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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Production methods of digital films(MOVIES)

Production methods of digital films(MOVIES)

It has three production methods: first, computer generation; Second, shoot with high-definition digital camera; Third, after shooting with a film camera, it is digitized into the computer hard disk.

From the effects of these three shooting methods, because the resolution and color reduction of the film are far from what digital films can catch up with (before 2009). This is related to different imaging principles. Silver halide film is based on natural photosensitive imaging, and its particle fineness is much greater than the manually designed photoelectric pixels of CCD. With the continuous improvement of computer technology, the resolution technical index of high-definition digital camera will gradually approach or even reach the level of film camera, but in terms of color reduction, High definition digital cameras still cannot reach film cameras.

Therefore, for a long time in the future, the best cinema level digital film production method is still film shooting in the early stage. After film development and printing, it is transformed into digital signal for post editing and processing, and then transformed into digital video technology projection. Since the image quality of the material shooting in the early stage has been determined, the later stage is converted to digital projection. The color and details of silver halide are accurately positioned by digital technology. Its projection effect is far better than that of film projector, avoiding the shortcomings of film flicker, blur and so on.

The "digital version" of cinema blockbusters is the successful practice of the above technology.

In addition, according to the research results of Alai digital technology research laboratory, a traditional famous film camera brand in Germany, in 2009, when they infinitely expand the CCD pixels of the digital camera (8K), the sharpness of the image reaches amazing fineness under the most sophisticated conditions in the laboratory, and even human pores and fluff can be seen clearly, but, In terms of color restoration and saturation, there is still a big gap between digital camera and film camera, and digital technology can hardly achieve the sensitivity of film to color. Because the color of digital technology depends on the color types of artificial simulation. For example, if the color at a certain point in the subject is not available in the CCD coupling circuit, the CCD can only find the closest one to replace it. Once this situation increases, the degree of color restoration will be greatly reduced.

In addition, digital cameras are still weak in light tolerance. Under the same conditions, the film camera only needs to turn on one light or even no light, but the digital camera needs two or more lights to make up for the sensitivity problem of CCD. In terms of contrast, the detail reduction of digital technology is greatly reduced. When the bright and dark parts of the subject are relatively strong, There will be serious problems in the capture and "tolerance" of details by digital technology. That is, when we watch digitally shot films, we will find that when the picture light and dark pair is strong, the details of the dark part of digital technology films will be few, or even black, but film films can show very subtle details and color contrast.

The person in charge of the laboratory finally concluded: "under the current conditions, from the perspective of film art, there is still no sufficient reason for digital technology to completely replace film technology. We can't see the decisive advantage of digital technology."

Therefore, from the perspective of technology, the prospect of digital technology is closer to television art than film. Today, 30 years after digital technology came out, the mainstream of film shooting in the world is still film camera, which can probably explain the problem. The biggest advantage of digital technology lies in the cost and the preservation effect of the master tape. Under the same conditions, the preservation of works by Celluloid film can only be within 50 years or even 30 years. Because silver halide has a certain volatility, in terms of time, the digital technology of hard disk is almost lossless.

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