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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Classic movies

Classic movies

The godfather series is a classic movie that needs no further discussion. As a girl, I love watching it.

The matrix series doesn't need to understand any bullet time or philosophy. Just look good. This is a movie that you will find extremely cool at any time, even today ten years later.

The anarchism, violence and blood in the fight club, and the shooting techniques of the director all intoxicated me. Forget to say, and Pete Norton, big love.

Mohran's dream and reality is always a favorite topic for directors to discuss. I don't know how to say it. My words can't express my love for this film. If I had to choose only one favorite film, I think I would choose this one. No one can understand this film over and over again, so we can challenge it.

The 2001 Space Odyssey is a great film because it was written by Stanley Kubrick. Great movie!

Guess the train, I don't have the courage to give up everything like the protagonists in the film, I can only yearn for infinite, and watch their licentious youth over and over again.

Butterfly Effect 1 I prefer the version edited by the director, because it is more decisive, more profound, and more in line with my ideas, so I can always find my own shadow in the film. In order not to let the loved one be hurt, I am willing to choose never to appear.

Quentin Tarantino is always one of my favorite directors. It's fun to watch his films, from top to bottom. Even the endless nagging is so lovely.

Clockwork orange is a great film because it is the work of Stanley Kubrick. Great movie!

The scene of taxi driver De Niro talking to himself in the mirror will never be forgotten. It's a good film of self redemption.

Natural killer this film let people have a strong desire for crime, the crime inside is infinitely beautified into a redemption. From top to bottom.

City of God, this is a Brazilian gangster movie. A city abandoned by God, a group of self exiled children grow up in a world of violence. Real let me feel terrible, see my heart.

Love at dawn / love at sunset, a Platonic love, plain as old wine, but fragrant. Out of the normal romantic mode. I like the hero, the melancholy young literary fan, but unexpectedly, he is an American.

It seems that everyone who likes movies will like this movie. Because this movie is for us who love movies.

This series will be out every year on Halloween, so far five, one worse than the other. But I think I'll watch it until it rots. I'm a big fan of it. You can't control your love for it. If you don't believe it, go to see the first one, and then follow me.

The eternal sunshine of the beautiful soul is still the theme of love, but it is deconstructed with different methods, leaving a deep impression on people. The writers are powerful, very powerful.

Mulan flower multi clue narrative story seems to be very popular now, but compared with the super storytelling ability of this film, such as Babel Tower, car crash and other films will appear childish. Besides, at the end of the film, there is a toad rain which is too cool to be talked about.

Duanbei mountain, a kind of Western same-sex love shot with Oriental introspection, with beautiful scenery, appears in a unique Western way, which can only be achieved by Ang Lee who crosses the gap between the East and the West. This is a movie worth remembering, of course, for heath ledger, but also for the Brokeback Mountain in our hearts.

The city of sin completely subverts any previous film, which belongs to the product of this new era. And it's so cool.

The best black humor I've seen so far is two big smokers. It turns out that black humor is the most interesting for Brits. Ning Hao's crazy stone imitates this film, but it is far from as powerful as this film.

Requiem of dreams is one of the top ten forbidden films in the world. Generally speaking, the top ten banned films are the top ten junk films, but you should exclude them. The parallel montage at the end of the film will leave unforgettable memories for anyone who has seen it.

Memory fragments...... The director of the film succeeded...... My memory of this movie is a fragment......

The most classic magic epic in the history of the Lord of the rings series. It is a model of the combination of Commerce and literature. It's almost perfect. Give it all the praise.

Wall. E this film represents my love for Pixar Animation. Thanks to Pixar's many classic works for us over the years, until the gorgeous birth of wall. E, animation production has risen to a new height. So I think DreamWorks should wash and sleep. It's too hard for Pixar to turn over.

The ending of this work is heavy but full of hope.

Lethal ID / Island fright / sixth sense / eight side ambush / seven crimes / master key / ordinary suspect / 1048 phantom murderer / extreme fear / fatal Magic / psychic orphanage / Mr. Brooks / psychological game / death illusion / dark invasion / fog / all are classic suspense movies. Never watch a spoiler before watching. I love suspense

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