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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Pre production of film production

Pre production of film production

In the pre production (also known as "pre production"), the film must be designed and planned, and a production company and production office must be established. The whole production plan should be visualized by illustrators and creative artists and made into a mirror splitting table. The production budget will also be estimated in advance to control the cost of shooting the film.

The producer will employ the following work teams for pre production:

Director - mainly responsible for the performance part of the film and managing the creative part of the film.

Assistant director (AD) - manages the shooting schedule and is responsible for other logistics coordination of film shooting.

Casting director - responsible for finding actors suitable for the script. An actor's audition is usually required. The main roles must be carefully selected, usually according to the popularity and popularity of the actors.

Venue management location manager - you must find and manage the location of the film. Most films are shot in a controlled environment, such as the sound stage of the studio; Occasionally there is a part that must be shot outdoors, it must be on location.

Production Manager - manage production budget and production plan. He / she must also report the status of film shooting to the administrative or financial department of the studio on behalf of the production office.

Director of photography (DOP) / cinematographer - responsible for the photography part of the film. He / she must work with the director, sound Director (DOA) and assistant director (AD).

Art Director - responsible for managing the art department, setting up shooting scenes, fashion design, and providing makeup and hairstyle services.

Production designer - establish the visual appearance, overall atmosphere and feeling of shooting scene, clothing, makeup and hairstyle. Work with the art director to make these things.

Storyboard artist - responsible for drawing pictures to assist the director and production design director to communicate their ideas with the production team.

Director of audio (DOA) / sound Director (SD) - responsible for the sound part of the whole movie. He / she must work with the director, DOP and AD.

Sound Designer - new sound effects for creating movies.

Composer - create new music.

Choreographer - creates and choreographs dances and movements, usually used in musicals. Some movies also have "fight choreographer".

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