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Friday, July 16, 2021

What are the classic movies

What are the classic movies

I prefer science fiction

Don't be scary

1. Matrix (Trilogy) and animated matrix 2.12 monkey 3. Star River team 4. Tiansha earth counterattack 5. Star legend (or Riddick) - two movies, Wonderful 6. Black super special police team (recommended to watch Episode 1) 7. (cartoon) apple nuclear war - Apple Seed 8. Alien series 9. Heterogeneous killing array (three steps) - wonderful 10. Back to the future 11. Silver winged killer 12. My martian Uncle Martin 13. Memory fragments 14. Black hole frequency 15. Iron Warrior Series (2 episodes in total), Plus "alien vs. iron warrior" Biography) 16. Planet of the apes 17. Spider man 18. Night demon 19. Batman (recommend "Batman returns", the rest are indoor drama - Garbage) 20. Jurassic Park series 21. Stargate (don't recommend it, Garbage) 22. Will Smith starring in a "mechanical spider" in the background of the industrial revolution 23. Terminator series 24. Star Trek 25. (animation) steel giant 26. Star Wars series 27. Robocop (recommended Episode 2) 28. Mars mission 29. Guide to the galaxy 30. Minority report 31. Fifth element 32. Time machine 33. Godzilla (US version, (Japanese version of garbage) 34. Invisible man 35. Biochemical crisis 36. Extreme cold 37. Abyss 38. Mechanical public enemy 39. Top secret flight 40. Martians playing with the earth

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