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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Classic movies of the past

Classic movies of the past

Are there any previous classic funny movies and action movies, such as Xiaolin boy, blue blood sword, six finger harp Demon (Lin Qingxia), the more the better. Thank you

The east becomes the West

none such under heaven

Booming Flowers and a Full Moon

lioness 's roar

Talk about the journey to the West

Happy events in Huatian

Zhong Wuyan

Zhou Xingchi's version of Lu Ding

Secret agents in the University

Stephen Chow's version of Su Qier

Stephen Chow's version of Jigong

Almost Perfect

Second in the world

Nerve knife and flying cat "three swordsmen of the Orient", the second is "biography of modern heroes"

"Six fingers demon"

"Tianlong Babu: Tianshan children's grandmother"


New crane needle

The leader of the demon sect

Flying fox

New meteor butterfly sword

"The invincible in the East" (3 parts)

Huang Feihong series (Jet Li)

Anyway, there are a lot of Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s

Stephen Chow's death judge, gambler, gambler, dragon over the year of the rooster, family has a happy event, 1992, trickster expert, changeable star king

Jackie Chan's Hongfan District, miracle, Shuanglong club, drunk Boxing 2, flying eagle project, City Hunter

Anita Mui's new crane needle, Zhong Wuyan, the three heroes of the Orient, modern heroes, chizi Weilong, male singers and female singers, etc

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