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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Delta worries strike again: SCPD movie night at Kaiser Permanente Arena postponed

... Delta variant Friday, with the Santa Cruz Police Department postponing a family movie night scheduled for Tuesday at Kaiser Permanente Arena.

Man With Knife Disrupts Newark Community Movie Night

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A man with a knife disrupted a community movie night in Newark, sending children running for safety.

How to Watch 'Old': Here's Where You Can See M. Night Shyamalan's Twisty New Horror Movie ...

If there's one thing we all know about M. Night Shyamalan movies by now, it's that you want to see them before all the best twists and turns get ...

Various occupational classifications in film(MOVIES) production

 Various occupational classifications in film(MOVIES) production

I mean, in a film, what are the categories of work such as director, actor and photographer??

Director department: episode, deputy director (scene, actor)

Photography Department: photographer, photography assistant, crew,

Production department: Production Director, on-site production, life production, outreach production, drama, field and finance

Makeup Department: makeup artist, makeup assistant,

Art Department: artists, props, props assistants,

Clothing department: designer, clothing assistant,

Lighting Department: lighting engineer, lighting assistant,

The recording group, the music group, the editing group will not say,

Friday, July 30, 2021

'Summer Movie Night'

Local filmmaker Griffin Loch (center) is pictured on set at Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park during the filming of his newly released movie, “A Spark ...

Movie listings

2650 Midway Mall Blvd., Elyria. (440) 324-2075. Through Tuesday unless otherwise noted. Jungle Cruise (PG-13). Today and Saturday: 1:30, 2:30, ...

'Thimmarusu' movie review: Satya Dev sparkles in this legal thriller

Remakes are tricky in a digital age where many movie enthusiasts are likely to have watched the original film. Unless a writer-director recreates the ...

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Film(movies) production contract

 Film(movies) production contract

Production contract

Party A: Co., Ltd

Place of registration:

Legal representative: Contact:

contact information:

Party B: XXXX company or XX film studio

Place of registration: legal representative: XX


Contact information: fax, email, telephone

Through friendly negotiation and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the production of the film project and related cooperation:

1. Basic details of the project:

1.1 project name: (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as "this film")

1.2 project type: 35mm color film

1.3 project length: no less than 100 minutes

1.4 technical standard: 1:2.35 scale wide screen film, sound SRD digital six channel

1.5 producer:

1.6 general supervisor:

1.7 general planning:

1.8 producer: 1.9 director:

1.10 screenwriter: 2. Main cycle: (it can be adjusted according to specific conditions)

2.1 script creation and preliminary preparation from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

2.2 shooting from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

2.3 film post production from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

3. Form of cooperation and responsibilities of both parties:

3.1 party a sincerely invites Party B as the sole producer of the film XXXX.

3.2 the director's personal remuneration shall not be less than x% of the total investment. The labor contract between Party A and the director shall be signed separately. Party A will pay the remuneration in installments according to the payment method agreed by both parties.

3.3 Party A and Party B agree to take XX% of the director's personal labor contract amount as the risk mortgage, and receive it from Party A after all films are produced and reviewed.

3.4 both parties agree that the production cost of the film (including the cost of preparation and scene selection, pre and post production, and the cost of all actors and staff other than star actors) shall not be less than 3.65

The Biggest Movies Coming to Theaters in August 2021

Box office comparisons: In terms of “video games come to life” movies, ... ($6.1M / $17.5M) and 2017's My Little Pony: The Movie ($8.8M / $21.8M).

Open Practice & Movie Night, Presented by Wabash National, Set for Friday, Aug. 6

Purdue Football welcoming fans to Ross-Ade Stadium for practice from 6-8 p.m., movie to follow at 8:30 p.m.. Story Links. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.

20 of the Most Fucked-Up Film Premises Ever

It might be surprising to learn that one of the most messed-up movies in the ... This is a movie about a kid who travels back in time and has to spend ...

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The basic rules for box office distribution in China's film(MOVIES) industry are as follows:

The basic rules for box office distribution in China's film(MOVIES) industry are as follows:

① All box office receipts of the film are included in the electronic ticketing system, and the data are uniformly summarized to the China film industry special fund office (hereinafter referred to as the special fund office). The statistical data of the office shall be used as the basis for the division of accounts by all parties.

② All film revenues shall first pay a special business tax of 3.3% and a special fund of 5% for the film industry. The remaining 91.7% was identified as the "separable box office" of a film.

③ In the separable ticket room, 57% of the distribution agency fee is reserved for cinemas and cinemas, and 1-3% of the distribution agency fee is reserved for China Film Digital. The remaining 40-42% is attributed to film producers and distributors (40% in most cases).

④ The distributor of the film will charge 5-15% of the box office belonging to the producer and distributor as the distribution agency fee. That is, 2-6% of the divisible box office as the issuance agency fee.

⑤ In many cases, the distributor prepays the publicity and distribution expenses of the film. At this time, the distributor will charge 12-20% of the agency distribution fee. If the issuer promises to guarantee the minimum issuance, buy out the issuance, prepay the production cost, etc., it will charge a higher issuance agency fee.

⑥ Some films are at a competitive disadvantage in the same schedule. For the purpose of increasing the number of film screenings, box office rebates are promised to cinemas and cinemas. Rebate generally accounts for 3-5% of the divisible box office.

⑦ The formula of box office collection recovered by the producer is: 1x (1-0.033-0.05) x40%x (1-0.1) = 0.33, which is the division of the producer in general.

Taking the above situation as an example, for a film with a final box office of 100 million, the box office recovery is about 33 million.

US $10 million, that is, the cost is 60 million yuan, and the target box office is more than 200 million. The reasonable publicity and distribution cost for film publicity and distribution in China is about 10% of the target box office. That is, about 20 million yuan will be used as publicity expenses. The total cost is 80 million yuan. If other recovery channels are not considered, it really takes 240 million yuan to recover the cost according to the above algorithm.

John Cena lauds 'brave' James Gunn for movie approach

"There's no denying that the superhero movie has had a great run of success and it's very difficult to stray away from that formula. It takes a brave ...

After a decade of Bad Movie Night events, film curator praises 'trust' of Athens audiences

Still image from the 1986 sci-fi horror film "Mutilations," screening at. Why would anyone intentionally watch a movie they know isn't going to be good, let ...

Third Movie in the Park set for July 31

The movie is “Sonic the Hedgehog” starring Jim Carrey and James Marsden. Movies in the Park will be presented on the same day of another Fishers ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The whole process of making a film(movies)?

The whole process of making a film(movies)?

Be slim, huh

From the early shooting stage, film and television production requires a lot of preparatory work and the support of plans, scenes, funds and equipment. It is very important to choose a script in the preliminary production. Choosing a good script is often half the success, which is sometimes related to a director's olfactory sensitivity. Select a good script, and then deeply process it to make it more suitable for moving to the screen and express it by means of film. Secondly, it is also very important to choose good actors, Firstly, the temperament of the actor should be close to the role to be played. Secondly, the actor's own understanding and grasp of the script and role. An excellent actor lies in his ability to vividly interpret the most ordinary and insignificant role. In terms of budget, the main consideration is the cost of scene selection and the remuneration of actors. For example, there is a trend in the so-called blockbusters in recent years, that is, large production and large cost. In addition to the pre production costs of scenes and actors, we should also consider the cost of post editing. For example, the post production editing of hero is not in China, Of course, this requires large investment. The budget must be formulated according to its own financial resources.

The shooting techniques of film and television adopt "push, pull, shake, move, pitch, tilt, follow and chase", which can almost be used mutually. The shooting of film film uses a camera, which is more complex and requires a lot of seats. More mobile lenses are used, and the film is shown by a projector. Moreover, synchronous live broadcasting cannot be realized, and the shooting of electronic images uses cameras and linear scanning. The electronic image is decomposed into minimum pixels, and the light spot signal is picked up by electron beam and sent to the transmitting end through a single channel. The light and color signals captured by the camera can be directly transmitted to the broadcasting system of the TV station, that is, the live broadcast can be realized. It can also be recorded on tape through video recorder for post editing and creation.

In terms of production principle, film and television is a process of reproducing reality, shooting pictures through machines, and then restoring pictures through machines and equipment, so that we can see live pictures from them. The principle and process of action decomposition, recording and playback are the common basis of film and television dynamic reproduction.

In terms of post production editing, it is necessary to develop negatives, print samples, edit samples, set the bottom of the picture, print correction copies, print standard copies and other production processes. Film copies are the final products of film art and the media for film creators to convey information to the audience. The film processing and printing process are also the basic processes in the printing process. Post production mainly refers to the editing of samples, sound painting synthesis and other processes. Film and television is an art that needs to save essence and coarse. Unnecessary things that affect the content are edited. In addition, in order to better cooperate with the picture, mixing and dubbing are carried out. Special effects processing and so on, these are the homework that film and television must do.

Bruges included in the world's most beautiful movie locations

The Flemish city of Bruges has made it into the 2021 roundup of the 50 Most Beautiful Movie Locations In The World. “From the Australian outback to ...

'Should I Watch This'? New Movie and TV Review Site 'Taste' Has The Solution

NEW YORK, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to picking the next movie or TV show, 'should I watch this?' may be the ultimate question.

