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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Top ten inspirational movies in life

Top ten inspirational movies in life

1. "Shawshank Redemption" is very fond of Andy's Mozart's "Figaro's wedding". The holy and high pitched soprano wears the cloud and breaks the silk. People who have been imprisoned for a long time are stunned. They may not know what kind of music it is, but everyone has the same feeling of beauty and desire for freedom. People look up at the boundless blue sky. Beautiful feelings float around with the beautiful rhyme. The camera slowly rises and shakes. All living beings look up in the square, so attentive and affectionate. There are no heinous criminals, no tyrannical prison guards. People return to equality and harmony, and people find the ultimate and origin of life. Although Hollywood, I like the exploration of human nature, the publicity of human nature. Andy is intoxicated. Andy forgets the danger of playing music in private. Happily, he closed his eyes in the warden's chair. Later, he was held in solitary confinement for two weeks. But this feeling remains in the hearts of prisoners and viewers forever. Jimrobins, a lovely image of big children. The modern version of the count of Monte Cristo once became my biggest spiritual pillar. The 1995 film is classic in all aspects, with compact plot, profound theme, cast and music. Therefore, it has won eight Oscar nominations and become an inspirational classic in the hearts of fans. When Andy crawled out of the prison sewer and drain pipe on a stormy night, took off his clothes and stretched out his arms to embrace the wind and rain of freedom, I believe the audience was a little excited.

2. Forrest Gump is the epitome of modern American history. Needless to say, the classic is also a strong opponent of shawshank redemption“ Life is like a box of chocolates.

3. "Brave heart" epic film, the theme is deep and dignified, but also light, grand scene, visual and musical effects first-class, beautiful and smooth. Although the final result is regrettable, its tragic degree can infect all the audience“ Freedom“ The cry before the execution of meljeep forest is still ringing in my ears.

4. "Beautiful heart" critics said that "the best picture of 2000 Oscar was given to" beautiful heart "instead of" Lord of the rings ", proving that Oscar has not fallen yet." People who have studied economics all know what is called "Nash equilibrium". The play is based on the true story of economist Nash, a man who won the Nobel Prize in economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A great scholar, a strong man in life, has been struggling with his serious fantasy all his life.

5. "Million dollar baby" for the whole film, as director Eastwood said, "this is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dream and love". After watching this film, I believe you will know that this year's big win at the Oscar ceremony is really deserved.

6. A good movie "mind catcher" can always move you inadvertently. In other words, a good movie needs to be appreciated and savored slowly. The scorching sun like me does not spend too much time on showing how talented will is. Instead, it mainly focuses on Professor Thorne and will from the initial hostility to the gradual understanding, Until helping him find his life goal. The film involves a wide range of topics, including love, friendship and so on. Just like a cup of rich black coffee, you can enjoy its strong fragrance only by tasting it carefully!

7. Dancer in the dark is a soul shaking film with a penetrating power like abyss, which is a rare classic in song and dance films. Reality and ideal, persistence and faith, the theme of profound suffocation. DANCERINTHEDARK! Beautiful and simple great hymn!

8. King of comedy is the favorite of all Stephen Chow's films. The bitter journey of little people is a true portrayal of Stephen Chow himself“ If people live without ideals, then what's the difference with salted fish“

9. Although some people say that the ending of "a close call" has finally fallen into the stereotype, it has not affected it to become an excellent mainstream inspirational film. This movie tells us that you may not know yourself, but you must believe him or her, because everything is possible.

10. "Leap to the top" and Stallone's movie seem strange. In fact, I have always been very partial to Stallone. I always feel that he is different from other Hollywood action stars. There are always some inspiring things in the movie, such as "the first drop of blood", "Rocky" and so on《 In this film, Stallone plays a long-distance truck driver who tries his best to regain his son and wins the championship by accident. I think this is the most successful film he has ever performed. It's not only an inspirational action film, but also a touching family movie, far beyond the scope of action movies. In particular, he has a tacit understanding with little actor Henry. The sincerity of his father and son's feelings has made countless fans shed tears. Left bank point of view: a friend of mine once told me that to read, we must read the most classic books. I want to see the classic blockbuster is the same, let these classic pictures flash in front of our eyes one by one, let those soul stirring words in our ears, then our life. Will be more rich, in such a fickle society, let the classic wash our sometimes a little tired heart. There must be a new feeling. Let the classic accompany you and me.

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