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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

100 classic movies

100 classic movies


The return of the Lord of the rings III

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone

The Lord of the rings: two cities

5 Star Wars Prequel: phantom crisis

6 Shrek 2

7 Jurassic Park

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets

The first song of the Lord of the rings

11 undersea mobilization

12 Star Wars Prequel: Revenge of the Sith

14 Independence Day

Spider man

15 E.T. aliens

Harry Potter and the fugitive of Azkaban

17 Lion King

Spider Man 2

19 Star Wars

20 Narnia legend

21 matrix 2: reloading

Forrest Gump

The sixth sense

Pirates of the Caribbean

25 Star Wars Prequel: the attack of clone

26 Superman

Lost World: Jurassic Park

The crucifixion of Jesus

29 World War

30 black super special police unit

31 ice age 2: melting of glaciers

The end of the world

33 King Kong

34 spy 2

35 days after tomorrow / doomsday

36 Star Wars Empire counterattack

37 Madagascar

38 monster company

39 Terminator 2

40 see your father-in-law 2

The ghost of 41 people

42 Aladdin

43 Troy

44 Tornado

45 Toy Story 2

46 fake gods

47 Shrek

48 save Private Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

50 kids in charge

51 Star Wars Jedi counterattack

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

53 Raider 3: jihadi

54 great white shark

55 beauty

56 matrix

57 Gladiator

58 last dancer

59 dish in dish

Sixty eleven Arhats

61 Pearl Harbor

62 Mount Tai

63 black super special police unit 2

64 slim Dad

65 Exorcist

Terminator 3: the awakening of machines

67 tomb raiding Mysteries 2

68 choose a day to die

69 The Rebirth of the Holocaust

Matrix Revolution

Dancing with Wolves

72 tomb raiding

73 Batman

74 bodyguards

75 psychic quadrant (omen)

76 X-Men 2x2

77 gone with the wind

78 hot prodigal son

79 Prince Robin Hood

80 Raiders

81 Ice Age

82 back to the future

83 Godzilla

84 true lies

85 beauty and beast

86 men, 100 percent

87 Batman's moment

I'm crazy about Mary

The end of the world

90 Jurassic Park 3

91 my Greek Wedding

92 national rival

93 Notting Hill

94 shark Gang

95 bug crisis

96 twelve Arhats

97 planet of apes

Toy Story 98

99 Black Sun crisis

100 tiger gall 3

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