Mimi movie review: Kriti Sanon's film is nothing unexpected; wastes Pankaj Tripathi, Manoj Pahwa

Mimi movie review: Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi star in Laxman Utekar's ... is still just another avenue for our movies to romanticise motherhood.

Chinese film(movies) production cost details

Chinese film(movies) production cost details

It's best to preview the format of production cost + box office table. Thank you very much if you have any

The cost of a film not only includes the expenses of director, screenwriter, camera, actor, scene, shooting, later stage, accommodation, etc., but also includes the expenses of marketing and publicity. Usually, the marketing and publicity expenses are equal to the shooting expenses or 1 / 2 of the shooting expenses.

According to different concepts and requirements, each film can be divided into low-cost films, medium-sized films and large-scale films. The cost of low-cost films is basically less than 10 million yuan, the cost of medium-sized films is basically about 10-80 million yuan, and the cost of large-scale films is more than 80 million yuan.

The representative works of domestic low-cost films are "33 days of lovelorn" (about 9 million yuan, excluding publicity expenses), the representative works of domestic medium-sized films are "Thai embarrassment in the embarrassing way" (about 30-40 million yuan, excluding publicity expenses), and the representative works of Hollywood large-scale films are "Avatar" (about 600 million dollars, excluding publicity expenses).

Extended data:

Editing skills

1. Cut in and cut out

This is the most commonly used shot conversion method in movies. That is, without skill, from the end of the previous shot to the beginning of the next shot, there is no gap in the middle. It is called cut.

2. Fade out fade in

Also known as the film picture fade, fade. The picture gradually darkens and finally completely disappears. This method is called fade out or fade out. On the contrary, the picture gradually changes from dark to bright, and finally becomes completely clear. This lens is called fade in, also known as fade in.

3. Transfer in and out

It is also a skill of lens conversion in movies. Sometimes use a clear straight line, sometimes use a wavy line to erase the picture straight, horizontally and obliquely from the edge of the picture, which is called marking out. Instead of the following picture, it is called delimitation.

Monday, July 26, 2021

CG Goku Teases New Dragon Ball Anime Movie

Dragon Ball Super debuted in 2015 with a TV series and manga. As seen above, the upcoming movie is slated for a 2022 release in Japan. Hopefully, it ...

New Dragon Ball Anime Movie Teased By CG Goku

Because one “super” is not enough, I guess. Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con, this will be Dragon Ball's twenty-first anime movie and the ...

Two young bears spotted roaming around mall in Tennessee, USA. 'Checking movie timings,' say ...

'Checking movie timings,' say netizens. The recording captured a young black bear roaming around the mall premises while trying to find something.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Who can introduce the film(movies)making process

Who can introduce the film making process

Pre production - including script, role allocation, budget, etc

Work - film or video, audio recording

Post production - sorting audio-visual media resources (that is, "material"); Make visual effects, subtitles and graphics, edit and distribute completed works.

It is better to introduce it in these aspects, if it is better in English( We are going to write English composition) thank you!!

The movie is super daily, pursuing the "spectacle" of audio-visual, the "complexity of narration", and the "strangeness" of limited aesthetic experience.

From the early stage of shooting, film and television production needs a lot of preparatory work, and needs the support of planning, scene, funds and equipment. It is important to choose a script in the early stage production. It is often the half of success to choose a good script. Sometimes it is related to the olfactory sensitivity of a director. It is necessary to select a good script, and then to make it more suitable for moving on the screen and to show it by the artistic means of film. Secondly, it is very important to select the actors, First, the actor's temperament should be close to the role to play, and then the actor's understanding and grasp of the script and role. An excellent actor is that he can perform the most ordinary and least visible role vividly. In terms of budget, the cost of scene selection and the reward for actors have a trend in the so-called blockbusters in recent years, namely, large production and large cost. Besides considering the scene and actors' pre production costs, the cost of post editing is also considered. For example, the post production clips of hero are not in China, Of course, it requires a lot of investment, and budget must be made according to its own financial situation.

The shooting techniques of film and television adopt "push, pull, roll, move, pitch, pitch, follow and chase", which can be used almost mutually. The shooting of film is made by camera, which is more complicated and requires a lot of machine space, more mobile lens and projector for the film to be used for real-time projection. Moreover, it can not realize synchronous live broadcast, and the electronic image is taken by using camera and linear scanning. The electronic image is decomposed into minimum pixel, and the light point signal is picked up by electron beam and sent to the transmitter through a single channel. The light and color signals acquired by the camera can be directly transmitted to the broadcast system of the TV station, that is, live broadcast can be realized. It can also be recorded on tape by video recorder for post editing.

In terms of production principle, film and television is a process of reproducing reality, shooting pictures by machine, and then restoring pictures by machine equipment, so that we can see living pictures from them. The principle and process of action decomposition, recording and replaying are the common foundation of dynamic reproduction of film and television.

In the post production and editing, it is necessary to develop the production processes of negative film, print sample, clip sample, picture cover bottom, print correction copy, printed standard copy, etc. the final product of film copy production film art is the media for film creators to transmit information to the audience. The process of washing and printing is also the basic process in the process of washing. The later production mainly refers to the editing of sample films, the synthesis of sound and painting. Film and television is an art that needs to be refined and rough, cut off unnecessary things that affect the content, and mix and dub for better cooperation with the picture. Special skills processing, such as these are the necessary work of film and television.

For movies, state where the action is

Lifetime movie "A Sister's Grudge," directed by Nigel Thomas and starring Aubrey Reynolds, Jonathan Stoddard and Annika Foster, was set to wrap ...

Willoughby: Over a century of movies at the Isis

The pandemic stopped a 105-year streak of continuous movies at the Isis. The whole history of cinema has played out there. The Isis is in the Webber ...

Toronto just got a new open-air movie theatre next to the waterfront

Even though movie theatres across Ontario may be open again, that ... that stuffing into a movie theatre has to be the only way to enjoy iconic films.

People needed for film(movies) production?

People needed for film(movies) production?

Who do you need to make a movie? What is the division of labor?

Producer, producer, producer

Producer: generally, they are responsible for the market research in the early stage of the film, see whether the film market of similar films has prospects (such as box office, popularity, possibility of sequels, etc.), and determine whether it is worth producing the film through investigation. If the answer is yes, they will find the film group they belong to, invest in producers and relevant personnel, and start selecting directors, scripts, actors, sponsors, etc.

Producer: the task is basically the same as that of the producer. He is responsible for the "catalysis" of the whole film, urging everyone to finish the film quickly, but also ensuring the quality. At the same time, he is also the "manager" in the process of shooting the film, responsible for supervising the whole film production process to ensure that everyone does not "cheat and play tricks" and waste the money of investors, which is similar to the role of engineering supervisor.

Consultant: if it is a film with historical themes or other professional themes, in order to make the film more convincing or credible and provide necessary guidance and help, the producer will invite authoritative persons as film consultants.

Director: be responsible for the characters engraved in the script, and use various shooting resources (props, venues, actors, etc.) to deduce the script, film and copy it.

Deputy director: both director and producer. He is the right hand of the director.

Producer: mainly for the script, to maintain the original appearance of the script and give advice to the director's shooting work.

Actor: interpret the content of the script according to the requirements of the director and the script.

Field Affairs (Drama Affairs): be responsible for providing necessary items and convenience measures for shooting films, such as preparing props, selecting scenes, maintaining studio order, doing well in logistics services, etc.

Set Artist: responsible for arranging the set according to the script and the director's requirements.

Lighting: in order to achieve the artistic effect of the film, the lighting effect of the set shall be arranged according to the requirements of the script and the director.

Stylist: according to the script and the director's requirements, make shapes for the actors in the film.

Makeup Artist: "heavy makeup and light makeup are always appropriate". Makeup artists also need to make up actors according to the script and director's requirements, and also consider the modeling requirements.

Stunt personnel: according to the content of the script, they can add wonderful scenes to the film, but they must use professionals to perform. Stunt personnel can't do without.

Post processing: after the closing of the film as a whole, after seeing the master film, the director and producer feel that some places need to be processed by scientific and technological means to achieve the artistic effect of the film. If necessary, some scenes may be remade. There are music, dubbing, subtitles, special effects, etc. There will be composers, dubbing actors, special effects personnel, etc.

Composition: to arrange appropriate music for a film. There will also be bands, conductors, singers and other personnel.

Editing: because there will inevitably be a lot of repeated or redundant scenes in the shooting process, in order to make the overall effect of the film natural, harmonious and smooth, and take into account the style requirements of the director and the script, the editor needs to cut off the unnecessary scenes in the whole film.

Film copy: after the master film processing is completed, the producer will find a professional film copy company to copy shell films and transport them to local film markets for listing or release.

The production of a film condenses a lot of hard work and sweat of the film staff. All the people who make great efforts to make the film successful are those who wholeheartedly want to contribute good works to the broad masses of the people. They are great and selfless. If someone deliberately makes a film "plotting against historical facts", he is the scum of society and the enemy of the people!

Say too much, oh! ~

Saturday, July 24, 2021

About film(movies) production

About film(movies) production

I like the film industry very much. I'm the first to go to the cinema when there are new films. I really want to be a director. But I don't have so much money to study in a professional place. It doesn't matter if the drama team goes to work. So I want to see which friends are interested, amateur, or

There are many industry segments of the crew. You should be clear about what you want to do.

