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Saturday, July 24, 2021

About film(movies) production

About film(movies) production

I like the film industry very much. I'm the first to go to the cinema when there are new films. I really want to be a director. But I don't have so much money to study in a professional place. It doesn't matter if the drama team goes to work. So I want to see which friends are interested, amateur, or

There are many industry segments of the crew. You should be clear about what you want to do.

If you want to be a director, you should not only have developed image thinking, but also have absolute ideas and extraordinary creativity!

For example, when you read a novel, can you stage the whole play in different scenes in your mind?

Furthermore, when you watch a suspense film, will you make up the ending in advance according to your own ideas? Moreover, do you often have some ideas or stories in your mind that are different and want to put them on the screen?? These are basic.

I suggest you can think of some stories and try them. Even if you don't succeed, you won't regret it!

I once submitted a script to the Beijing Film Studio. I'm glad they appreciated me at the beginning, but I didn't seize the opportunity and finally died, ha ha.

For your reference:

If it's a life film, of course it's possible. The crazy sale of stones proves the lack of such films!

First, you list your outline and story trend;

Then, write the story clearly and specifically, like a novel (at this stage, you can send the first half to any original website on the Internet, and then see how the response is, and change a few drafts yourself. But don't post the whole article. There are reasons behind it);

Next, it is a very important and important step to translate your novel into the form of script from beginning to end. No matter how good the novel is, it can not be put into shooting. If you do this one well, it will be a big step!

In the form of this "script", carve your work again! Make the final changes to bring him closer to your perfection.

At this time, you can operate it. If you don't have acquaintances in the circle, you can send it directly to Beijing Film Studio. If you are not in Beijing, you can send it online or mail it. Beijing Film Studio lacks good books, but you should ensure that your books are not leaked. That's why you don't send them all online. Legal issues!

After that, wait quietly for the masters of the North film studio to review the book. You will be notified whether to requisition it or not!

Finally, I did this myself. After they asked me to change two drafts, they thought my book didn't change much, so they killed my book. If they ask you to revise your manuscript, they must feel that you have made great changes and made a qualitative leap!

I hope you can write the story in your heart. In the end, even if it is not expropriated, it is also a witness of your life!

Although I have failed, I sincerely hope you can succeed!

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