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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What is the major of film production in the undergraduate course

What is the major of film production in the undergraduate course

I'm not an art student. I didn't see the drama and what majors, photography and film majors in Baidu??!

Beijing Film Academy: Department of literature, Department of performance, Department of director, Department of photography, Department of recording, Department of fine arts, Department of management, Department of cinematography, Department of film and television technology, School of animation, School of photography.

Communication University of China: the university has three departments: Journalism and communication department, film and television art department and science and engineering department. It also has the College of television and journalism, the College of advertising, the College of international communication, the College of media management, the College of Social Sciences, the College of film and television art, the College of broadcasting and hosting art, the College of animation, the College of Arts, the College of information engineering, the College of science 12 colleges including the school of computer and software and the school of distance and continuing education, the Department of journalism, the Department of communication, the Department of television, the Department of editing, the Department of advertising, the Department of advertising design, the Department of public relations, the Department of international communication, the Department of international relations, the Department of English language and literature, the Department of foreign languages, the Department of economic management, the Department of public management, the Department of management science and engineering, the Department of law, the Department of Social Sciences Department of literature and art, Department of director and performance, Department of radio and television literature, Department of photography, Department of fine arts, Department of recording art, Department of recording technology, Department of broadcasting, Department of Applied Linguistics, Department of animation, Department of digital art, Department of Chinese literature, Department of language and culture, Department of communication engineering, Department of electronic information engineering, Department of radio and television engineering, Department of automation, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of optoelectronics 37 departments, including the Department of computer science and technology and the Department of software engineering.

The tuition fee of Beijing Film Academy is about 10000 a year.

The art major of Communication University of China is about 10000 yuan a year

Ordinary undergraduate is about 5000 yuan

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