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Monday, July 19, 2021

Domestic classic movies??? The more classic the better!

Domestic classic movies??? The more classic the better!

Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s are all classic,

About the underworld and the world: guzhuozai series (affecting a generation of teenagers), Infernal Affairs (classics do not explain), Underworld (let you deeply understand the society), gunfire, banishment (banishment is similar to gunfire actors, gunfire classics, banishment is more beautiful), bloodthirsty Duo (always copied, never surpassed), crisscross the world (classics do not explain), Bloody street (classic does not explain), hero (pony in the play is still the idol of countless people), God of gambling (needless to say), plan a (one of Jackie Chan's most classic movies), prison situation (can't forget this movie), Secret War 1 (I'm talking about the first one, the second one is disappointing), river and lake situation (classic does not explain)

About the tender feelings of martial arts: New Dragon Gate Inn (I've been remaking recently, but the classics won't be surpassed), Xiaoao River and lake (the classics don't explain), Dongfang Bubai (there are several of them, all Classics), dongxie Xidu (the classics don't explain), huangfeihong series (the classics don't explain), Fengyun's hegemony (the classics don't explain), Kung Fu Emperor Fang Shiyu (Action + funny), Huo Yuanjia (classic does not explain)

Funny, nonsense: it can be said that all of Stephen Chow's films meet the requirements, strongly recommended, boasting about the journey to the West (this classic, which has been silent for five years, is now offered to God's Palace), hardcover chasing Girl Series (simply invincible), chasing boy series (Canon does not explain), super school overlord (Canon does not explain), The legend of archery heroes has been passed down from the east to the West (stars gather, absolutely do it), the rest will not be mentioned

About the police: Police Story Series (classic does not explain), Overlord flower (classic does not explain), Flying Tigers series (classic does not explain), elder martial sister of the gun (funny), bullying ("it's a pity that I lost a good brother."“ I lost a good man, too. " Invincible lines), dragon tiger flying cloud (classic does not explain), hot hand detective (classic does not explain)

People and Ghosts: Ghost series (classic does not explain), ghost night (funny), Mr. zombie series (Lin Zhengying Classic), happy ghost series (inspirational funny), fierce ghost invading Underworld (funny), Xiaosheng afraid (not classic, you scold me)

About the dream, inspirational, friendship: four extraordinary young people (touching), chasing, running, jumping and touching (funny), don't deceive the poor young people (inspirational film of beyond)

Telling touching love and family stories: Autumn Fairy Tale (touching), sweet honey (classic does not explain), a Lang's story (classic does not explain), rouge button (classic does not explain), love in heaven (classic does not explain), star wish (classic does not explain), Peace Hotel (classic does not explain), bad size (touching), stars know my heart (classic does not explain), The whole family (touching), the heart of the Dragon (touching), the thief of the years (a relatively new movie, touching, I'm a boy after watching all the cattle face), left, right (touching, no explanation), heart (classic, no explanation), glass city (touching, no explanation), lonely men and few women (classic, no explanation), father and son (touching, no explanation)

In contrast, I am not familiar with the classic movies in the mainland, but there are several: Party A and Party B (classic does not explain), no thief in the world (classic does not explain), Yu Guanyin (classic does not explain)

Classics have passed the test of time and will not be forgotten. The above movies are absolutely classic. Recently, some new movies have been made, and I have become classics: crazy stone, crazy racing car, nightclub, thirteen beauties in Jinling, wind, besieged city in October, single men and women, great cause of the founding of the people's Republic of China

Are you satisfied with this answer? I've made it word by word!

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