If you want to be a director, you should not only have developed image thinking, but also have absolute ideas and extraordinary creativity!

For example, when you read a novel, can you stage the whole play in different scenes in your mind?

Furthermore, when you watch a suspense film, will you make up the ending in advance according to your own ideas? Moreover, do you often have some ideas or stories in your mind that are different and want to put them on the screen?? These are basic.

I suggest you can think of some stories and try them. Even if you don't succeed, you won't regret it!

I once submitted a script to the Beijing Film Studio. I'm glad they appreciated me at the beginning, but I didn't seize the opportunity and finally died, ha ha.

For your reference:

If it's a life film, of course it's possible. The crazy sale of stones proves the lack of such films!

First, you list your outline and story trend;

Then, write the story clearly and specifically, like a novel (at this stage, you can send the first half to any original website on the Internet, and then see how the response is, and change a few drafts yourself. But don't post the whole article. There are reasons behind it);

Next, it is a very important and important step to translate your novel into the form of script from beginning to end. No matter how good the novel is, it can not be put into shooting. If you do this one well, it will be a big step!

In the form of this "script", carve your work again! Make the final changes to bring him closer to your perfection.

At this time, you can operate it. If you don't have acquaintances in the circle, you can send it directly to Beijing Film Studio. If you are not in Beijing, you can send it online or mail it. Beijing Film Studio lacks good books, but you should ensure that your books are not leaked. That's why you don't send them all online. Legal issues!

After that, wait quietly for the masters of the North film studio to review the book. You will be notified whether to requisition it or not!

Finally, I did this myself. After they asked me to change two drafts, they thought my book didn't change much, so they killed my book. If they ask you to revise your manuscript, they must feel that you have made great changes and made a qualitative leap!

I hope you can write the story in your heart. In the end, even if it is not expropriated, it is also a witness of your life!

Although I have failed, I sincerely hope you can succeed!

Hungama 2 movie review: Shilpa Shetty, Meezaan, Paresh Rawal's film is distressingly dated

Hungama 2 review: Shilpa Shetty, Meezaan, Paresh Rawal and Pranitha Subhash star in Priyadarshan's latest comedy. bollywood. Hungama 2 movie ...

Everything We Know About The Borderlands Movie So Far

9 Filming Has Wrapped. Claptrap holding filming has wrapped banner. Anytime a movie adaptation of a video game is ...

Machine Gun Kelly appears to shade his own movie in cryptic tweet

The 31-year-old musician, whose real name is Colson Baker, made a comment about "trash" movies on Friday days after he and his girlfriend Megan ...

Friday, July 23, 2021

There are several kinds of film(movies) special effects production software:

There are several kinds of film(movies) special effects production software:


Houdini is a very powerful software for special effects. Many movie special effects are completed by it. The "magic fireworks" put by "Gandalf" in the Lord of the rings, the scene of "water horse" breaking down the "ring spirit", and the tornado the day after tomorrow.


Avid's illumination is a synthesis software integrating film stunts, synthesis, painting and deformation software. It is an uncompressed digital non-linear post editing and stunt production system based on SGI full series platform, with efficient production environment, production quality and integrated functional modules.


Inferno system running on SGI super workstation is an award-winning world recognized as the best film and television special effect production system, from the lost world, tornado, independence day, collision between heaven and earth, Star River team, Godzilla and mummy to the most successful film Titanic in film history.

4、Alias / Wavefront

The predecessor of the software is alias. The system was originally developed by alias company in Toronto, Canada. It mainly runs on various SGI graphics workstations and IBM r60000 Series graphics workstations. The products of the system are divided into many levels, from low to high: designer, animator, power animator, studio and auto studio.


In 1986, Daniel Langlois, one of the directors of the computer animated film "Tony de peltrie", founded Softimage company in Montreal, Canada, and launched Softimage 3D animation software in 1988. Softimage 3D system supports applications in many fields, such as film and television production, product and industrial design, architectural and scientific computing visualization, etc.

6、Digital Fusion/Maya Fusion

Professional synthesis software based on PC platform developed by eyeon company of Canada. This software is one of the best synthetic software on PC platform. Working with Maya makes it even more powerful. It can work closely with 3D software such as Maya to modify the material, texture, light and other properties of 3D objects in a 2D environment.


Discrete logic company launched a series of software on the PC platform. Among them, edit is a professional nonlinear editing software, and effect is a layer based synthesis software. Users can set motion for each layer of picture, carry out operations such as color comparison, matting and tracking, and set lights.

8、Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a complex video editing program made by apple. This is the choice of multimedia news editing software used by Apple computer, which is comparable to Adobe's premiere video editing program. Final Cut Pro does not have a Windows version.

9、Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a commonly used video editing software launched by adobe. It has good compatibility and can cooperate with other software launched by adobe.


Avid technology provides a full range of digital media solutions from program production, management to broadcasting. As a recognized professional digital standard in the industry, avid can provide professionals in media production with world-leading technical means from video, audio, film animation, stunts to streaming media production.


Autodesk's famous 3D modeling and animation software. According to Autodesk, Maya 2016 can greatly improve the workflow efficiency of development, design and creation in film, television, games and other fields, improve polygon modeling, improve performance through new algorithms, and multi-threaded support can make full use of the advantages of multi-core processors.

Film(movies) making method

Film(movies) making method

It depends on your own configuration. You can't bring a home computer with too special software

What is more popular at home now

Huisheng Huiying. At present, Huisheng Huiying 10 is better, relatively stable and has many functions.

There is also the windows movie maker that comes with windows. You can do some simple functions, but you don't feel that there are so many functions.

Premiere is also quite good. It is more professional than audio and video. Now the latest version is 2.0.

After effects is powerful, but relatively difficult for beginners. Adobe After effects software can help you create countless eye-catching dynamic graphics and impressive visual effects efficiently and accurately. Add refreshing effects to your movies, videos, DVDs and Macromedia Flash works with unparalleled tight integration with other Adobe software, highly flexible 2D and 3D synthesis, and hundreds of preset effects and animations.

A shy girl becomes the face of anti-racist protests

A few scenes are a bit brutal though, which is why it is good that the movie is not approved for children under the age of 12. Film The Hate U Give, 2018, ...

Downtown Movie Lounge welcomes Sudburians back to the cinema

For Imagine Cinemas' Downtown Movie Lounge, located in Elm Place, welcoming people back to the movies was, well, welcome.

“Old,” Reviewed: M. Night Shyamalan's New Old-School Sci-Fi Movie

“Old,” Reviewed: M. Night Shyamalan's New Old-School Sci-Fi Movie. With spare methods and sharp images, the director turns a simple premise into ...

Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to make your own movies?

How to make your own movies?

With what software? How to add pictures and sounds?

Using Windows Movie Maker

It's too long. I stole it for you

Open the windows movie maker application to perform the following steps:

(1) Click the "start" button, select the "more programs" ∣ "accessories" ∣ "entertainment" ∣ "windows moviemaker" command to open the windows movie maker window, as shown in Figure 5.19.

Figure 5.19 Windows Movie Maker window

(2) The functions of each item in this window are as follows:

·Toolbar: this bar contains buttons for frequently used commands.

·Menu bar: this bar contains all windows movie maker commands.

·Toolbar: this bar contains buttons for frequently used commands.

·Collection directory area: all open or imported multimedia files are stored in this column.

·Shooting clip | schedule toolbar: this bar contains command buttons for shooting clip | schedule.

·Status bar: displays the current status in this bar.

·Take clips | schedule: display clips or schedules of multimedia files edited.

·Media display area: the selected multimedia files can be played in this display area.

5.4.2 recording multimedia

The premise of making personalized multimedia is to record multimedia files for processing. To record a multimedia file, do the following:

(1) Open the windows movie maker window.

(2) Select the file ∣ record command, or click the record button on the toolbar.

(3) Open the record dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.20.

(4) From the record drop-down list in this dialog box, you can select the video and audio, video only, or audio only options. If you select the "video and audio" option, you can record video and audio at the same time; If you select the video only or audio only option, only video or audio can be recorded.

(5) Audio and video devices used in audio and video devices. Click the change device button to change or configure the device.

(6) Select the "recording time limit" check box, and the recording time can be set in the subsequent text box; Select the create clip check box to create clips for recorded multimedia files.

(7) In the settings drop-down list, you can select low quality, medium quality, high quality or other options to set the recorded video quality.

(8) After setting, click the record button to start recording. The record button changes to the stop button. Click to stop recording.

(9) If you want to capture an image during recording, you can click the "take picture" button to store it as a picture file.

(10) After recording, the save Windows media file dialog box will pop up, as shown in Figure 5.21.

(11) Enter the file name to save in the file name text box and click save.

(12) If the "create clip" check box is selected, the "make clip" dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 5.22.

(13) You can see the recorded multimedia files in the media display area.

5.4.3 opening or importing multimedia files

Users can also open or import existing multimedia files. To open existing multimedia files, you can perform the following operations.

1. Open the existing Windows Movie Maker file

Open an existing Windows Movie Maker file to do the following:

(1) Open the windows movie maker window.

(2) Choose the file open project command, or click the open project button on the toolbar.

