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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Chinese film(movies) production cost details

Chinese film(movies) production cost details

It's best to preview the format of production cost + box office table. Thank you very much if you have any

The cost of a film not only includes the expenses of director, screenwriter, camera, actor, scene, shooting, later stage, accommodation, etc., but also includes the expenses of marketing and publicity. Usually, the marketing and publicity expenses are equal to the shooting expenses or 1 / 2 of the shooting expenses.

According to different concepts and requirements, each film can be divided into low-cost films, medium-sized films and large-scale films. The cost of low-cost films is basically less than 10 million yuan, the cost of medium-sized films is basically about 10-80 million yuan, and the cost of large-scale films is more than 80 million yuan.

The representative works of domestic low-cost films are "33 days of lovelorn" (about 9 million yuan, excluding publicity expenses), the representative works of domestic medium-sized films are "Thai embarrassment in the embarrassing way" (about 30-40 million yuan, excluding publicity expenses), and the representative works of Hollywood large-scale films are "Avatar" (about 600 million dollars, excluding publicity expenses).

Extended data:

Editing skills

1. Cut in and cut out

This is the most commonly used shot conversion method in movies. That is, without skill, from the end of the previous shot to the beginning of the next shot, there is no gap in the middle. It is called cut.

2. Fade out fade in

Also known as the film picture fade, fade. The picture gradually darkens and finally completely disappears. This method is called fade out or fade out. On the contrary, the picture gradually changes from dark to bright, and finally becomes completely clear. This lens is called fade in, also known as fade in.

3. Transfer in and out

It is also a skill of lens conversion in movies. Sometimes use a clear straight line, sometimes use a wavy line to erase the picture straight, horizontally and obliquely from the edge of the picture, which is called marking out. Instead of the following picture, it is called delimitation.

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