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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Film(movies) production contract

 Film(movies) production contract

Production contract

Party A: Co., Ltd

Place of registration:

Legal representative: Contact:

contact information:

Party B: XXXX company or XX film studio

Place of registration: legal representative: XX


Contact information: fax, email, telephone

Through friendly negotiation and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the production of the film project and related cooperation:

1. Basic details of the project:

1.1 project name: (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as "this film")

1.2 project type: 35mm color film

1.3 project length: no less than 100 minutes

1.4 technical standard: 1:2.35 scale wide screen film, sound SRD digital six channel

1.5 producer:

1.6 general supervisor:

1.7 general planning:

1.8 producer: 1.9 director:

1.10 screenwriter: 2. Main cycle: (it can be adjusted according to specific conditions)

2.1 script creation and preliminary preparation from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

2.2 shooting from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

2.3 film post production from mm / DD / yy to mm / DD / yy

3. Form of cooperation and responsibilities of both parties:

3.1 party a sincerely invites Party B as the sole producer of the film XXXX.

3.2 the director's personal remuneration shall not be less than x% of the total investment. The labor contract between Party A and the director shall be signed separately. Party A will pay the remuneration in installments according to the payment method agreed by both parties.

3.3 Party A and Party B agree to take XX% of the director's personal labor contract amount as the risk mortgage, and receive it from Party A after all films are produced and reviewed.

3.4 both parties agree that the production cost of the film (including the cost of preparation and scene selection, pre and post production, and the cost of all actors and staff other than star actors) shall not be less than 3.65

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