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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

American Hollywood film production system

American Hollywood film production system

The nature of the film determines the size and type of work team required during production. Many Hollywood adventure films require computer-generated images (CGI), which must be produced by a large number of 3D model designers, animators, dynamic painters and others. However, an independent film with a lower budget may only be produced by a small team and usually has a lower salary. There are different technologies, performances and genres of different kinds of films in the world, and there are also different budget ranges, from the documentary sponsored by the Chinese mainland municipal government to the film production in the American studio system, which is entirely guided by commercial profits.

And turn it into a blueprint for shooting.

Pre production: to prepare for the actual shooting, actors and teams will be hired, shooting locations will be selected, and scenes will be built.

Intermediate production: shoot and record the original clips of movie content

Post production: editing the film and editing the dialogue at the same time (but separately from the film); Create, play and record background music (and songs), design and record sound effects; Make and add computer "vision" digital features. All audio elements are mixed into a main track called "stem", and then the main track and the film are combined. At this time, the film is officially completed (Hollywood calls it "locked").

Sales and distribution: hold a trial film for potential buyers (distributors), and the distributors will send the film to the cinema and / or distribute it into home digital media such as DVD.

Hollywood style production processes usually take three years. The first year is the development stage. In the second year, pre production and formal shooting are started, and in the third year, post production and distribution are carried out.

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