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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How to make Movie Dubbing (I): subtracting Movie Soundtrack

How to make Movie Dubbing (I): subtracting Movie Soundtrack

I knew nothing about this before, so I had to study it temporarily. Fortunately, after several nights of research, the first work came out. Ha ha, the effect is good, because other groups have not processed it, which makes my work look very brilliant. Now I introduce the production process to you, hoping to give you some guidance. To simply eliminate the original sound in the movie, you need four steps: the first step is to splice the clips. The simplest tool required in this step is real media editor 11. This software is easier to use. Directly import the movie, select the starting time point, and then select Save to splice the required clips. However, it should be noted that this splicing is based on the source file, So if you need to use the source file, you'd better copy it first. The second step is to complete the separation of video and audio files, mainly for the preparation of eliminating the original sound. At present, many silencing software on the Internet are aimed at audio files, so we have to separate files. It sounds that the separation of files is very deep, but it is actually very simple. The software used is a "lattice factory". The specific operation is to import the files and select the conversion format, Choose to convert the audio into MP3, and then convert it. The result is the audio file to be obtained; Then repeatedly convert the video file into WAV format, but to modify one of the options, right-click the file after importing the file, click: output settings - turn off sound effects - select "yes" (default) and click start conversion. The third step is to go to the original sound. In this step, you need to use the gold wave audio editing software. After importing the file into the software, click: effect - stereo - reduce voice, and then save the file to complete the reduction of voice. The fourth step is synthesis. The audio files with reduced voice and silent video are synthesized through window movie maker. Generally, computers are pre installed. If not, just download and install them. Import the audio and video files respectively, align the timeline in the editing area, and click save. Ha ha, The advantage of this software is that the size of wav is generally no more than 50m, which is very small and easy to transfer. It can also add titles and endings. After the above four steps, even if the voice reduction of the film is completed, ha ha, it's a little troublesome. The advantage is that each film is very simple and almost fool operation. This is my first experience of electric shock. If you want to be more perfect, you need more professional "audio and video", and you need to add subtitles, The next issue is about haha....

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