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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Recommend some classic movies

Recommend some classic movies

I prefer suspense, funny is also good, and the best is a foreign language (practice listening, ha ha)

The following are some of my good-looking classic suspense reasoning movies~

In addition, I see the film feelings for reference.

Hope you like it ~!

12 monkeys -------- brother has no time to play with virus

Hitchcock's suspense stories: suspense can't be without this ~ ~ ~ master

Orphan -------- don't be infatuated with elder sister, elder sister makes you vomit blood

Electric saw series - this can only be said to be classic ~ ~ bloody~~

L.A. secret: This is a classic. I didn't know it until the last minute

Seven sins: This is known to all people on earth~

Terror Cruise: endless cycle

Perfect escape -------- people can't be judged by their appearance, and the sea can't be measured

Here comes the wolf. Everyone is a wolf

Misty: will people replay the whole life at the moment of death?

Mysterious Village: a paradise in everyone's heart

Time and space clues: watching this type of movie always makes my mind in a mess

Fatal magic -------- comparing people, killing people

Mathematics is a very important subject

Suspect X's dedication --- I was worried about the last crying scene... T-T

Master key -- don't trust brother and sister

Death road -------- life in the world, don't do too much regret

--------------------CMY do not copy----------------------------------

Fatal ID -------- brother will disguise

The ultimate interview: a classic with low cost

Silence: don't open your mouth when you see my sister.

Fog -------- God did not give up human beings, it is human beings who gave up themselves

Dark invasion --- nothing or at home on the end of the world, there are too many unknowns in this cave

Ambush on all sides is another way to guess who is the murderer. It is obvious that a person will never be the murderer

Very suspect brother is a legend

Do not copy

Wind -------- although I rarely see domestic, but this one is very good, so it proves that we don't need special effects!!

Eden Lake -------- what kind of parents have what kind of children, but I thought the heroine could escape

Memory fragments -------- it's classic, needless to say. Crazy version of my amnesia boyfriend...

Butterfly Effect: I've seen several endings, classic

I wonder if the soul has gone to another world after death

Secret Window: Johnny Depp is so handsome. I killed you. I don't know

21g -------- I'm impressed by the acting skills of the female leader

Ace to ace: great movie, absolute ace to ace!

The doctor is too smart, smart and unlucky~

Hot blooded detective who thought those old women would be so strong? But I like English humor very much

The sixth sense: of course, most people have seen it. At the last moment, it overthrows all the previous ones

Uninvited -------- determined not to spoiler, only stressed that there is no ghost inside.

Dark countryside --- an endless cycle.

Shudder space: a very compact movie

Fun Games --- let you know the most helpless feeling

Shame: a masterpiece of John Malkovich, ditto

Legal invasion

Room 1408: I love this movie~~~~

-Creepy --- the last wonderful

Some things you think are true, they are true

Case 39 is also very scary. I like the way watts laughs....

--------------------CMY do not copy-----------------------------------

Psychological Games --- when is it true? When is the game? In the end, his brother is really dead, that's perfect

Thirteen horror Games --- should belong to this series

I'm nervous, the rhythm is compact, and the plot is not terrible.

The end of the game

In the cloud: George Clooney's new film has many classic lines

Match man --- one of Nicholas Cage's Classics, non violence

Big escape -------- this is too many people know, but I also want to say it again

Secret service crazy flower --- a film about female secret service. I like it very much. The plot is very compact. I highly recommend it.

Flash has produced many sequels, and the atmosphere of the film is better.

The invasion of darkness is an absolute masterpiece~~~

Oxford killer -- not a spoiler, you can see

The memory of playing with life -------- ha ha ~ did you play me or did I play you? Or did you play yourself

Interactive homicide --- the result is "Heaven can live up to the painstaking efforts to arrange people"

Confinement Island: a 2010 new film by handsome Leonardo, with an open ending~~~~~

Hallucination of death

It's a small cost horror film for Christmas. The atmosphere rendering is very successful, and the ending is a great reversal. It's highly recommended!

The mystery of Sao Paulo hospital --- old film, old film ~ I remember watching it in primary school. I was scared to death at that time, and the ending was "Oh, so it is!" Of

By the way, I recommend several TV dramas:

Bloodthirsty forensic doctor my favorite

Lost -------- super long. The ending is a little disappointed. But the process is perfect

Criminal psychology -------- countless serial homicides, the United States good terror, fear

There are many more~

LZ if you need anything else, you can help me

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