(3) Open the Open Project dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.23.

(4) Select a Windows Movie Maker file (extension. Mswmm) to open in the dialog box, and click the open button to open the file.

2. Import other multimedia files

Users can also import other multimedia files into windows movie maker. The steps are as follows:

(1) Open the windows movie maker window.

(2) Select "file" ∣ "import" command to open the "select file to import" dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.24.

(3) Select the file to import and click "open" to pop up the "make clip" progress box, as shown in Figure 5.25.

(4) After making clips, you can import the file into windows movie maker.

5.4.4 split clip

The opened, imported or recorded multimedia files, imported pictures and recorded sound files also need to be split and edited so that they can cooperate with the playback of video. The specific operations of separating clips are as follows:

(1) Open the file to split the clip, as shown in Figure 5.26.

(2) Drag the schedule slider in the "media display area" to the position where you want to create a split point, click the "split clip" button to create a split point, and follow this step to divide the file into several clips, as shown in Figure 5.27.

(3) Select the required clip and the sound file to be played at the same time as the multimedia clip file, and click the "clip" ∣ "add to storyboard | timeline" command to add the required clip and sound file to the "shooting clip bar | schedule", as shown in Figure 5.28.

(4) Adjust the length of multimedia file clips and sound files so that they can be synchronized.

5.4.5 store as movie

After adding it to the "shooting clip bar | schedule" and adjusting the playback length, the user can store it as a movie. The steps are as follows:

(1) Click file save movie to open the save movie dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.29.

(2) In this dialog box, you can select the playback quality from the settings drop-down list in the playback quality option group.

Note: the higher the playback quality, the larger the file.

(3) In the "display information" option group, users can enter the title, author, date, rating and description of the movie.

(4) Click OK to open the Save As dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.30.

(5) Enter the name of the file in the "file name" text box and click "save" to pop up the "movie making" progress box, as shown in Figure 5.31.

(6) After making, the "Windows Movie Maker" dialog box will pop up, as shown in Figure 5.32.

(7) Click "yes" to start Windows media player to watch the movie made by the user, as shown in Figure 5.33.

5.4.6 share your movies with friends

After the movie is made, users can send it to their friends by e-mail, or publish it to the web server to share with everyone.

1. Send movies by email

With e-mail, users can share their movies with friends and family. To send a movie by e-mail, follow these steps:

(1) Select the file ∣ send movie to ∣ email command, or click the send button to select the email command from its drop-down menu.

(2) Open the send movie by email dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.34.

(3) In the "setting" drop-down list in the "playback quality" option group, you can select the movie quality to play; In the display information group, you can enter the title, author, date, rating, and description information.

(4) Click "OK" to open the "name the movie to send" dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.35.

(5) In the enter file name text box in the dialog box, you can enter the name of the movie you want to send. After entering, click OK.

(6) The "make movie" progress box pops up, as shown in Figure 5.36.

(7) After production, the "send movie by email" dialog box will pop up, as shown in Figure 5.37.

(8) In this dialog box, the user can select the e-mail program to use and click the "OK" button (for e-mail settings, please refer to the next chapter).

(9) Select the recipient in the pop-up e-mail dialog box and click the send button to send the movie to others.

2. Upload the movie to the web server. Users can also upload the movie to the web server to share their creation with everyone. Will film

The specific operations of transferring to the web server are as follows:

(1) Choose file ∣ send movie to ∣ web server, or click send and choose web server from its drop-down menu.

(2) Open the send movie to Web Server dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.38.

(3) In the "playback quality" option group, you can select the playback quality from the "Settings" drop-down list. In the "display information" option group, you can enter the title, author, date, rating and description of the movie.

(4) Click "OK" to open the "name the movie to send" dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.39.

(5) In the input file name text box of the dialog box, enter the name of the movie to be sent, click OK, and press

(6) The "make movie" progress box will pop up, as shown in Figure 5.40.

(7) After production, the movie can be sent to the web server to share with others.

The CAPA Summer Movie Series starts Thursday and will conclude in late August

Alfred Hitchcock is known as the Master of Suspense, but the famed British filmmaker didn't care for drama on his movie sets. Hitchcock generally ...

Top 5 movie picks for Sarasota-Bradenton: July 22-28

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Sarpatta Parambarai movie review: Pa Ranjith's film is an epic boxing drama about one man's fight ...

Sarpatta Parambarai movie review: Pa Ranjith, known for making films on caste discrimination and oppression, makes a departure from routine and ...

How to make movies by self-study

How to make movies by self-study

These dozens of students are serious about learning movies. I spent two days teaching them an effective self-study method mainly by speaking movies. Although they feel cheated and have gone to a film academy without a qualified film instructor, if they have mastered the self-study method I taught them, they can only stay in that school, they don't need to listen to the lessons taught by cultural cheaters, they can use this time to study themselves. Learn the right thing, learn the true Kung Fu. And this method will be useful in the future. 1、 We first make clear the purpose of learning film. Do you want to learn to make your own movies or make movie reviews. If you want to make movie reviews, then the current Chinese film review can be learned and easy to learn. This doesn't mean that the review is right, but it can be used to defraud money and live. As long as someone asks you to lecture and post your article, that's all. It's not the same as making a movie. Making movies is not a matter of living, but a cost issue. Your monthly salary is limited, and if the cost can not be collected, you will lose money. Now we can leave the problem of movie review away. If you want to learn to take a film. So the first requirement of self-study is, don't listen to the film analysis that the teacher tells. Even the liars told a big truth in order to prove that they were right. They said: the incident was one, but the explanation was tens of thousands. That is to say, his explanation of a film is one of the tens of thousands. What is the value of that. In the two days of teaching, I found that almost everyone was explaining a film. No matter what questions you ask him, the answer is always an explanation. Can one of these tens of thousands of explanations help you make a movie? The first thing that the filmmaker needs is to learn how to make it. Very specific, that is not one of thousands of thousands. So the first requirement I put forward is that we should not talk about "meaning" or "empty". For example, what is the relationship between Barton's words and music. It is not allowed to say that the two are harmonious. The music conveyed his feelings of the two words and so on. That is what composers need to consider when composing. You have to see and hear. 1、 The light is the light that flows into the room in the morning. Second, the voice of the speech is balanced with the sound of music. 3、 Every word begins to be on the stress of music. If I ask you to say more specifically, you should say that they come out with the tambourine. The first sentence starts with the drum of the Dingyin drum, the second is still on the drum. His second sentence is completely said with the sound of Qi, and it is still on the drum. If I ask where the helmets the service men put on Barton, you should answer that it was on a short stool under the window, and his whip was hanging on the hanger on the wall above the helmet, and on the right side of the bench was a Catholic mantra. On the right side of the Sutra stand is a large wardrobe, which is a local Arabian wardrobe in terms of pattern. It was a room in a hotel that was expropriated. If you ask students why it's a hotel room. He had to answer, but the sink was in the room. This is the general layout of the Western hotels. If it's home, there's always a bathroom, big or small. Students also have to say that this short segment is the third time that Barton's room appears in the play, from the Deputy waking button to his good clothes. The day is gradually bright, so the light of the third time should be very bright. When the first deputy came in, the room was very dark. Students must see these because the music has been coming and coming. It has a rhythm relationship with not only those words, but also with the changes of light, the rhythm of human movement, the length of the lens, for example, the second time in Barton's room is just a lens, but it is half shorter than the third time. What do you judge? According to the music, one sentence is cut, and the third time, the music plays two sentences. If I listen to the dubbing of the Chinese version, he will say that the problem of dubbing is that the sound is not the right distance. The original film is at the distance of half view. The voice of the dubbing is 10 cm in the front of the microphone. Secondly, the volume of the voice covers the music. The director and the voice player of the translated film have no culture at all, and even the simple relationship between dialogue and music can not be heard, 3、 The voice actor reads lines of pretending and disgusting. Fourthly, the dubbing actor can not speak with the voice of Qi. There was no feeling all over. If you can say it in this way, you've learned how directors think about it when they're making a film. Very specific design. Your teacher can talk about a great deal of meaning and Freud, but the above analysis, he can not say a word. You can't learn how to make films from him. If you learn the learning method I introduce, you can learn to film yourself. 2、 When watching a movie, the first time I see it like the ordinary audience, I call it silly. Like a fool, his mouth opened and drooling. After reading the first time, think about it. It is the most touching section, or which one is the best one you think is the best. You go and see again, is it any. Then, take all the content of that paragraph out and start to analyze its form. No consideration shall be given to the meaning, pure form analysis. We can analyze the machine position, lens angle, height, motion and static, color, sound, music and so on. And after seeing the possibilities of this usage, put the content in. You know why you are moved. What is the factor, it is that lets you move. So you won't get the set off. You won't copy the specific shooting method, but copy the rules that people use. There will be no mistake in copying rules. Every civil engineer uses stress mechanics when designing, but the houses that everyone builds are different. There are good and bad. This analysis takes a long time to learn. When you do it, you will miss a million. Look back and analyze. As your analytical ability improves, you will grow more and more. 3、 The elements of the film are light, sound, time and space. Watch these four elements in other people's movies. How light is used, how sound is used, and how time and space are handled. But the phenomenon of Kinesiology tells us that movies use psychological perception experience. You will notice how other people's films use the audience's perception experience, the audio-visual perception experience. For example, the change of the American flag that Barton opened. There is no scientific formula to follow the audio-visual effect caused by the experience of audio-visual perception. It's all about experience. So we should take more shots, shoot consciously, do experiments, and accumulate experience in the whole. In addition, if you want to deepen your understanding of these four elements faster, come to my Internet. Ask more questions while I'm still alive. I believe that there will soon be more young people who will have a better understanding of these four elements and the audio-visual effects of these four elements, Don't worry about who the stars are, including actors, and it won't help you to watch stars for the moment. Don't watch the director, either, because he's a hands-on creator. You only have to learn a certain degree to see the director. I don't see the director much now. What do you think? See photographers, artists, tape recorders, editors. For example, if you like Koltai's works, you can read all his works. Back cooked. Don't you know his work? Go to IMDB on the Internet. Just put his name in the box on the top left. IMDB is a treasure house for movies. have everything that one expects to find. Then go to the market and buy the disc. One day you find that your favorite photographer highly praised a artist, and you went to IMDB to find out the artist's work. This is called Kondo. I hate the director who is full of young people. That director is in fashion. It seems that it's a good idea to name a few odd directors. It's a professional. If you can name a large number of photographers, artists, tape recorders, editors and a series of their own works, you are the beginning. As a beginner, you are not qualified to write screenplays, you are not qualified to study Directors. You study the work of photographers, artists, tape recorders and editors with a solid and honest attitude. I dare say that no one in China can compare with my familiarity with photographers, artists, tape recorders and editors. I can only tell the truth if I study their works. You know, photographers, artists are the eyes of the director, the recorder and the composer are the ears of the director, and the editor is the assistant to the director's structure. It's the trick to study them, research directors, that's to make good use of and catch up with fashion, fancy shelves, looks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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A brand new Bruce Willis movie you've never heard of is dominating Netflix

