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Friday, July 9, 2021

What are the 50 classic movies in the world (the first one)

What are the 50 classic movies in the world (the first one)

All quiet on the Western Front (1930)

The first work with strong ideology since Oscar Award

One of the "greatest anti war films" in the history of film

It revealed the tragic reality of the war and defeated the so-called "patriotic" dream

2. Street angel (1937) (China)

The synthesizer of early Chinese social problem films

A classic portrayal of Shanghai style urban life

The final work of Chinese film in 1930s

Gone with the wind (1939) (USA)

Hollywood's biggest movie

A masterpiece of love

An insurmountable "highest point" in the history of Oscar

4. Waterloo Bridge (1940) (USA)

The moon in the mirror, the tears in the fool, the sorrow in the blue bridge

A tearful love song during the war

One of the three tragic and immortal love tragedies in film history

5. Citizen Kane (1941) (USA)

An important experiment in the world film history

It reflects the living state of a Faustian character in the material world

A pure film poem

6. Casablanca (1942) (USA)

Classic works in the world cinema

A thriller with love stories

It contains the theme of patriotism and anti fascist passion

7. Spring in a small town (1948) (China)

A typical psychological Lyric film

Rare art treasures in the world film history

It is the first poetic film in the history of Chinese film

8. Rash? Mon (1950) (Japan)

The peak of human ugliness

The first Japanese film to have a significant impact on the international film world

It marks a new era of Japanese film art

9. Roman holiday (1953) (USA)

Romantic Classics

The model of love film in film history

Warm romance is full of artistic beauty

10. Rear window (1954) (USA)

The masterpiece of "the master of perpetual horror"

A fable of "going to the cinema"

A poem directed at the dark heart

Ben Hur (1959) (USA)

A famous epic film in film history

A breakthrough record in the history of Oscar

Full of humility and awe for God

12. West Side Story (1961) (USA)

The integration of the theme of Centennial classics and modern art

The classic of American "Street Song and dance"

A modern urban love tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

13. The sound of music (1965) (USA)

One of the most valuable works of art in human memory

Classics in Hollywood music and dance films

A wonderful stroke in the history of film

14. The Godfather (1972) (USA)

It's a great success

One of the most epic films to expose the inside story of the underworld's infighting

A magnificent "social picture"

15. Star Wars (1977) (USA)

One of the most important cultural events in the 20th century

The most classic works in the history of science fiction film

It affects a whole generation

16. Witness Ningen no sh? Mei (1977) (Japan)

A masterpiece on human nature, human relations and human relations

Top quality detective movies in the world

It opens up the social depth of suspense films

17. My memories of old Beijing (1983) (China)

Full of the smell of human fireworks, but not half of the heart of fame and wealth

Almost a quiet, indifferent, simple Chinese ink painting

It's like an elegant and implicit poem

18. Amadeus Mozart (1984) (USA)

Show the rough life of a "not perfect music saint"

Reflecting the conflict between good and evil on the road of life

A classic with deep insight into human nature

19. Hibiscus Town, Furong Town (1984) (China)

Xie Jin's masterpiece

It shows the true features of all kinds of characters in the face of history

Call for human nature and eulogize beautiful feelings

20. Red Sorghum (1987) (China)

A new chapter of Chinese film creation in the new era

The new beginning of Chinese film going to the world

Like a thunderbolt, it awakens the westerners' contempt and illusion for Chinese films

21. Ten commandments Dekalog (1989) (Poland)

Representative works of European "moral anxiety films"

A great book with the theme of discussing the moral perplexity of contemporary people

Through the greatest life contract in the world, it leads to the spiritual proposition full of compassion and doubt

22. Beiqing Chengshi (1989) (Taiwan, China)

The gray fable of Contemporary Taiwan Society

The silent Requiem in the floating world

A Taiwan epic closely related to the change of times and personal destiny

Ghost (1990) (USA)

The representative works of Hollywood moral revival movement

An outstanding love tragedy

It embodies the romantic tenderness beyond life and death

24. Dances with wolves (1990) (USA)

The successful reflection of pluralistic culture in film history

A deep reflection on the westward movement of the United States

An immortal Western legend in Hollywood history

25. Amant, l '(1992) (France / UK / Vietnam)

A painful foreign love

A bold, passionate, depressed and helpless rebellious love

An insurmountable wall of classic sighs

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