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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

How are stereoscopic films(MOVIES) made?

 How are stereoscopic films(MOVIES) made?

Specific production methods, such as how to collect images, how to synthesize them, and how to put them out? Thank you!!

The principle of stereoscopic film takes the right and left eye shadows separately, and puts them on the screen respectively. When shooting, it is also shot on two films. During projection, the images on these two films are placed on the screen at the same time. This ensures that the images projected on the screen are left and right eyes, but you can't see clearly without glasses, so the key is on glasses. Put on the glasses and restore the two images to the normal left and right eyes. What you see through your brain is three-dimensional.

There are many kinds of three-dimensional films. There are complementary colors, which are formed by using the different colors accepted by the human eye for light. The other is the partial correction method. The principle of the polarized light method is to separate people's left and right eyes by using the transmission of light waves. One picture is the picture of the left eye and the other is the picture of the right eye. Put the images of the left and right eyes on the picture at the same time. When you put on the polarized light glasses, they will appear together. At this time, what you see is a three-dimensional thing. However, it is useless for people with one eye to watch three-dimensional movies because one eye cannot form a three-dimensional effect. Others have eye diseases and can not form a three-dimensional effect. When watching three-dimensional films, some people feel very good-looking and some people feel dizzy, which is related to the physiological conditions of each audience's eyes.

The invention relates to a method for making a digital ring screen three-dimensional film, which is based on a three-dimensional animation production system and establishes a three-dimensional animation system defined by M × For the cylindrical surface composed of N narrow strips, for each frame of the film to be made, the three-dimensional scene corresponding to each narrow strip is rendered through two camera models, and two narrow strip images are output; 2 of each frame × M narrow bar images are spliced into a sub screen image in sequence; Then deformation correction and seamless splicing are carried out to make an image file. Using the ring screen stereo parallax model and three-dimensional animation technology, the complete stereo image can be projected on the 180 ~ 360 degree cylindrical screen. The picture is continuous and realistic, the dynamic effect is magical and novel, and can produce great shock.

On the production of three-dimensional film

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