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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Top ten classic movies in the world

Top ten classic movies in the world

Top 10 best movies in the world

Half of them are classic science fiction films

Top 10 best movies in the world

It seems that the best technology films are invincible. Half of the world's top ten best movies are classic science fiction, according to a new survey of fans.

The BBC survey found that star wars, directed by George Lucas, topped the list, while the other two films, phantom crisis and Empire Strikes Back, ranked fifth and seventh respectively. Another Star Wars series, "samurai revenge," ranked 28th out of 100 best films.

Lenny Seger's "2020" ranked second, while the big director's other masterpiece "alien" ranked fourth. No. 3 is science fiction, but the classic film espionage in North Africa, starring canfuli Boga and Ingrid Bergman. Another director with more than one film was Steven Pittsburgh, whose schutler's list ranked eighth and save the thunder ranked ninth. The UK's best box office film, starring Julia Roberts and George Glenn, has lost 100 places.

Among the 100 best films, the latest one is "death works", ranking 66; The oldest film is gone with the wind in 1939, ranking 12. Of the 100 best movies, six are starring Robert dinilu, five are starring Charlemagne and five are starring alejanis.

The most selected actresses in the films are Xue gouni, Wei Hua and Jia lifeisha, both of which have won three. But Carrie seems to be thanks to her Star Wars films

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