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Monday, July 19, 2021

The classic movie of one's life

The classic movie of one's life

1. Top 10 science fiction films:

1) Star Wars Series: creating a movie myth.

2) Heterogeneous hacker (level 13): it should be said that it is more ingenious than the idea of the matrix.

3) Superman: the representative of all comic science fiction films.

4) Terminator (1,2): the classic of science fiction movie classics.

5) Monkey: such a thought-provoking science fiction movie is rare.

6) Matrix series: it has triggered the thinking of the reality and future network development, and formed a hacker culture.

7) Moving Soul City (dark city): a science fiction film with a different style, with an unexpected ending.

8) Contact beyond time and space: a masterpiece to seriously discuss the issue of alien civilization.

9) It's a close call: a thriller about the genetic problems of people in the future society, with excellent content and theme.

10) 2001 space odyssey: a classic work, famous for its seriousness, scientificity and foresight.

2. Top ten feature films:

1) Shawshank Redemption (1995): a must see inspirational film for men.

2) Godfather (1, 2): classic gangster film, with this work, other similar all bow.

3) American Past: the whole life is in it.

4) Paradise Cinema: every man's childhood memories, too classic.

5) Ownerless City: how can people make such a wonderful movie!

6) Living: perhaps the greatest movie in China at the moment.

7) Forrest Gump: teach all people to be tolerant of others, stupid is a blessing.

8) Brave heart: a good textbook for national self-esteem. I hope you will love China.

9) Truman's world: a fantastic work to explore the value of human beings and the essence of human nature.

10) The sound of music: the power and happiness of music!

11) Schindler's list: shocking history, infectious photography and outstanding actors

3. Top 10 war movies:

1) Saving Private Ryan: a super masterpiece that truly reflects war and human nature.

2) Hunting Red October: rhythm and characters are the masterpieces of submarine films.

3) War in the city: from a unique perspective to describe the World War II blockbuster, actors perform in place.

4) Big escape: it's a war movie because it's too shocking and cruel.

5) General Patton: panoramic display of the representative works of the war, the actors performed well.

6) U-571: a new type of naval battle film with outstanding effect. It's very characteristic.

7) All metal shell: Kubrick's deep reflection on war makes people fear war.

8) Starfleet: a sci-fi war movie. The description of soldiers' training and fighting is provocative and controversial

9) Revenge: it's also an old Romanian film. The gunfight in this film is very exciting.

10) Three steps: clean Mexican style gunfight movie.

11) The first drop of blood (1): with connotation, strength and story, it is one of Stallone's few good films.

5. Top ten KB tablets:

1) Killer series: the representative work of campus KB film, the appetite of young people.

2) Let's have a dawn: the extra exaggerated KB movie is not scary, but funny and extra.

3) Dawn of the living dead: a series of representative works of the living dead, famous for disgusting zombies.

4) Exorcist: the picture is gloomy and the sound effect is bleak. At night, I'm really silent!

5) Hell: the representative of Hong Kong Style KB movies, there are KB and emotion.

6) Anatomy (1,2): representative of European KB film, the content is strange and avant-garde.

7) Bad taste: early works directed by Lord of the rings, KB and funny.

8) Alien series: science fiction KB classic, 1, 2, 4 are wonderful

9) Curse: the representative of Japanese KB, extremely evil!

10) Living jump corpse: rare bloody black humor!

6. Top 10 Comedies:

1) Two big smokes: the fun of finding answers in English humor and chaos

2) I'm crazy for Mary: the representative of American toilet culture, vulgar but fun.

3) Anti fight Eagle series: American Wulitou action comedy.

4) Talk about the journey to the West (1,2): classic!

5) Huatian Wedding: the representative of Hong Kong style old comedies, stars gathered.

6) Jingshengjianxiao series: a new type of comedy to imitate other films for fun.

7) Escape from danger: classic European comedy, never tire of seeing.

8) Golden Rooster: an excellent Hong Kong Film rarely seen in recent years, with deep connotation.

9) Mask: the famous work of Jim Carrey.

10) King of Comedy: Zhou Xingchi's most meaningful film

7. Top ten martial arts movies:

1) Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon: the beginning of "beauty" martial arts film!

2) New Dragon Gate Inn: the current martial arts film production mode is based on it.

