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Saturday, September 4, 2021

What software is used in computer movie production?

What software is used in computer movie production?

What software is used in computer movie production? How to add subtitles?

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2017-12-03 · hard answer, no hard life


The simplest is the windows movie maker that comes with the system

Windows Movie Maker Makes making home movies fun. With movie maker, you can create, edit and share your own home movies on your PC. Through simple drag and drop operations, carefully screening the screen, and then adding some effects, music and narration, the family film is beginning to take shape. Then you can share your achievements with family and friends through the web, e-mail, personal computer, CD, or even DVD. You can also save the movie to a video tape and play it on your TV or camera.

More professional is meeting sound and shadow

Huisheng Huiying is a set of film editing software specially designed for individuals and families. The first dual-mode operation interface, novice or advanced users can easily experience the fun of fast operation, professional editing and perfect output!

The innovative film production guide mode can quickly make DV films in only three steps, and even novices can experience the fun of film editing in a short time; At the same time, the audio and video editing mode with simple operation and powerful functions allows you to edit Hollywood class family movies in an all-round way from capture, splicing, transition, special effects, overlap, subtitles, soundtrack to recording.

Its batch conversion function and complete capture format support make editing movies faster and more efficient; The close-up lens of the picture overlaps with the creativity of the object, which can make novel and changeable creative effects at will; The soundtrack master and Dolby AC3 support make the film soundtrack more accurate and three-dimensional; At the same time, the cool 128 groups of film transitions, 37 groups of video filters, 76 kinds of title animation and other rich effects make the film wonderful and interesting.

Whether it's wedding memories, baby growth, travel records, personal diaries, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, etc., you can easily edit wonderful and creative family films through audio and video 9, and share them with your relatives and friends!

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