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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Top 10 must see movies

Top 10 must see movies

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The top ten must see movies are as follows:

1. Shawshank Redemption

 detailed introduction: as one of the highest rated films on Douban, in addition to the profound content of the whole story, this film can also bring the audience the feelings of individual people. It is definitely a good work worth seeing again and again. It will let you redefine what is called hope and salvation.

2. The silent lamb

 detailed introduction: the film version of "the silent lamb" was adapted from the novel of the same name. The film was released at that time and caused a great sensation. It was also a success in the film industry and won five Oscars. Although it is a crime suspense film, but the film for psychological analysis is absolutely amazing, as well as a variety of lens processing and music collocation.

3. Truman's world

 detailed introduction: Truman's world satirizes morality and human nature in the way of black humor. It tells the story of an ordinary little man who accidentally finds himself the hero of a popular soap opera. Everything around him is fictional. In order to get rid of this kind of kindness, he escapes at all costs.

4. Forrest Gump

 detailed introduction: Forrest Gump is a very inspirational and positive energy film, which tells the story of how a boy with congenital IQ defects works miracles to achieve success.

5. Flying over the madhouse

 detailed introduction: "flying over the lunatic asylum" is also a very successful film, which won four awards in the 48th Academy Awards. The film tells the story of the man who pretends to be a fool in order to escape forced labor and enters the mental hospital, which has brought a huge impact on this dead place, breaking the original order and rules here

6. Beautiful heart

 detailed introduction: this film is adapted from the personal experience of mathematician John Nash. It tells the story of how his wife accompanied John when he was suffering from schizophrenia and helped him win the Nobel Prize in economics.

7. Million dollar baby

 detailed introduction: "million baby" is a relatively stable story, but there is no lack of strength in it. It tells the story of a well-known boxing coach who, because he was too involved in the boxing career, made himself into a self closed, until the appearance of apprentice Maggie changed all this.

8. Brave heart

 detailed introduction: "brave heart" takes the court politics of England in the 13th-14th century as the background, takes the war as the core, and tells the story of William Wallace, the leader of Scottish uprising, and the indomitable struggle between the rulers of England.

9. Dancers in the dark

 detailed introduction: Dancer in the dark is a very classic inspirational and moving film, which tells the tragic story of a single mother working in a factory in an American town in the 1960s.

10. Mind catcher

 detailed introduction: will originally had a strong talent in mathematics, but because of the rebellious problem, he became a cleaner at MIT. With the help of Professor Lambert, psychologist Thorne and his friend Chuck, will finally opened his heart, eliminated interpersonal barriers, and found himself and love

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