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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

How to make a movie board? Detailed process and material description

How to make a movie board? Detailed process and material description

Material, manufacturing process

Buy a piece of plexiglass (chemical name: polymethylmethacrylate), black or white, make drawings according to the layout (that is, directors and cameras), engrave a piece of self-adhesive with laser engraving (generally available in graphic stores), stick the engraved self-adhesive on plexiglass and tear off the part of the word, Then apply organic solvents such as acetone or chloroform (the solvent will corrode the surface not pasted with self-adhesive). After a while, wash it in clean water, dry it and apply paint of the opposite color. After solidification, tear off the self-adhesive, and the part of the words will be corroded. In this way, the words on it will be more beautiful and similar to industrial products. The key is to master the time of solvent corrosion.

Recording board (slate)

The upper edge of the small wooden board with chalk writing the number of scenes, mirror times, director, film title, film company and other information is also attached with a shooting plate, which is painted with black and white stripes. One end can be opened and closed, and a clear sound can be shot, so that the sound and painting can be carried out simultaneously during editing.

This rectangular striped board is called "scene recording board" and its English name is SLA te. It uses chalk to write information such as scene number, mirror number, director, film title and film company. There is a clapboard attached to the upper edge. One end can be opened and closed to make a crisp sound. The main function of the recording board is as a mark for shooting each section of film, which is convenient for identification during later editing.

As we know, the film is composed of many shots. Each film generally has hundreds or even thousands of shots. The scene and content in the film are very complex. When filming, it is impossible to shoot according to the sequence of the plot, but according to the scene. For example, shoot the location play first, and then the play in the studio, or the play in summer, and then the play in winter. Even if it is the same play in winter, some plots take place in the front of the story, and some plots take place in the back. In order to ensure the quality, some shots have to be taken several times. I worked hard for several months and brought back a lot of film. How can I put it together into a complete film? If there is no obvious mark on the film, it will bring great trouble to the later editing work.

Filmmakers have found a good way in long-term practice. They use a small board with black-and-white stripes. The board briefly says the relevant contents of the film to be shot below. Before shooting each shot, take this "board" as the mark of the shot. This step is called "clapping" or "clapping" in the jargon of the film industry. In this way, there is a scene board lens at the beginning of each film. During post production, as soon as the staff see this mark, they will know which film, scene and lens this film is, which is easy to identify. In addition, clothing, makeup, props and other staff can also use this to avoid the defects in the details of the shots taken at different times, so as to avoid making mistakes.

Since the function of the field note board is to make marks, why knock it "pa"? This is because movies have not only images, but also sound. If the characters in a film have different voices and mouth shapes when talking, they will feel very uncomfortable when watching the film. When making a film, the recording board is lifted and the wooden strip on the recording board is "snapped" together to make a clear sound. The photographer will shoot the knocking sound and the recording lens at the same time. This sound will become the synchronization mark of later recording, which can enable the editors to determine the accurate audio-visual positioning.

Because of the close relationship between the recording board and the film work, it has been regarded as the symbol and symbol of the film industry for a long time. The Chinese film museum built to commemorate the centenary of Chinese film is like a huge recording board. In 1996, France issued a commemorative stamp for the 50th anniversary of Cannes International Film Festival (with the attached picture), on which there is this scene board.

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