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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Examination contents of film and television photography and manufacturing (film production) of Zhejiang Institute of media

Examination contents of film and television photography and manufacturing (film production) of Zhejiang Institute of media

What content should the self introduction cover during the interview? What scope are the questions asked by the examiner? Give some examples, the real questions and answers of film and television work analysis, as well as the real questions and answers of comprehensive quality test open

I was a student of the school of media and Television Arts (renamed the school of film and television arts the year before last). I took the examination of literary and artistic director, television director and television production that year.

When I was taking the exam, I went in a group of five in the interview (it's still the case now). First, I introduced myself. On the way of introduction, the teacher asked some questions of interest, and then you answered. The teacher may ask questions or set questions at random. Answer quickly and don't stop. I personally don't recommend systematic counseling, Because the answer is rigid, the teacher will be very disgusted. He thinks that the students are very dull and only know how to read. Some people don't even know how they were eliminated. In the textbook written by Shao Changbo, our director teacher, it is also said that the students of Zhejiang Institute of media ask questions during the interview to see whether the students have spirituality. After introducing myself, there are some questions to answer. The question I asked the interviewer at that time was to describe a picture. There should be no candidates, invigilators and test papers, but we should feel the tense atmosphere in the examination room. I think the key is still fast. For example, I thought of it through my parents. Later, one of the other four present said that she thought of the same thing as me, but I said it first. In fact, the teacher likes to be open and dare to rush to answer. In a timid whisper, the teacher's direct words are very ugly.

And when we say, the teacher will set a trap! The picture I described at that time was: "a parent looked up at a building..." and then described various details of the picture, such as how the parents put their hands and feet, reflecting an anxious mood. As a result, the teacher asked me, "where are you going to take the picture? Full body or half body?" I said, "the vision, the building also needs to." the teacher said, "there is no facial expression, how can you express the character's emotion? Don't you contradict yourself!" Later, our teacher said that he set a trap for me and guided me to say contradictory words. My later remedy was to say: No facial expression can also express the mood of the characters. It is possible to use body language. There is a painter Feng Zikai in Jiaxing. The characters painted have almost no expression, and they are all drawn in one stroke, but the mood of the characters is still very obvious... "Later, I passed the written interview of this major, and now I study in this major...

Friendly tips also ~ 1. Don't draw heavy makeup. If you are a boy, please ignore it. If you are a girl, remember that the teacher hates big faces. 20 million don't slander, suppress or ridicule the same group of opponents and give the teacher an extremely bad image ~ 3 remember clearly what major you want to test. My examination room really stressed that you like broadcasting very much during the interview production. If you want to test the broadcasting major, the invigilator is very fond of the teacher Why

I hope my experience is helpful to you. Hope to adopt it~

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