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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What are the roles in the film(movies) production process?

What are the roles in the film(movies) production process?

The following is the job summary of different posts in different periods of film production. However, group companies and independent production companies will be different. The group company does not need to raise funds, but directly allocates funds from the company to shoot and change films; Independent production companies need to find investors after the story outline comes out, collect the down payment after signing the contract, write the complete script and start production.

Planning period:

Director: according to experience, guide the screenwriter how to write the story outline and division table

Planning: put forward personal opinions on the content of the story and assist the screenwriter.

Screenwriter: implement the opinions of the public into a written story outline and audience table.

Producer: it's optional at this stage. If it's an independent production company, it's necessary to take the story outline to investors.

early stage:

Director: instruct the screenwriter how to write the complete script. After the final draft comes out, according to their own experience, write the director's mirror draft, also known as the director's draft.

Planning: work with the producer to prepare everything according to the needs of the current script.

Screenwriter: from the first draft, the second draft, the third draft to the final draft.

Producer: contact the main actors and find sponsors.

Production: according to the shooting needs, start looking for crew accommodation, shooting venues, hiring actors, mass actors, shooting teams and renting machine lights.

Production period:

Supervision: monitor the progress and be sure to follow the budget, otherwise there may be overspending.

Director: shoot according to the progress, guide the actors how to act, require the lighting to provide effects as needed, and guide the photography team to shoot.

Planning: assist the producer and director to work according to the schedule.

Production: coordinate all work.

Production assistant: more than, taking care of the actors, providing all the food for the shooting site, and coordinating the work of the prop setting group

Drama: more than, to assist the production assistant.

Scene notes: record the shooting situation of each scene, including what clothes the actors wear, clothes color, matching accessories, etc., and whether the dialogue content spoken by the actors is the same as the original script. Any changes must be noted for subtitles in the future.

Photography: a photographer is also called a photography guide. Associate photographers, some clips may use two sets of machines, and there will be a second photographer or associate photographer. Several photographic assistants to assist photographers and associate photographers, including taking machines, measuring distances, changing films and other trivial work.

Lighting: Lighting Engineer / Lighting Guide. Lighting assistant, assist lighting engineer to adjust lighting direction, position, etc. Electrician, supply power to every corner of the site for the use of lights.

art direction:design of all sets,props and colors

Costume Guide: design and purchase the clothes that all actors need to wear

Clothing: help actors store clothes and wear them.

Setting: responsible for all sets of the venue.

Props: responsible for supplying props of various sizes.

Martial arts: divided into martial arts guidance and action guidance; A martial arts actor who fights with the protagonist; The double of the protagonist; Jumping from a building, flying, pulling a steel wire and other stunts.

Stunt: this kind of stunt generally refers to car and locomotive chasing and blasting scenes.

Make up: make up

Hairstyle / comb: styling actors' hair.

post production:

Director: supervise how to deal with the scene

Splicing: actually splicing the film.

Stunt: This refers to the later computer stunt and animation stunt.

Dubbing: This is not with human voice, but some door opening sound or other sounds.

Music: match appropriate music with the required picture.

Copy: in the end, the final version with good music and effect will be sent to copy, and then sent to local cinemas for screening.

Subtitles: Chinese and English subtitles are provided for the film with good editing and sound effects.

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