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Monday, September 13, 2021

Micro film production process and precautions

Micro film production process and precautions

I'm a middle school student. I want to take advantage of the next summer vacation to shoot a micro film with my classmates. I'm a novice. I don't have any experience. I just want to have a good shot. Please give me some ideas. Be complete. OK~~

Micro film has short production cycle, strong timeliness and is closer to public life. It is a new concept given to film culture by the times. It is suitable for Internet, multimedia, mobile video and other platforms, and has entertainment, creativity and advertising value. So what are the main processes and precautions of micro film production?

1、 The main process of micro film production - script creation

Compared with traditional advertising, micro film drives users' emotions with the ups and downs of the plot, sublimates through the "things and feelings" of the protagonist of the story, and potentially causes users' resonance and support for the brand. Therefore, a good script is the foundation of an excellent micro film, and the essence depends on the creativity of the plan.

2、 The main process of micro film production - Preparation of equipment and design of sub lens

1. The preparation of equipment and shooting equipment shall be calculated according to the budget of the micro film. Have a general plan in advance. For example, if you want to shoot better, you can rent better equipment and instruments, and calculate the degree of application. Some dispensable equipment shall be removed as far as possible to save cost.

2. To design a split lens is simply to allocate the lens, that is, to make a sketch of the shooting in advance, what lens to use, how to start shooting at the beginning and how to close the lens at the end. This depends on what means the director wants to use to show the content of the story, so as to shorten the shooting time.

3、 The main process of micro film production -- Selecting actors

Before shooting a micro film, the basic crew should be fully staffed and have a clear division of labor. You can't arrange anyone according to your hobbies and abilities. Among them, deductive personnel are also the most important part. Arrange the shooting site in advance and carry out it in a planned way. The site selection shall be suitable for the plot of the micro film script, so as to achieve the combination of plot, scene and drama. Actors should memorize their lines in advance and rehearse the shot picture according to the lines, so as to minimize the situation that shooting is the first performance and reduce the shooting time, so as to reduce the shooting cost.

4、 The main process of micro film production - Logistics

Provide logistical support for the crew, arrange actor accommodation, field props, and contact food and water. Traffic should also be arranged properly.

5、 Main process of micro film production - post production

Use software to "Edit" the captured video. If you don't want to cut too many shots, you need to allocate more perfect shots in advance. You can also add some software special effects, such as brighter and darker, less shaking of the picture, subtitles (and the list of partners), and of course, soundtrack suitable for the plot, Software needs people to operate skillfully. The later stage of micro film production directly affects the quality and viewing feeling of the film, which can only be completed by professional producers. Therefore, the arrangement of post production must require personnel with software production experience or learning software production.

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