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Film(MOVIES) production process

Film(MOVIES) production process

1. Choose a script

This is the most important thing. Generally, the producer chooses the script, but there is no lack of the director to choose the script. But after the director chooses a good script, he has to persuade the company and the producer to invest for him

2. Funds

The cost of a movie includes not only the cost of the director, screenwriter, camera, actor, scene, shooting, post production, accommodation, etc., but also the cost of marketing and publicity, which is usually equal to the shooting cost or 1 / 2 of the shooting cost.

3. Choosing directors and actors

In a movie, the director is in charge, which means that they should be responsible not only for the quality of the film, but also for other aspects of the set. In international film production, the director only needs to be responsible for the task of making a good film

4. Star lineup

In a successful movie, there should be not only a great script, a good plot and a good director. The most important thing is to have the participation of big stars. Stars are the shining focus of the movie and the guarantee of the box office

5. Set up a film crew

The photography group includes: field notes, make-up, props, lighting, fine arts, late stage guidance, and splicing with the group.

6. Film editing

In commercial films, directors have no right to cut. They are all cut by production companies, but if they are front-line directors, that's different

7. Publisher

In the commercial film, the distributor and producer are not the same. The distributor obtains the right of distribution through competition. The quality of a film can also be shown by the distributor

8. Publicity methods

Advertisements and posters.

9. International Film Distribution

Distribution of film dubbing rights, editing rights.

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Ghost World at 20: the comic-book movie that refused to conform

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'Their legacy ends with your movie': The eternal strangeness of the posthumous film

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Narappa Movie Review: Venkatesh's Asuran Telugu remake lacks soul

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Domestic classic movies??? The more classic the better!

Domestic classic movies??? The more classic the better!

Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s are all classic,

About the underworld and the world: guzhuozai series (affecting a generation of teenagers), Infernal Affairs (classics do not explain), Underworld (let you deeply understand the society), gunfire, banishment (banishment is similar to gunfire actors, gunfire classics, banishment is more beautiful), bloodthirsty Duo (always copied, never surpassed), crisscross the world (classics do not explain), Bloody street (classic does not explain), hero (pony in the play is still the idol of countless people), God of gambling (needless to say), plan a (one of Jackie Chan's most classic movies), prison situation (can't forget this movie), Secret War 1 (I'm talking about the first one, the second one is disappointing), river and lake situation (classic does not explain)

About the tender feelings of martial arts: New Dragon Gate Inn (I've been remaking recently, but the classics won't be surpassed), Xiaoao River and lake (the classics don't explain), Dongfang Bubai (there are several of them, all Classics), dongxie Xidu (the classics don't explain), huangfeihong series (the classics don't explain), Fengyun's hegemony (the classics don't explain), Kung Fu Emperor Fang Shiyu (Action + funny), Huo Yuanjia (classic does not explain)

Funny, nonsense: it can be said that all of Stephen Chow's films meet the requirements, strongly recommended, boasting about the journey to the West (this classic, which has been silent for five years, is now offered to God's Palace), hardcover chasing Girl Series (simply invincible), chasing boy series (Canon does not explain), super school overlord (Canon does not explain), The legend of archery heroes has been passed down from the east to the West (stars gather, absolutely do it), the rest will not be mentioned

About the police: Police Story Series (classic does not explain), Overlord flower (classic does not explain), Flying Tigers series (classic does not explain), elder martial sister of the gun (funny), bullying ("it's a pity that I lost a good brother."“ I lost a good man, too. " Invincible lines), dragon tiger flying cloud (classic does not explain), hot hand detective (classic does not explain)

People and Ghosts: Ghost series (classic does not explain), ghost night (funny), Mr. zombie series (Lin Zhengying Classic), happy ghost series (inspirational funny), fierce ghost invading Underworld (funny), Xiaosheng afraid (not classic, you scold me)

About the dream, inspirational, friendship: four extraordinary young people (touching), chasing, running, jumping and touching (funny), don't deceive the poor young people (inspirational film of beyond)

Telling touching love and family stories: Autumn Fairy Tale (touching), sweet honey (classic does not explain), a Lang's story (classic does not explain), rouge button (classic does not explain), love in heaven (classic does not explain), star wish (classic does not explain), Peace Hotel (classic does not explain), bad size (touching), stars know my heart (classic does not explain), The whole family (touching), the heart of the Dragon (touching), the thief of the years (a relatively new movie, touching, I'm a boy after watching all the cattle face), left, right (touching, no explanation), heart (classic, no explanation), glass city (touching, no explanation), lonely men and few women (classic, no explanation), father and son (touching, no explanation)

In contrast, I am not familiar with the classic movies in the mainland, but there are several: Party A and Party B (classic does not explain), no thief in the world (classic does not explain), Yu Guanyin (classic does not explain)

Classics have passed the test of time and will not be forgotten. The above movies are absolutely classic. Recently, some new movies have been made, and I have become classics: crazy stone, crazy racing car, nightclub, thirteen beauties in Jinling, wind, besieged city in October, single men and women, great cause of the founding of the people's Republic of China

Are you satisfied with this answer? I've made it word by word!

Movie shoot shuts down part of Plainville

A movie shoot will shut down part of Plainville on Monday. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users ...

Halle Berry movie shoot in Plainville forces traffic detours

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Escape of Scouser, 103, from Nazis is a 'movie in the making'

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The classic movie of one's life

The classic movie of one's life

1. Top 10 science fiction films:

1) Star Wars Series: creating a movie myth.

2) Heterogeneous hacker (level 13): it should be said that it is more ingenious than the idea of the matrix.

3) Superman: the representative of all comic science fiction films.

4) Terminator (1,2): the classic of science fiction movie classics.

5) Monkey: such a thought-provoking science fiction movie is rare.

6) Matrix series: it has triggered the thinking of the reality and future network development, and formed a hacker culture.

7) Moving Soul City (dark city): a science fiction film with a different style, with an unexpected ending.

8) Contact beyond time and space: a masterpiece to seriously discuss the issue of alien civilization.

9) It's a close call: a thriller about the genetic problems of people in the future society, with excellent content and theme.

10) 2001 space odyssey: a classic work, famous for its seriousness, scientificity and foresight.

2. Top ten feature films:

1) Shawshank Redemption (1995): a must see inspirational film for men.

2) Godfather (1, 2): classic gangster film, with this work, other similar all bow.

3) American Past: the whole life is in it.

4) Paradise Cinema: every man's childhood memories, too classic.

5) Ownerless City: how can people make such a wonderful movie!

6) Living: perhaps the greatest movie in China at the moment.

7) Forrest Gump: teach all people to be tolerant of others, stupid is a blessing.

8) Brave heart: a good textbook for national self-esteem. I hope you will love China.

9) Truman's world: a fantastic work to explore the value of human beings and the essence of human nature.

10) The sound of music: the power and happiness of music!

11) Schindler's list: shocking history, infectious photography and outstanding actors

3. Top 10 war movies:

1) Saving Private Ryan: a super masterpiece that truly reflects war and human nature.

2) Hunting Red October: rhythm and characters are the masterpieces of submarine films.

3) War in the city: from a unique perspective to describe the World War II blockbuster, actors perform in place.

4) Big escape: it's a war movie because it's too shocking and cruel.

5) General Patton: panoramic display of the representative works of the war, the actors performed well.

6) U-571: a new type of naval battle film with outstanding effect. It's very characteristic.

7) All metal shell: Kubrick's deep reflection on war makes people fear war.

