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Monday, August 23, 2021

Who can introduce the film(MOVIES) making process to me!!!

 Who can introduce the film(MOVIES) making process to me!!!

Pre production - including script, role assignment, budget and other preparatory works - film or video production, audio recording and post production - sorting out audio-visual media resources (i.e. "materials"); Create visual effects, subtitles and graphics, edit works and distribute them

Film is super daily, pursuing the "spectacle" of audio-visual, the "complexity" of narrative and the "strangeness" of limited aesthetic experience.

From the early shooting stage, film and television production requires a lot of preparatory work and the support of plans, scenes, funds and equipment. It is very important to choose a script in the preliminary production. Choosing a good script is often half the success, which is sometimes related to a director's olfactory sensitivity. Select a good script, and then deeply process it to make it more suitable for moving to the screen and express it by means of film. Secondly, it is also very important to choose good actors, Firstly, the temperament of the actor should be close to the role to be played. Secondly, the actor's own understanding and grasp of the script and role. An excellent actor lies in his ability to vividly interpret the most ordinary and insignificant role. In terms of budget, the main consideration is the cost of scene selection and the remuneration of actors. For example, there is a trend in the so-called blockbusters in recent years, that is, large production and large cost. In addition to the pre production costs of scenes and actors, we should also consider the cost of post editing. For example, the post production editing of hero is not in China, Of course, this requires large investment. The budget must be formulated according to its own financial resources.

The shooting techniques of film and television adopt "push, pull, shake, move, pitch, tilt, follow and chase", which can almost be used mutually. The shooting of film film uses a camera, which is more complex and requires a lot of seats. More mobile lenses are used, and the film is shown by a projector. Moreover, synchronous live broadcasting cannot be realized, and the shooting of electronic images uses cameras and linear scanning. The electronic image is decomposed into minimum pixels, and the light spot signal is picked up by electron beam and sent to the transmitting end through a single channel. The light and color signals captured by the camera can be directly transmitted to the broadcasting system of the TV station, that is, the live broadcast can be realized. It can also be recorded on tape through video recorder for post editing and creation.

In terms of production principle, film and television is a process of reproducing reality, shooting pictures through machines, and then restoring pictures through machines and equipment, so that we can see live pictures from them. The principle and process of action decomposition, recording and playback are the common basis of film and television dynamic reproduction.

In terms of post production editing, it is necessary to develop negatives, print samples, edit samples, set the bottom of the picture, print correction copies, print standard copies and other production processes. Film copies are the final products of film art and the media for film creators to convey information to the audience. The film processing and printing process are also the basic processes in the printing process. Post production mainly refers to the editing of samples, sound painting synthesis and other processes. Film and television is an art that needs to save essence and coarse. Unnecessary things that affect the content are edited. In addition, in order to better cooperate with the picture, mixing and dubbing are carried out. Special effects processing and so on, these are the homework that film and television must do.

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