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Sunday, September 19, 2021

How are animated movies made?

How are animated movies made?

How are animated movies made?

I think with the development of multimedia film and television industry, more and more works make the audience enjoy unparalleled enjoyment. The audio-visual feast of one department not only makes the audience happy, but also drives the rapid development of China's entire multimedia industry. 3D animation is one of them. In order to make people feel confused, or just start to contact each other to understand, and those who think they are really close to the 3D virtual world, let me briefly introduce the basic process of 3D animation.

Why is this a short introduction? Look at the number of words below, right? First of all, take the current online blockbusters as an example. Each work listed below is easy to be used by hundreds of people, which is much more detailed than I said.

Recently, he talked to a friend of mine. He complained to me that a person's eyebrows in a project had not been done for two months. Therefore, if you want to study every work deeply, it is a broad world. Second, because the so-called process is closely related to capital cost, company size, number of participants, director habits, project content and time cost, the process under different conditions is slightly different, and it is correct to implement the process according to your own situation.

Therefore, if we can thoroughly understand and integrate ourselves or the company's own situation, this is just a brief introduction. Then my introduction is very valuable.

Well, let's get back to business. Before formally introducing this process, let's introduce some basic knowledge to help you understand it later. In other words, our physiological response - the principle of visual retention: when an object is imaged on the human retina, the moment the object disappears, the image will stay on the retina 0. 1 or 0. Four seconds before disappearing.

This phenomenon is called visual temporary retention. Based on this principle, there are film, film and television, paper cutting, ink, grid by grid and two-dimensional animation. Although the three-dimensional animation is based on software and various new technologies, it is finally output to at least 24 pictures to form a complete picture in one second.

Based on this principle, we can understand that everything we see in playback is not real, but in the form of continuous playing pictures in front of you. Because the human eye has the characteristics of visual retention, the impression of an image does not disappear. A slightly different next screen appears on the screen, and the continuous impressions are connected to form an active film.

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