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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Best picture of all previous Oscars

Best picture of all previous Oscars

The 1st "wings"

Two Broadway melodies

No war on the Western Front

Four sessions of great ambition

The 5th Grand Hotel

The 6th spring and Autumn Annals in troubled times

The 7th one night romance

The 8th edition of "the story of the traitor's blood"

The 9th "king of song and dance"

The 10th "biography of Zola"

11th "floating life like a dream"

Gone with the wind

13th butterfly dream

The 14th green hill and Green Valley

15th "the house of the faithful"

The 16th Casablanca, also known as North Africa spy

The 17th "walk with me"

18th lost weekend

The 19th Golden Age

The 20th gentleman's agreement

The 21st session of Hamlet

The 22nd session of contemporary traitors

23rd comet beauty

An American in Paris

25th "king of drama"

The 26th "forever"

The 27th "by the river"

The 28th Marty

The 29th World Tour 80 days

The 30th Guihe Bridge

The 31st Qiqi

The 32nd edition of Ben Hur

33rd apartment

34th West Side Story

The 35th "Lawrence of Arabia"

The 36th edition of Tom Jones

37th my fair lady

The voice of music

39th annual popular

40th hot night

The 41st Oliver

The 42nd midnight cowboy

The 43rd General Patton

44th French drug trafficking network

The 45th Godfather

The 46th "cheat"

The 47th Godfather (sequel)

48th "flying over the madhouse"

The 49th rocky

The 50th Annie Hall

The 51st Deer Hunter

52nd edition of Mr. and Mrs. Kramer

53rd ordinary people

54th "chariot of fire"

The 55th Gandhi

The 56th "deep love between mother and daughter"

57th Mozart

The 58th out of Africa

59th "field platoon"

The last emperor of the 60th

The 61st Rain Man

Driving for Miss Daisy

Dance with Wolves

The silence of the lamb

No amnesty for killing

The 66th Schindler's list

The 67th Forrest Gump

The 68th session of brave heart

The 69th British patient

The 70th Titanic, also known as Titanic

The 71st session of love history of shaweng

72nd American Beauty

73rd Gladiator

The 74th "beautiful mind"

The 75th Chicago

Lord of the rings 3: the return of the king

77th Annual million dollar baby

78th crash

The 79th session of "the stranger"

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