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Thursday, July 8, 2021

2008 films to look forward to:

2008 films to look forward to:

Batman: Dark Knight, Superman, James Bond: comfort quantum, Jurassic Park 4, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, blind flu, Hellboy 2, Mummy 3: The Curse of the dragon, day of the earth's pause, journey through the center of the Earth 3D, assassinate Hitler, red cliff, Wall-E, tropical thunder, Assassin's League, post war Brothers and sisters, south of the border, Mamma Mia, X-Files 2, Babylonian era, spaceship Dave, Duchess, the wonder of Benjamin Button, eagle's eye, painted skin, Star Trek 11, silent hill 2, Madagascar 2: escape to Africa, passenger films to be released after: Shinjuku Incident, prequel of the Lord of the rings: the hobbit 》Iron Man II, tetero, escape League, dragon ball, Shrek 4, challenge, Spider Man 4, angels and demons, island, mermaid Empire, Thor, Captain America, avenger, transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen, X-Men Prequel: Wolverine, Terminator 4: the future begins, blade of the enchantress, toys Story 3, scream 5, earth, arhat 14, ghost cry, ghost warrior, fortress beyond time and space, iron fist, Chinese version of Hanjiang monster, ghost, magic four Heroes 3, deterioration of biochemical crisis, prequel to Da Vinci Code

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