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Sunday, September 19, 2021

How to make movie special effects?

How to make movie special effects?

RT, such as call of duty live video, how do you get the special effects of blood flower?

If there are dragons, birds and fire, use three-dimensional animation software such as Maya. If there are effects such as light wave, internal skill and sword light and sword shadow, use the post synthesis software after effects.

Let me tell you about the general production process. Take the unique skill "Eighteen dragon subduing palms" as an example:

1. Arrange actors to make relevant actions during shooting to get the required materials;

2. Try to import the photographed materials into the computer hard disk and prepare for production;

3. Study with the special effects director or art director to explore what effect is more appropriate for each action, and get the production scheme. For example, when his arm draws a circle, a golden dragon appears where his palm slides;

4. After obtaining the production scheme, analyze which part of the whole effect is done with 3D software and which part is done with post synthesis software;

5. Pour the photographed action materials into the 3D software or later software respectively, add corresponding effects according to the actors' actions, and then render and output the completed effects;

6. Finally, in the synthesis software, pour the shooting materials and special effects materials respectively, and combine the two to complete the internal skills and special effects we see in the film or TV!

If you are satisfied with my answer, please accept it. Film and television special effects is a highly professional work, but it is not difficult to get started. There are many related tutorials on the Internet. If you are interested, you can find it. I wish you happy watching and learning.

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