3) Huang Feihong series: Li Lianjie is popular!!!

4) Drunk boxing: Jackie Chan's masterpiece, the work of the golden age of kung fu films.

5) Thirty six rooms of Shaolin Temple: Liu Jiahui's famous works are interesting now.

6) Shaolin Temple: Needless to say, the representative of real kung fu.

7) Zorro: the representative of French swordsman films, he is fascinated by many mm.

8) Proud of the world: I'm most impressed by Lin Qingxia's role as the Asia invincible.

9) Zutou City: innovative Japanese swordsman film, very characteristic.

10) Kill Bill: ha ha, the new Kung Fu movie with the combination of East and West is coming!!!!

8. Top ten cartoons:

1) Monster company: rare digital stunt! Moving and interesting ideas!

2) Frozen Planet: Although the box office is not very good, but its scene is really beautiful!

3) The voyage of Sinbad: an excellent combination of hand drawing and 3D technology.

4) Shrek: healthy love and humorous story!

5) Looking for Nemo: an animation classic that combines warm feelings and cutting-edge technology.

6) A thousand and a thousand: Gong Qijun's work at the peak!

7) Final Fantasy: the pioneer of 3D character digitization, outstanding technology.

8) Vampire Hunter: Japanese style gorgeous vampire masterpiece.

9) Gayna: European Animation, the style is very strange!

10) Dinosaur: Needless to say, it's beautiful!

9. Top 10 QS tablets:

1) Yanwu girl: a rare work describing topless actors in nightclubs. The scene is very exquisite!

2) Caligula: the most serious and grand QS blockbuster ever!

3) Romance: an erotic masterpiece about love conflict and hatred.

4) Intimacy: won the Berlin Golden Bear, appeared the scene of KJ for the first time in the award-winning film of large European Film Festival!

5) Paris Wild Rose: description of love to the extreme feelings, terrible!

6) Deep throat: the originator of modern QS film!

7) Sad City: an independent film reflecting the ugly society performed by French QS actors.

8) Sensual world: Oshima's shocking work is famous for the actor's real zuoai scenes!

9) The last tango in Paris: Miss Marlon Brando, just watch this film!

10) Scandal: Korean QS works.

10. Top 10 thrillers:

1) The coming of death (1, 2): ingenious design, amazing scene.

2) Dark fall: a thriller about ghosts and ghosts, with some new meaning.

3) Silent lamb: Oscar winning thriller!

4) Seven sins: dark style, make people want to escape from time to time! Exquisite performance!

5) Flash: you can enjoy Jack Nicholson's extraordinary acting skills.

6) Sixth sense: representative works of this kind of films!! Wonderful ending!

7) Guillotine: Tim Burton's thriller, head rolling!

8) Flustered Fang (1, 2): the incredible work of Canadian director!!!

9) Instinct: Needless to say, it's pornographic!

10) Hospital: the Danish film directed by lasvontel scares many people from going home alone.

11. Top 10 love movies:

1) Titanic: a commercial masterpiece!

2) Beautiful woman: Modern sparrow becomes Phoenix!

3) Roman holiday: Audrey Hepburn's classic.

4) Jinyumeng: light resentment, lifelong commitment!

5) Casablanca: a classic.

6) Graduate: can we still find the pure love of youth?

7) Unbearable lightness in life: the love card with the background of the times is slow.

8) Bodyguard: a relaxed and healthy love movie.

9) Mr. and Mrs. Kramer: an ethical film with deep thinking on marriage and children.

10) Sunny days: youth for us!

12. Top 10 Magic Movies:

1) Wolf Alliance: French magic film, a big production with many stars.

2) Indiana Jones Trilogy: a powerful combination of Spielberg and Lucas!

3) The ghost of a beautiful girl: the milestone of Chinese ghost movies! Never lose to foreign films!

4) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: a great classic, a real movie!!!

5) Harry Potter series: a strange branch of the new magic movie.

6) Magic Dragon Slayer (Dragon's heart): sincere feelings.

7) Mummy: a combination of humor and stunts.

8) Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton's most imaginative work.

9) Peter Pan: a brand new fantasy film for children.

10) Big fish: watch it twice more. Be kind to yourself when you are alive!

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