8) Starfleet: a sci-fi war movie. The description of soldiers' training and fighting is provocative and controversial

9) Revenge: it's also an old Romanian film. The gunfight in this film is very exciting.

10) Three steps: clean Mexican style gunfight movie.

11) The first drop of blood (1): with connotation, strength and story, it is one of Stallone's few good films.

5. Top ten KB tablets:

1) Killer series: the representative work of campus KB film, the appetite of young people.

2) Let's have a dawn: the extra exaggerated KB movie is not scary, but funny and extra.

3) Dawn of the living dead: a series of representative works of the living dead, famous for disgusting zombies.

4) Exorcist: the picture is gloomy and the sound effect is bleak. At night, I'm really silent!

5) Hell: the representative of Hong Kong Style KB movies, there are KB and emotion.

6) Anatomy (1,2): representative of European KB film, the content is strange and avant-garde.

7) Bad taste: early works directed by Lord of the rings, KB and funny.

8) Alien series: science fiction KB classic, 1, 2, 4 are wonderful

9) Curse: the representative of Japanese KB, extremely evil!

10) Living jump corpse: rare bloody black humor!

6. Top 10 Comedies:

1) Two big smokes: the fun of finding answers in English humor and chaos

2) I'm crazy for Mary: the representative of American toilet culture, vulgar but fun.

3) Anti fight Eagle series: American Wulitou action comedy.

4) Talk about the journey to the West (1,2): classic!

5) Huatian Wedding: the representative of Hong Kong style old comedies, stars gathered.

6) Jingshengjianxiao series: a new type of comedy to imitate other films for fun.

7) Escape from danger: classic European comedy, never tire of seeing.

8) Golden Rooster: an excellent Hong Kong Film rarely seen in recent years, with deep connotation.

9) Mask: the famous work of Jim Carrey.

10) King of Comedy: Zhou Xingchi's most meaningful film

7. Top ten martial arts movies:

1) Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon: the beginning of "beauty" martial arts film!

2) New Dragon Gate Inn: the current martial arts film production mode is based on it.

3) Huang Feihong series: Li Lianjie is popular!!!

4) Drunk boxing: Jackie Chan's masterpiece, the work of the golden age of kung fu films.

5) Thirty six rooms of Shaolin Temple: Liu Jiahui's famous works are interesting now.

6) Shaolin Temple: Needless to say, the representative of real kung fu.

7) Zorro: the representative of French swordsman films, he is fascinated by many mm.

8) Proud of the world: I'm most impressed by Lin Qingxia's role as the Asia invincible.

9) Zutou City: innovative Japanese swordsman film, very characteristic.

10) Kill Bill: ha ha, the new Kung Fu movie with the combination of East and West is coming!!!!

8. Top ten cartoons:

1) Monster company: rare digital stunt! Moving and interesting ideas!

2) Frozen Planet: Although the box office is not very good, but its scene is really beautiful!

3) The voyage of Sinbad: an excellent combination of hand drawing and 3D technology.

4) Shrek: healthy love and humorous story!

5) Looking for Nemo: an animation classic that combines warm feelings and cutting-edge technology.

6) A thousand and a thousand: Gong Qijun's work at the peak!

7) Final Fantasy: the pioneer of 3D character digitization, outstanding technology.

8) Vampire Hunter: Japanese style gorgeous vampire masterpiece.

9) Gayna: European Animation, the style is very strange!

10) Dinosaur: Needless to say, it's beautiful!

9. Top 10 QS tablets:

1) Yanwu girl: a rare work describing topless actors in nightclubs. The scene is very exquisite!

2) Caligula: the most serious and grand QS blockbuster ever!

3) Romance: an erotic masterpiece about love conflict and hatred.

4) Intimacy: won the Berlin Golden Bear, appeared the scene of KJ for the first time in the award-winning film of large European Film Festival!

5) Paris Wild Rose: description of love to the extreme feelings, terrible!

6) Deep throat: the originator of modern QS film!

7) Sad City: an independent film reflecting the ugly society performed by French QS actors.

8) Sensual world: Oshima's shocking work is famous for the actor's real zuoai scenes!

9) The last tango in Paris: Miss Marlon Brando, just watch this film!

10) Scandal: Korean QS works.

10. Top 10 thrillers:

1) The coming of death (1, 2): ingenious design, amazing scene.

2) Dark fall: a thriller about ghosts and ghosts, with some new meaning.

3) Silent lamb: Oscar winning thriller!

4) Seven sins: dark style, make people want to escape from time to time! Exquisite performance!

5) Flash: you can enjoy Jack Nicholson's extraordinary acting skills.

6) Sixth sense: representative works of this kind of films!! Wonderful ending!

7) Guillotine: Tim Burton's thriller, head rolling!

8) Flustered Fang (1, 2): the incredible work of Canadian director!!!

9) Instinct: Needless to say, it's pornographic!

10) Hospital: the Danish film directed by lasvontel scares many people from going home alone.

11. Top 10 love movies:

1) Titanic: a commercial masterpiece!

2) Beautiful woman: Modern sparrow becomes Phoenix!

3) Roman holiday: Audrey Hepburn's classic.

4) Jinyumeng: light resentment, lifelong commitment!

5) Casablanca: a classic.

6) Graduate: can we still find the pure love of youth?

7) Unbearable lightness in life: the love card with the background of the times is slow.

8) Bodyguard: a relaxed and healthy love movie.

9) Mr. and Mrs. Kramer: an ethical film with deep thinking on marriage and children.

10) Sunny days: youth for us!

12. Top 10 Magic Movies:

1) Wolf Alliance: French magic film, a big production with many stars.

2) Indiana Jones Trilogy: a powerful combination of Spielberg and Lucas!

3) The ghost of a beautiful girl: the milestone of Chinese ghost movies! Never lose to foreign films!

4) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: a great classic, a real movie!!!

5) Harry Potter series: a strange branch of the new magic movie.

6) Magic Dragon Slayer (Dragon's heart): sincere feelings.

7) Mummy: a combination of humor and stunts.

8) Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton's most imaginative work.

9) Peter Pan: a brand new fantasy film for children.

10) Big fish: watch it twice more. Be kind to yourself when you are alive!

Ask for some classic movies

Ask for some classic movies

To have Forrest Gump Shawshank to change people's beliefs that degree! thank you!

Everyone feels different when watching movies. Some classics are not shocking in some people's eyes, but for me, I still agree with Forrest Gump and Shawshank. So I recommend some of my character classics, which are touching:

The killer is not too cold (Leon)

Island thriller (a sensational thriller starring Nicole Kidman)

A good time of the year

Wanted (that's what I love)

King Kong (how to say I also shed tears)

Spring of cattle herding class (Classic)

Lightning dog

Magic, song and dance youth (the reason for falling in love with song and dance movies, if you still yearn for pure and warm love)


(I only remember these for the moment. Oh, iron man and spider man are my favorite heroes, ordinary and real.)

In addition: Pixar's animations are all excellent products (I'm the first level in the world)

In fact, faith is found in the touch of little by little. Good movies have the feeling of shaking the heart. No matter what changes your mind, the movie subtly lets you experience another kind of life faith...

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Malayalam film shoots resume: Kannan Thamarakkulam's movie 'Virunnu' goes on floors in ...

On Saturday evening, the Kerala government had announced that Malayalam movie shoots can resume after about two and a half months of ban.

Dream palaces: New book tells the history of Tulsa's movie theaters

That is one of the many stories told in “Tulsa Movie Theaters,” a new book by Steve Clem, a long-time Tulsa broadcaster and author of the book ...

The best time travel movies of… all time

Terminator 1 and 2 are really quite different movies. In the first, Arnie – the terminator – is the bad guy. He's sent back in time by our machine overlords ...

Love classic movie

Love classic movie

the boy and girl are innocent playmates

Girl with Pearl Earrings


Swallowtail Butterfly

A dreamer

Flowers and Alice

Red white blue

Piano lessons

Love in Prague

Dream traveler

Ten Minutes Older

Rose life

Sad City

A life of drinking and drinking

Taste of green papaya

The last tango in Paris

Three seasons of love

Henry and Joan

Angels love beauty


The teeth of love

Childhood on the roof

Four minutes

Marine pianist

The spring of the cattle herd


She is lonelier than fireworks

Angel a

Blue sea and blue sky

Love hurts badly

Love is colder than death

Gloomy Sunday

Red balloon

Vulgar Novels

Goodbye childhood

To her

My mother

Erotic portrait

Paradise cinema

Over the lunatic asylum

Unruly sky

The sun rises as usual

Days on the clouds

Before Sunset

before sunrise

Paris, I love you

Dark blue is black

Love letter

White wedding

Death row dance

Lost in Tokyo

Winter's heart

Dancers in the dark

Sunny days

Love heaven

Butterfly King

Lover (Liang Jiahui)

Lola, run



This is England

Guess the train

British patients


Soul station

Best picture of all previous Oscars

Best picture of all previous Oscars

The 1st "wings"

Two Broadway melodies

No war on the Western Front

Four sessions of great ambition

The 5th Grand Hotel

The 6th spring and Autumn Annals in troubled times

The 7th one night romance

The 8th edition of "the story of the traitor's blood"

