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Thursday, September 2, 2021

I'm Sam's filmmaker

I'm Sam's filmmaker

During the writing of the script, director Jesse Nelson and screenwriter Christine Johnson frequently visited L. A. goal (a non-profit organization specialized in providing services for the disabled), which was established in 1969. The agency has made a great contribution to the film production. Starring Sean pan spent a lot of time at the agency to deeply portray the characters in the film.

The film was funded by Bedford Falls film company, which has produced Oscar classic films "hot years", "Shakespeare's love history" and "drug network". Director Nelson identified and finally selected Sean pan as one of the stars of the film.

When writing the script, director Nelson thought that Michelle Pfeiffer should play lawyer Rita, because before that, Nelson had cooperated with Pfeiffer in our story as a screenwriter. She believed that Michelle could not only perform profound feature films, but also seize the comedy opportunity.

After determining the two leading roles, the creators began to look for candidates to play Sam's daughter Lucy. Because of the unique background of the role, the actors should not only reflect the characteristics of precocious mind, but also have the innocence and vulnerability of children. Dakota Fanning, who was not famous at that time, immediately entered the attention of the creators. Nelson said: "Dakota has a strength and wisdom beyond her age. For a 7-year-old actor, this talent is rare. We are both surprised and lucky." Good theme selection

This is a film aimed at Oscar and released in advance, a collection of moving stories and super acting team. The story of the film is not novel. A similar theme appeared in the film Rain Man: the mentally retarded taught the so-called smart people a lesson to let them understand what is the most important thing in life.

Jesse Nelson said it was first a film about family. "I think all parents must be confused and depressed. All parents on this planet, whether disabled or not, have to face this problem. The story of disabled parents can show how people deal with these challenges from a unique perspective. "

The leading actor performed well

Jesse Nelson said: Sean pan can go deep into the character's heart and express it very delicately. Michelle Pfeiffer played a role completely different from the image in the eyes of the audience and achieved her own breakthrough. In fact, Sean Penn's outstanding performance in the film has won the praise of film critics, who think he may be shortlisted for the Oscar again. In addition to the two stars, other actors also performed well, especially the performance of little actor Dakota Fanning, who played Lucy, surprised Jesse Nelson. "Dakota has strength and wisdom beyond her age. The talent of this 7-year-old girl is shocking."

Soundtrack insert harmony

The soundtrack of the film is worth mentioning, because Sam is a Beatles fan. The film adds many Beatles songs covered by contemporary red song stars. The sound and picture cooperation is very harmonious and the effect is excellent. Due to the sudden death of George Harrison not long ago, this soundtrack suddenly has a special significance. Fans who like the Beatles can relive many classics of this great band《 San Francisco Chronicle commented on the film: Sean Pan's performance makes the film an artistic masterpiece.

Efilmcritical commented on the film: the script is ordinary and stupid, and the plot is lengthy.

USA Today commented on the film: it beat forget who I am and became the least noteworthy film in 2001.

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