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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Chinese classic films of 1990s

Chinese classic films of 1990s

No.1: the true story of a Fei (directed by Wong Kar Wai, cast by Cheung Kwok wing, Cheung Man Yu, Tony Leung, Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung) the true story of a Fei is not only a legend of Hong Kong films, but also the birthplace of a superstar. The actors in the film are all superstars in the film industry, and the greatest significance is to achieve an internationally famous director: Wong Kar Wai. The narrative style of this film is extraordinary. At that time, the audience couldn't bear it because of this kind of technique. Therefore, while many red stars played, the box office also suffered a disastrous defeat. However, the significance of this film in the Chinese film world is irreplaceable, and it has created a new climate for Hong Kong film! Second: "sweet honey" (Director: Chen Kexin, actor: liming, Maggie Cheung and Zeng Zhiwei) Hong Kong movies can be classified into romantic, action and comedy films. The representative works of romantic films in 1990s must be "sweet honey". In the 1990s, Chen Kexin had many excellent works, among which "sweet honey" pushed his career to the peak. The exquisite script and Teresa Teng's Golden Melody closely linked the ten-year love story. In addition to the outstanding level of the actors, this film broke the record and won nine awards in the Hong Kong Film awards. This record has not yet been broken. The third one: the fairies at the end of the journey to the West (Director: Liu Zhenwei, actors: Stephen Chow, Wu Mengda and Zhu Yin) the reason why the fairies at the end of the journey to the West has been shortlisted in the top ten classic films and even won the top three position is actually a macro achievement. It is a tribute to Stephen Chow's Hong Kong Style comedy《 Journey to the West finale: fairy shoes is the representative work of Stephen Chow's comedy series, because in addition to the comedy part is still excellent, the love part of the drama is also good-looking, which is by no means sloppy! In the film, Stephen Chow's performance is also one of his best films. He plays in comedies and love plays in detail. Fourth: "Huang Feihong" (Director: Tsui Hark, actor: Jet Li, Jacky Cheung, Guan Zhilin, Zheng Zeshi) in recent years, the fighting scenes of "Spider Man" and "22nd century killing network" have made the audience marvel, and the martial arts directors among them are martial arts masters in the Hong Kong film world, proving that the martial arts of Hong Kong films occupy a pivotal position in the international film world. Among all the martial arts movies, "Huang Feihong" is definitely the one who expresses martial arts movies, and "Huang Feihong" is also well handled in all aspects of the movie, and will not neglect the standard of other parts because of the martial arts scenes. No.5: the storm dominates the world (Director: Liu Weiqiang, actor: Guo Fucheng, Zheng Yijian, Shu Qi, Yang Gongru) the storm dominates the world is adapted from comics, but none of the films adapted from comics is novel, and this film can become a classic because it adopts a number of new computer special effects scenes, which makes the audience shout novelty and feel refreshing. This is a new step in the history of Hong Kong's special effects film, and the box office performance is also good, so that more film investors have the courage to invest in high-cost films, which will be of great help to the production of similar films in the future. No.6: Stormtrooper angry street (Director: Chen Musheng, actor: Liu Qingyun, Chen Xiaochun, Wu Zhenyu, Huang Qiusheng) Chen Musheng is one of the most outstanding action directors in Hong Kong. In his films, there are always many explosions and action scenes, which can be called the "hot director" in the film world. And "Stormtrooper angry street" is definitely his masterpiece. The quality of the film is very high. In addition to the explosive action scene, the director's handling skills are also of a high level, and the performance of the actors is also of a high standard. In a word, the whole film is of a very high standard. Seventh: "secret war" (Director: Du Qifeng, actor: Andy Lau, Liu Qingyun, Meng Jiahui) police and bandit films are a large category of Hong Kong films, but often there are many gun battles, even bloody scenes in police and bandit films. In "secret war", Du Qifeng breaks through the pattern of police and bandit films in the past, and catches thieves in a pure intellectual way, which is cool and stylish. Du Qifeng is a rare director in the film industry in the 1990s. His works have maintained a high level for many years, and "secret war" is not only a classic of police and bandit films, but also a classic of Du Qifeng. No. 8: "new love is not enough" (Director: Er Dongsheng, actor: Liu Qingyun, Yuan Yongyi, Carina Lau, Feng Baobao) in yunyun's Hong Kong films, which occupies a large space, belongs to literary love films, and one of the classics in literary love films can be regarded as "new love". This film is different from the ordinary love sketch film, which is the touching plot that makes people cry. And this film also makes director Er Dongsheng the leading director of love film in the film world. Up to now, when you see the rice cakes on the street, you will still think of new love. No.9: I have a date with spring (Director: Du Guowei, actor: Liu Yali, Luo Guanlan, Su Yuhua)

There are also "Xiaoao Lake", "Qiannv ghost", "gambler", "wind and cloud", "Farewell My Concubine", "Baolian lamp", "Tang Bohu light autumn fragrance" and so on, too many.

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