The 9th "king of song and dance"

The 10th "biography of Zola"

11th "floating life like a dream"

Gone with the wind

13th butterfly dream

The 14th green hill and Green Valley

15th "the house of the faithful"

The 16th Casablanca, also known as North Africa spy

The 17th "walk with me"

18th lost weekend

The 19th Golden Age

The 20th gentleman's agreement

The 21st session of Hamlet

The 22nd session of contemporary traitors

23rd comet beauty

An American in Paris

25th "king of drama"

The 26th "forever"

The 27th "by the river"

The 28th Marty

The 29th World Tour 80 days

The 30th Guihe Bridge

The 31st Qiqi

The 32nd edition of Ben Hur

33rd apartment

34th West Side Story

The 35th "Lawrence of Arabia"

The 36th edition of Tom Jones

37th my fair lady

The voice of music

39th annual popular

40th hot night

The 41st Oliver

The 42nd midnight cowboy

The 43rd General Patton

44th French drug trafficking network

The 45th Godfather

The 46th "cheat"

The 47th Godfather (sequel)

48th "flying over the madhouse"

The 49th rocky

The 50th Annie Hall

The 51st Deer Hunter

52nd edition of Mr. and Mrs. Kramer

53rd ordinary people

54th "chariot of fire"

The 55th Gandhi

The 56th "deep love between mother and daughter"

57th Mozart

The 58th out of Africa

59th "field platoon"

The last emperor of the 60th

The 61st Rain Man

Driving for Miss Daisy

Dance with Wolves

The silence of the lamb

No amnesty for killing

The 66th Schindler's list

The 67th Forrest Gump

The 68th session of brave heart

The 69th British patient

The 70th Titanic, also known as Titanic

The 71st session of love history of shaweng

72nd American Beauty

73rd Gladiator

The 74th "beautiful mind"

The 75th Chicago

Lord of the rings 3: the return of the king

77th Annual million dollar baby

78th crash

The 79th session of "the stranger"

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Antonio Banderas Joins Indiana Jones 5, and More Movie News

Antonio Banderas Joins Indiana Jones 5, and More Movie News. The director of WandaVision takes on Star Trek, Bill Murray reunites with Wes ...

Filmmaker who got his start in Miami has new movie opening in South Florida

On Friday, his very unusual and very original movie, “Summertime,” opened in Miami at O Cinema South Beach. The film is a spoken word poetry ...

Carolina Football on Instagram: “Photoshoot day was a movie ”

tarheelfootball Photoshoot day was a movie. View all 7 comments · mikejonesnc @tm.4 that scream weak as hell . doeeeeeee__ WE NEED A ...

A moving movie

A moving movie


"The two of us", a film that won many awards this year, China

"I love you again", although I don't like Andy Lau, the film is not bad

Warm spring is like a fairy tale, a touching story in a mountain village

The sun also rises in order to remember, to forget, to pursue, to extricate. The story of human spirit and youth

"Kekexili" can't forget that scene. It's a pity that the team members are engulfed by sand

The love story of Yunshui Yao in the war time

The mountain, the man, the dog

"My brothers and sisters" is the most pure and beautiful but family love

"Looking beautiful" will touch the softest part of human heart

Foreign, foreign I see more, ha ha

Persuasion is a classic handed down by Austin. I just saw it. It's comfortable and touching.

Different sky, love and family, Leonardo's young but amazing acting skills.

In love notebook, loyalty to love can last a lifetime.

Big fish, fatherly love, fraternity, world love. U.S.A.

Goodbye to firefly, the live action version of firefly's tomb, starring Matsushima caiko, Japan

"Summer in jeans", a relatively new film, is very suitable for girls. I did cry when I saw it, America

"The tale of Antarctica", with a group of sled dogs to feel the love and cold of Antarctica.

Love holiday: what's the difference between American and British love? You will get the answer and be moved

Super gift, let's learn how to be a good person.

"Edward Scissorhands", classic, Depp play, moved. U.S.A

Leap over the madhouse, a classic, tearful and memorable movie, USA

Looking for Neverland, everyone has a Peter Pan in his heart.

The South Korean version and the American version have their own strengths and weaknesses, both of which are pretty good

Love letter, a touch of sadness, Japan

Beautiful life is war again. War always brings sad tears

You must have seen Brokeback Mountain

The eighth day, French, romantic and sensational

"Yisheng's tears", a Japanese drama, has only a few episodes, but it will make you laugh

Pianist at sea

"Ghost princess", my favorite animation of Gong Laozi, is very comfortable and touching

This year's live action version of "Cherry meatball" revisits childhood, but the touching details are impressive and even cry.

Brave heart calls for freedom, equality and courage. U.S.A

Lizard, Korea, OK

Schindler's list. It's a science film, but it's very touching with the details

Seek some classic movie ~ high score

Seek some classic movie ~ high score

The more touching and touching movies like pianist and Iwo Jima letter, the better. I really can't find it. Please give me the best picture list of past Academy Awards. Thank you. Thank you! Oscar's need not change ~ help to find some very touching movies... Start

Some of these films are aspiring, but they are also lack of touching plots. There are many places that make people think deeply

There are a lot of the completely touching feature films that the landlord wants. It can be said that these are the most classic and thought-provoking films in this year. If you savor them carefully, everyone has something touching

The whole life is in it

Edward Scissorhands: classic, Depp, the love of robots

[children of heaven] the story is so simple that it is almost monotonous. A child loses her sister's little shoes, which makes her unable to go to school. But it is for these shoes that the children of the poor show their innocence and self-improvement, which is very touching

When happiness knocks on the door

[Marine pianist] it's too classic to watch a movie that can't be calm for a long time

Forrest Gump teaches all people to be tolerant of others. Being stupid is good luck

[devil in Prada] one of the top ten must see movies for graduates

Children's warm movie

[big fish] watch it twice. Be kind to yourself when you are alive

[Truman's world] a novel about human value and human nature

Every man's childhood memories are so classic

Shawshank Redemption: a must see inspirational film for men

[sunny day] the youth of us

[Schindler's list] a very touching film about how some Jews were rescued during the war

[Notting Hill] Super moving, happy ending ~ works of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant

[this killer is not too cold] is also a classic film, one of the representative works of French director Luc Besson. It's a bit of a fringe movie

Supplement: father's flag is the brother of Iwo Jima letter. The director Eastwood describes the battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the US and Japanese forces! It's two movies.

The landlord can also look at the flag of his father's generation

Friday, July 16, 2021

What movie is Alia dubbing for? - movies

Disha Patani goes shopping. Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar return from Moscow. Tamannaah Bhatia is back in the city! Pooja Hegde at the airport.

New '4DFX Hawaii' cinema brings a unique movie experience

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Most folks for the past year have been at home watching movies on the computer. How boring is that compared to a movie ...

Movie review: 'No Sudden Move' is twisty crime drama

Readers sometimes ask how I choose a movie to review. There's no simple answer. Sometime it's because a film is too important to ignore. Sometimes ...

What are the classic movies

What are the classic movies

I prefer science fiction

Don't be scary

1. Matrix (Trilogy) and animated matrix 2.12 monkey 3. Star River team 4. Tiansha earth counterattack 5. Star legend (or Riddick) - two movies, Wonderful 6. Black super special police team (recommended to watch Episode 1) 7. (cartoon) apple nuclear war - Apple Seed 8. Alien series 9. Heterogeneous killing array (three steps) - wonderful 10. Back to the future 11. Silver winged killer 12. My martian Uncle Martin 13. Memory fragments 14. Black hole frequency 15. Iron Warrior Series (2 episodes in total), Plus "alien vs. iron warrior" Biography) 16. Planet of the apes 17. Spider man 18. Night demon 19. Batman (recommend "Batman returns", the rest are indoor drama - Garbage) 20. Jurassic Park series 21. Stargate (don't recommend it, Garbage) 22. Will Smith starring in a "mechanical spider" in the background of the industrial revolution 23. Terminator series 24. Star Trek 25. (animation) steel giant 26. Star Wars series 27. Robocop (recommended Episode 2) 28. Mars mission 29. Guide to the galaxy 30. Minority report 31. Fifth element 32. Time machine 33. Godzilla (US version, (Japanese version of garbage) 34. Invisible man 35. Biochemical crisis 36. Extreme cold 37. Abyss 38. Mechanical public enemy 39. Top secret flight 40. Martians playing with the earth

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Classic movies of the past

Classic movies of the past

Are there any previous classic funny movies and action movies, such as Xiaolin boy, blue blood sword, six finger harp Demon (Lin Qingxia), the more the better. Thank you

The east becomes the West

none such under heaven

Booming Flowers and a Full Moon

lioness 's roar

Talk about the journey to the West

Happy events in Huatian

Zhong Wuyan

Zhou Xingchi's version of Lu Ding

Secret agents in the University

Stephen Chow's version of Su Qier

Stephen Chow's version of Jigong

Almost Perfect

Second in the world

Nerve knife and flying cat "three swordsmen of the Orient", the second is "biography of modern heroes"

"Six fingers demon"

"Tianlong Babu: Tianshan children's grandmother"


New crane needle

The leader of the demon sect

Flying fox

New meteor butterfly sword

"The invincible in the East" (3 parts)

Huang Feihong series (Jet Li)

Anyway, there are a lot of Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s

Stephen Chow's death judge, gambler, gambler, dragon over the year of the rooster, family has a happy event, 1992, trickster expert, changeable star king

Jackie Chan's Hongfan District, miracle, Shuanglong club, drunk Boxing 2, flying eagle project, City Hunter

Anita Mui's new crane needle, Zhong Wuyan, the three heroes of the Orient, modern heroes, chizi Weilong, male singers and female singers, etc

Get ready for a summer of blockbusters and popcorn as movie theatres reopen Friday

WATERLOO -- Movie theatres are welcoming back customers on Friday after being closed since November. “The first weekend is looking fantastic, ...

