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Saturday, July 17, 2021

A moving movie

A moving movie


"The two of us", a film that won many awards this year, China

"I love you again", although I don't like Andy Lau, the film is not bad

Warm spring is like a fairy tale, a touching story in a mountain village

The sun also rises in order to remember, to forget, to pursue, to extricate. The story of human spirit and youth

"Kekexili" can't forget that scene. It's a pity that the team members are engulfed by sand

The love story of Yunshui Yao in the war time

The mountain, the man, the dog

"My brothers and sisters" is the most pure and beautiful but family love

"Looking beautiful" will touch the softest part of human heart

Foreign, foreign I see more, ha ha

Persuasion is a classic handed down by Austin. I just saw it. It's comfortable and touching.

Different sky, love and family, Leonardo's young but amazing acting skills.

In love notebook, loyalty to love can last a lifetime.

Big fish, fatherly love, fraternity, world love. U.S.A.

Goodbye to firefly, the live action version of firefly's tomb, starring Matsushima caiko, Japan

"Summer in jeans", a relatively new film, is very suitable for girls. I did cry when I saw it, America

"The tale of Antarctica", with a group of sled dogs to feel the love and cold of Antarctica.

Love holiday: what's the difference between American and British love? You will get the answer and be moved

Super gift, let's learn how to be a good person.

"Edward Scissorhands", classic, Depp play, moved. U.S.A

Leap over the madhouse, a classic, tearful and memorable movie, USA

Looking for Neverland, everyone has a Peter Pan in his heart.

The South Korean version and the American version have their own strengths and weaknesses, both of which are pretty good

Love letter, a touch of sadness, Japan

Beautiful life is war again. War always brings sad tears

You must have seen Brokeback Mountain

The eighth day, French, romantic and sensational

"Yisheng's tears", a Japanese drama, has only a few episodes, but it will make you laugh

Pianist at sea

"Ghost princess", my favorite animation of Gong Laozi, is very comfortable and touching

This year's live action version of "Cherry meatball" revisits childhood, but the touching details are impressive and even cry.

Brave heart calls for freedom, equality and courage. U.S.A

Lizard, Korea, OK

Schindler's list. It's a science film, but it's very touching with the details

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