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Friday, September 3, 2021

What is film(movies) production

What is film(movies) production

Film making (or film making) refers to the process of making films. The nature of the film determines the size and type of work team required during production.

The production of general commercial films can be roughly divided into three steps: first, the work before shooting, including proposing ideas, writing stories, dividing the outline, signing directors, budgeting, compiling scripts, watching location, looking for actors, and deciding on the members of the production team. 2、 The work in shooting is carried out in an intensive way under the command of the director, and the executive producer supervises the expenditure, shooting progress and all administrative matters. 3、 The post shooting work includes editing, dubbing, soundtrack, subtitle design, trailer production, and pre film publicity. In the process of shooting, the director should have a detailed division plan and draw up the shooting sequence, so as to achieve rapid promotion under the pressure of light change and actor control. For the selection of cameras and lenses, the display of lights, the arrangement of editing and soundtrack, the staff must cooperate closely with the director to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, a film is not only the creation of a group, but also a work of art in which the director hides his personal vision under various tensions. There are few restrictions on privately owned film making, and the film making method only needs to be determined according to the film type (experimental film, feature film or documentary). Or list a fine mirror division table and shoot it completely according to the prior intention, so as to save film as much as possible; Or endless hunting for satisfactory shots, and then sort out a clear context from the post editing stage. This kind of film is most in line with personal creative desire, and plays a role in cultivating mind and improving feelings. Originally cited Wang Aijun's anthology "film production" of the international Junyou Association.

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