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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Who can introduce the film(movies)making process

Who can introduce the film making process

Pre production - including script, role allocation, budget, etc

Work - film or video, audio recording

Post production - sorting audio-visual media resources (that is, "material"); Make visual effects, subtitles and graphics, edit and distribute completed works.

It is better to introduce it in these aspects, if it is better in English( We are going to write English composition) thank you!!

The movie is super daily, pursuing the "spectacle" of audio-visual, the "complexity of narration", and the "strangeness" of limited aesthetic experience.

From the early stage of shooting, film and television production needs a lot of preparatory work, and needs the support of planning, scene, funds and equipment. It is important to choose a script in the early stage production. It is often the half of success to choose a good script. Sometimes it is related to the olfactory sensitivity of a director. It is necessary to select a good script, and then to make it more suitable for moving on the screen and to show it by the artistic means of film. Secondly, it is very important to select the actors, First, the actor's temperament should be close to the role to play, and then the actor's understanding and grasp of the script and role. An excellent actor is that he can perform the most ordinary and least visible role vividly. In terms of budget, the cost of scene selection and the reward for actors have a trend in the so-called blockbusters in recent years, namely, large production and large cost. Besides considering the scene and actors' pre production costs, the cost of post editing is also considered. For example, the post production clips of hero are not in China, Of course, it requires a lot of investment, and budget must be made according to its own financial situation.

The shooting techniques of film and television adopt "push, pull, roll, move, pitch, pitch, follow and chase", which can be used almost mutually. The shooting of film is made by camera, which is more complicated and requires a lot of machine space, more mobile lens and projector for the film to be used for real-time projection. Moreover, it can not realize synchronous live broadcast, and the electronic image is taken by using camera and linear scanning. The electronic image is decomposed into minimum pixel, and the light point signal is picked up by electron beam and sent to the transmitter through a single channel. The light and color signals acquired by the camera can be directly transmitted to the broadcast system of the TV station, that is, live broadcast can be realized. It can also be recorded on tape by video recorder for post editing.

In terms of production principle, film and television is a process of reproducing reality, shooting pictures by machine, and then restoring pictures by machine equipment, so that we can see living pictures from them. The principle and process of action decomposition, recording and replaying are the common foundation of dynamic reproduction of film and television.

In the post production and editing, it is necessary to develop the production processes of negative film, print sample, clip sample, picture cover bottom, print correction copy, printed standard copy, etc. the final product of film copy production film art is the media for film creators to transmit information to the audience. The process of washing and printing is also the basic process in the process of washing. The later production mainly refers to the editing of sample films, the synthesis of sound and painting. Film and television is an art that needs to be refined and rough, cut off unnecessary things that affect the content, and mix and dub for better cooperation with the picture. Special skills processing, such as these are the necessary work of film and television.

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