clarify the production relationship, so that we can see that, in fact, films made purely by large companies representing Hollywood can never represent a complete American film. In fact, after 8mm, with the emergence of DV, the flexibility of film production cost is becoming greater and greater. Using a large number of big scenes and CGI, you may spend millions of dollars to shoot a shot for only a few seconds, but more young film lovers can spend a little money to make a real film that they didn't dare to think of in the past, rather than home video《 "Blair the witch" is a good example, and Robert Rodriguez's "Elegy of the killer" cost only about $9000! It is the existence of these small or large independent productions that provides a strong human resource foundation for the vigorous development of American films. Moreover, even in Hollywood, the traditional studio system has actually been broken. The pure industrial era of putting three scripts on the table, taking one at random, changing a few stars, changing a few lines and a few conflict plots is long gone. Even epic works like Lord of the rings 3 can actually be put into the camp of independent production if they are really viewed. Although it has accepted the financing of large companies, the actual production unit is not a large company, and PJ enjoys a high degree of freedom as he played "bad taste" in those years. Independent production and large companies are not as fierce as our experts think. The former needs capital injection to improve the production level, and the latter needs innovative consciousness to open up new market space. What smart people do is not to keep high and look down on each other, but to learn from each other's strengths to make up for their weaknesses. To be good, it is called power game, It's hard to say. It's mutual use. Let them use each other. Anyway, our fans are the happiest in the end.

As for the achievements of independent production in the United States, I don't need to say more. A few directors are like thunder among domestic fans: Cohen brothers, David Lynch and Richard Linklater. Oh, I almost forgot Kevin Smith, who can best represent the spirit of independent production. His crazy shop assistant was shot by swiping more than 20 credit cards, His birth greatly inspired the latecomers. After watching crazy shop assistant, a film college student couldn't believe that it was made by the ugly Silent Bob in front of him. At that time, he threatened: shit, he can make movies, so can I! Therefore, don't think of "beautiful women in law", "beauty and the beast" and "restricted agents" as the whole of American films - think of "Barton Fink", "my heart is wild" and "wake up life"

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