'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' Getting 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Release with New Magical ...

The new Magical Movie Mode release of the film comes on the heels of two exciting bits of Harry Potter news: a global tour exhibition opening in ...

As Movie Theaters Open Back Up, AT&T and Cinemark Partner for Immersive AR

The attraction, which is sponsored by AT&T, enables patrons to “pose” with WarnerMedia's Looney Tunes characters. The movie opens on Friday at the ...

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

100 classic movies

100 classic movies


The return of the Lord of the rings III

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone

The Lord of the rings: two cities

5 Star Wars Prequel: phantom crisis

6 Shrek 2

7 Jurassic Park

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets

The first song of the Lord of the rings

11 undersea mobilization

12 Star Wars Prequel: Revenge of the Sith

14 Independence Day

Spider man

15 E.T. aliens

Harry Potter and the fugitive of Azkaban

17 Lion King

Spider Man 2

19 Star Wars

20 Narnia legend

21 matrix 2: reloading

Forrest Gump

The sixth sense

Pirates of the Caribbean

25 Star Wars Prequel: the attack of clone

26 Superman

Lost World: Jurassic Park

The crucifixion of Jesus

29 World War

30 black super special police unit

31 ice age 2: melting of glaciers

The end of the world

33 King Kong

34 spy 2

35 days after tomorrow / doomsday

36 Star Wars Empire counterattack

37 Madagascar

38 monster company

39 Terminator 2

40 see your father-in-law 2

The ghost of 41 people

42 Aladdin

43 Troy

44 Tornado

45 Toy Story 2

46 fake gods

47 Shrek

48 save Private Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

50 kids in charge

51 Star Wars Jedi counterattack

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

53 Raider 3: jihadi

54 great white shark

55 beauty

56 matrix

57 Gladiator

58 last dancer

59 dish in dish

Sixty eleven Arhats

61 Pearl Harbor

62 Mount Tai

63 black super special police unit 2

64 slim Dad

65 Exorcist

Terminator 3: the awakening of machines

67 tomb raiding Mysteries 2

68 choose a day to die

69 The Rebirth of the Holocaust

Matrix Revolution

Dancing with Wolves

72 tomb raiding

73 Batman

74 bodyguards

75 psychic quadrant (omen)

76 X-Men 2x2

77 gone with the wind

78 hot prodigal son

79 Prince Robin Hood

80 Raiders

81 Ice Age

82 back to the future

83 Godzilla

84 true lies

85 beauty and beast

86 men, 100 percent

87 Batman's moment

I'm crazy about Mary

The end of the world

90 Jurassic Park 3

91 my Greek Wedding

92 national rival

93 Notting Hill

94 shark Gang

95 bug crisis

96 twelve Arhats

97 planet of apes

Toy Story 98

99 Black Sun crisis

100 tiger gall 3

Classic movie series

Classic movie series

The first films: Fengyun decision, Chibi, national Superman, kung fu panda, 24 hours in danger, JingWuMen, Narnia legend 2, beacon fire domestic: Fengyun decision, Chibi (Part I), JingWuMen, deep sea search, thanks to the family of 2 in the back seat of the sixth floor, dream building 2008, hahaha, my wife is a gambler, Hulu brothers, king of Kung Fu 》See the Three Kingdoms, long Jiejia, Huangshi's child,, the world of wind and cloud, five bullets, alive, black and white forest, the absurdity of two idiots in big movie 2.0, butterfly flying, Huahua criminal police, goodbye to the old fool, Jiangshan beauty, wedding 2008, two people's room, Changjiang 7, slam dunk and assembly Bangzi tiger chicken, destiny call transfer, year of the dragon and rat, super life guerrillas, fuse abroad: Hancock, little war elephant, 27 suits, gold rush, Narnia legend 2, speed drift, kung fu panda, iron man, adventure of fantasy spirit, destiny, Daisy, love in the first snow, tiger gall and dragon power 4 》Spy 3, wolfhound, food story, ugly girl turned over, chainsaw 4, love during cholera, Shrek 3, little mermaid, Disney Princess, beauty and beast, transformers, chariot of soul, Spider Man 3, dragon war, National Treasure 2, FireWire bodyguard, I am legend, magic toys City, Beowulf, bee story, American Gangster, Santa Claus, Jurassic Park 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 28 weeks of upheaval, sniper on the line of life and death, evil knight, Sparta 300, rise of darkness, alien vs. iron Warrior 2: ballad, the golden compass of the dark matter trilogy, Beowulf: Curse of the North Sea《 Loch Ness monster, American Pie six, Charlie's War

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Kung Fu Panda, my wife is a gambler, hot-blooded college, seizing the commander, and iron man the new movies in 2008 are: King of Kung Fu, red cliff, fantasy elves event book, decisive blackjack, the story of the Three Kingdoms, dragon removing armor, Huahua police, Batman: Dark Knight, national Superman, natural disaster, Raider 4: Indiana? Jones and the kingdom of crystal skull, the first drop of blood 4, Jurassic Park 4, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Mummy 3: The Curse of the dragon, Batman: the God of the night, domestic: Yangtze River 7, slam dunk, assembly, registration, blockbuster 2, Lust Caution, lollipop tiger chicken, destiny call transfer, dragon over the year of the rooster, Red Cross The wall, the secret of the gourd, the secret that can't be said, father, old age has nothing to depend on, storm of power, happy ears, perfect nine beauties, assassin horse, all the year round, apple, lottery is crazy, the second in the world, my name is Liu Yuejin, wrong love, butterfly flying abroad: Tiger gall Dragon 4, spy shadow 3, wolfhound 》Food story, ugly girl, delicious love, sharpshooter and smart star, chainsaw 4, love in cholera, Shrek 3, little mermaid, Disney Princess, beauty and beast, transformers, Harry Potter 5, soul chariot, Spider Man 3, dragon war, National Treasure 2, FireWire Dart, I'm legend, magic toy city, Beowulf, bee story, American Gangster, Christmas man, Jurassic Park 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 28 weeks of upheaval, espionage 3, die hard 4, sniper on the line of life and death, ghost knight, Sparta 300 warrior, dark rise, alien vs. iron Warrior 2: Soul Song "The golden compass of the dark matter Trilogy", "Beowulf: The Curse of the North Sea", "Loch Ness monster", "chainsaw 4", "American Pie 6", "Shrek 3" and "Charlie's war" the unseen films in 2008 are "Red Cliff", "fantasy elves event book", "Blackjack", "national Superman", "natural disaster", "Batman: Dark Knight" and "wood" Nai 3: The Curse of the dragon, Raider 4: Indiana Jones and the kingdom of crystal skulls, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, there are too few high-quality movies now, I would like to recommend some classic films: Abroad: X-Men series Batman Series alien series alien series Star Trek series terminator series mechanical police series Jurassic Park series back to the future series blade Warrior series matrix series biochemical crisis series Lord of the rings series spy Spy series "cocoon" series "battle of the stars" series "magnetic collision between heaven and earth", "doomsday", "monster gesra", "X-Files", "Star Wars", "black hole surface", "the fifth element", "man in black", "12 monkeys", "interceptor of the future", "future water world", "future master", "comprehensive memory", "abyss", "mechanical hero" and "inner space" 》"Thunderbolt 5", "flies", "E.T." blade killer "," brave to take life island "," air prison "," Star River team "," tears of the sun "," the fifth element "," heart of the king "," the day after tomorrow "," collision between heaven and earth "," perfect storm "," Godzilla "," doomsday of the earth "," Troy "," Da Vinci Code "," Gladiator "," speed of life and death "," Forrest Gump " Biography, double suspicious killing, American Gangster, true lies domestic: dongchengxijiu, dongxie Xidu, zhanhu, save me, gambler, trickster, truant Weilong, new JingWuMen, gambler II, beach gambler, family affairs, Lu Dingji, Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qier, Tang Bohu, Qiuxiang, new Longmen Inn "Two heroes in dish blood", "home-made Lingling lacquer", "secret agent zero hair in Da Nei", "happy events in 97 families", "ghost night", "sword smile", "three swordsmen of the East", "Chongqing forest", "true story of ah Fei", "five ancestors of Shaolin", "king of thousand 2000", "gambler", "journey to the west" series "five lucky stars", "God of gambler" series "Heroes" series "Gu Huo Zai" series "police" "The story" series "the ghost of a beautiful girl" series "Huang Feihong" series "Infernal Affairs" series

Backlash at Marilyn Monroe movie's 'disgusting' portrayal of her life | Daily Mail Online

The movie, which is currently the number one film on Netflix's UK service, has been accused of being sexist and exploitative. http://dlv...