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Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to make movies by self-study

How to make movies by self-study

These dozens of students are serious about learning movies. I spent two days teaching them an effective self-study method mainly by speaking movies. Although they feel cheated and have gone to a film academy without a qualified film instructor, if they have mastered the self-study method I taught them, they can only stay in that school, they don't need to listen to the lessons taught by cultural cheaters, they can use this time to study themselves. Learn the right thing, learn the true Kung Fu. And this method will be useful in the future. 1、 We first make clear the purpose of learning film. Do you want to learn to make your own movies or make movie reviews. If you want to make movie reviews, then the current Chinese film review can be learned and easy to learn. This doesn't mean that the review is right, but it can be used to defraud money and live. As long as someone asks you to lecture and post your article, that's all. It's not the same as making a movie. Making movies is not a matter of living, but a cost issue. Your monthly salary is limited, and if the cost can not be collected, you will lose money. Now we can leave the problem of movie review away. If you want to learn to take a film. So the first requirement of self-study is, don't listen to the film analysis that the teacher tells. Even the liars told a big truth in order to prove that they were right. They said: the incident was one, but the explanation was tens of thousands. That is to say, his explanation of a film is one of the tens of thousands. What is the value of that. In the two days of teaching, I found that almost everyone was explaining a film. No matter what questions you ask him, the answer is always an explanation. Can one of these tens of thousands of explanations help you make a movie? The first thing that the filmmaker needs is to learn how to make it. Very specific, that is not one of thousands of thousands. So the first requirement I put forward is that we should not talk about "meaning" or "empty". For example, what is the relationship between Barton's words and music. It is not allowed to say that the two are harmonious. The music conveyed his feelings of the two words and so on. That is what composers need to consider when composing. You have to see and hear. 1、 The light is the light that flows into the room in the morning. Second, the voice of the speech is balanced with the sound of music. 3、 Every word begins to be on the stress of music. If I ask you to say more specifically, you should say that they come out with the tambourine. The first sentence starts with the drum of the Dingyin drum, the second is still on the drum. His second sentence is completely said with the sound of Qi, and it is still on the drum. If I ask where the helmets the service men put on Barton, you should answer that it was on a short stool under the window, and his whip was hanging on the hanger on the wall above the helmet, and on the right side of the bench was a Catholic mantra. On the right side of the Sutra stand is a large wardrobe, which is a local Arabian wardrobe in terms of pattern. It was a room in a hotel that was expropriated. If you ask students why it's a hotel room. He had to answer, but the sink was in the room. This is the general layout of the Western hotels. If it's home, there's always a bathroom, big or small. Students also have to say that this short segment is the third time that Barton's room appears in the play, from the Deputy waking button to his good clothes. The day is gradually bright, so the light of the third time should be very bright. When the first deputy came in, the room was very dark. Students must see these because the music has been coming and coming. It has a rhythm relationship with not only those words, but also with the changes of light, the rhythm of human movement, the length of the lens, for example, the second time in Barton's room is just a lens, but it is half shorter than the third time. What do you judge? According to the music, one sentence is cut, and the third time, the music plays two sentences. If I listen to the dubbing of the Chinese version, he will say that the problem of dubbing is that the sound is not the right distance. The original film is at the distance of half view. The voice of the dubbing is 10 cm in the front of the microphone. Secondly, the volume of the voice covers the music. The director and the voice player of the translated film have no culture at all, and even the simple relationship between dialogue and music can not be heard, 3、 The voice actor reads lines of pretending and disgusting. Fourthly, the dubbing actor can not speak with the voice of Qi. There was no feeling all over. If you can say it in this way, you've learned how directors think about it when they're making a film. Very specific design. Your teacher can talk about a great deal of meaning and Freud, but the above analysis, he can not say a word. You can't learn how to make films from him. If you learn the learning method I introduce, you can learn to film yourself. 2、 When watching a movie, the first time I see it like the ordinary audience, I call it silly. Like a fool, his mouth opened and drooling. After reading the first time, think about it. It is the most touching section, or which one is the best one you think is the best. You go and see again, is it any. Then, take all the content of that paragraph out and start to analyze its form. No consideration shall be given to the meaning, pure form analysis. We can analyze the machine position, lens angle, height, motion and static, color, sound, music and so on. And after seeing the possibilities of this usage, put the content in. You know why you are moved. What is the factor, it is that lets you move. So you won't get the set off. You won't copy the specific shooting method, but copy the rules that people use. There will be no mistake in copying rules. Every civil engineer uses stress mechanics when designing, but the houses that everyone builds are different. There are good and bad. This analysis takes a long time to learn. When you do it, you will miss a million. Look back and analyze. As your analytical ability improves, you will grow more and more. 3、 The elements of the film are light, sound, time and space. Watch these four elements in other people's movies. How light is used, how sound is used, and how time and space are handled. But the phenomenon of Kinesiology tells us that movies use psychological perception experience. You will notice how other people's films use the audience's perception experience, the audio-visual perception experience. For example, the change of the American flag that Barton opened. There is no scientific formula to follow the audio-visual effect caused by the experience of audio-visual perception. It's all about experience. So we should take more shots, shoot consciously, do experiments, and accumulate experience in the whole. In addition, if you want to deepen your understanding of these four elements faster, come to my Internet. Ask more questions while I'm still alive. I believe that there will soon be more young people who will have a better understanding of these four elements and the audio-visual effects of these four elements, Don't worry about who the stars are, including actors, and it won't help you to watch stars for the moment. Don't watch the director, either, because he's a hands-on creator. You only have to learn a certain degree to see the director. I don't see the director much now. What do you think? See photographers, artists, tape recorders, editors. For example, if you like Koltai's works, you can read all his works. Back cooked. Don't you know his work? Go to IMDB on the Internet. Just put his name in the box on the top left. IMDB is a treasure house for movies. have everything that one expects to find. Then go to the market and buy the disc. One day you find that your favorite photographer highly praised a artist, and you went to IMDB to find out the artist's work. This is called Kondo. I hate the director who is full of young people. That director is in fashion. It seems that it's a good idea to name a few odd directors. It's a professional. If you can name a large number of photographers, artists, tape recorders, editors and a series of their own works, you are the beginning. As a beginner, you are not qualified to write screenplays, you are not qualified to study Directors. You study the work of photographers, artists, tape recorders and editors with a solid and honest attitude. I dare say that no one in China can compare with my familiarity with photographers, artists, tape recorders and editors. I can only tell the truth if I study their works. You know, photographers, artists are the eyes of the director, the recorder and the composer are the ears of the director, and the editor is the assistant to the director's structure. It's the trick to study them, research directors, that's to make good use of and catch up with fashion, fancy shelves, looks.

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