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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Must I see classic movies in my life( Part II)

Must I see classic movies in my life( Part II)

26. The silence of the Lambs (1991) (USA)

Classic works of American social problem films

It's a very stressful psychoanalytic film

One of the most exciting horror films in Hollywood

27. A bright summer day (1991) (Taiwan, China)

The real combination of sharp sense of modernity and youthful characteristics

A sad song of youth, a scene mixed with the beauty of youth's initial ignorance of the drama

Show a different kind of youth associated with the night, blood and Elvis Presley's song

28. Farewell my concubine (1993) (China / Hong Kong)

Popular in see gorgeous, Qu Gao and people

A gorgeous and intoxicating epic

29. Schindler's list (1993) (USA)

Exploring and eulogizing the development of human nature in the special environment

It has great impact and deep and painful artistic charm

It has the pattern of epic and the emotional power of shaking people's heart and soul

30. True lies (1994) (USA)

The classics of American action movie classics in 1990s

A model of stunt movies

The beginning of importing Hollywood blockbusters into the mainland market

Forrest Gump (1994) (USA)

The representative works of American anti intellectual films

Full of the conservative spirit of Hollywood film return

The political and social history of the United States is seen through the experience of little people

32. Stories of the fall (1994) (USA)

A magnificent picture of the American West

A classic aestheticism movie

Adult Fairy Tales

The piano (1993) (Australia / New Zealand / France)

A beautiful, touching and enchanting love story

It delicately shows the deep emotional world of a dumb girl in the Victorian era

A masterpiece reflecting the awakening of female consciousness

34. In the heat of the sun (1994) (China)

The "unexpected joy" of Chinese films in the 1990s

A true description of the teenagers' living conditions and their perplexities during the "Cultural Revolution"

It marks that Chinese films have entered a new era

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) (USA)

A blockbuster to expose the dark scenes of American Justice

A picture of life with friendship and hope

A metaphor of the world containing philosophy of life

36. The Lion King (1994) (USA)

Hamlet in the animal world

The most popular English film in history

Disney's Pinnacle

37. The killer is not too cold (ultimate pursuit order / killer Leon / killer Lyon) l é on (1994) (France / USA)

An action blockbuster focusing on Violence Aesthetics

Heartbreaking problem: tragic love between young girl and middle aged killer

An urban fable full of tenderness

38. Seven crimes Se7en (1995) (USA)

The most successful psychological thriller in film history

A maddening drama of life

A warning record with strong philosophical significance

39. Braveheart (1995) (USA)

An epic film with profound nationalism and political connotation

A touching and soul stirring iron blood tenderness

A tragic legend of blood and tears

40. Bridges of Madison County (1995) (USA)

A profound social ethics film

A classic Platonic love

A masterpiece with strong local thinking

41. Trainspotting (1996) (UK)

A problem movie focusing on social reality

A classic of alternative films

It shows the modern youth's life of self exile in the tone of realism

42. Titanic (1997) (USA)

The most expensive film in film history

Unsinkable love on a sunken ship

A warning maxim that human beings should always examine their own shortcomings

43. Beautiful life Vita è Bella, La (1997) (Italy)

An unconventional black comedy

The best medicine for war wounds

With warm texture, fresh, optimistic and full of vitality

44. Central do Brasil (1998) (Brazil / France)

One of the best movies in the world

A warm sketch with realistic style

The road of self salvation under the melody of compassion

45. Truman's world the Truman Show (1998) (USA)

A ridiculous fable of life

A strong satire on the social phenomenon of profit seeking and human rights trampling

It strongly criticized the value of "omnipotent media"

46. Fight Club (1999) (Germany / USA)

A subversive fable of social life

A real modern Apocalypse at the end of the century

A black comedy with the theme of death

47. In the mood for love (2000) (Hong Kong / France / Thailand)

Irresistible and gorgeous Oriental beauty

A proposition about life, a love intertwined with each other

A tense, mysterious, erotic tone, a bittersweet dream

48. Yi Yi: a one and a two... (2000) (Taiwan / Japan)

A high standard book of Sociology

The epitome of the current situation of the world is full of fascinating mystery and beauty

There is no lack of care and respect for people while observing the world calmly

49. Dancer in the dark (2000)

The most expensive film in Nordic film history

A simple and great musical that collides with reality

A hymn about persistent faith

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001) (Japan)

The heroic epic of self salvation

A masterpiece of re examining human vitality

Exploring the power and reason of the world to live in the confrontation between man and nature

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