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Monday, September 6, 2021

How are movies made?

How are movies made?

Among today's commercial films, American commercial films are the most successful. Films in contemporary countries have more or less a commercial atmosphere

The American film production process is as follows:

1. Choose the script. This is the most important. Generally, the producer chooses the script, but there is no lack of directors to choose the script. However, after selecting a good script, the director must persuade the company and the producer to invest in it. However, in current films, the director has no right to adapt the script, If he wants to change the script before shooting, he must get the approval of the company's upper board of directors

2. Capital. Every film can't do without strong capital. If a film like "strong war world" exceeds 200 million US dollars, you have to find a powerful company to invest in the film

3. Choose directors and actors. There is no saying that Chinese films will choose directors. In a film, the director is in charge, which means that they should be responsible not only for the quality of the film, but also for other aspects of the set. In international film production, the director only needs to be responsible for the task of film shooting. In international film production, the script chooses the director, Instead of directing the script, producers should take the task of selecting actors in the preparation of the film, which is done by the deputy directors in mainland China.

4. In a successful film, we should not only have a great script, a good plot and a good director. The most important thing is to have the participation of big stars. Stars are the shining focus of the film and the guarantee of the box office

5. Set up a film crew to shoot

6. Film editing. In American commercial films, directors do not have the right to cut. They are cut by production companies, but if they are first-line directors, it is different

7. Distributors. In commercial films, distributors and producers are not the same. Distributors obtain distribution rights through competition. The quality of a film can also be expressed by watching distributors

8. Issue posters and advertising. Take "strong war world" for example, the advertising and publicity posters of the film were released as early as four months before the film was released

9. International distribution of films, distribution of film dubbing rights and editing rights

10. Participate in the film festival

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