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Friday, July 9, 2021

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 1)

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 1)

I want ten of the most authoritative film critics

World classic films of the 20th century

1. The godfather, 1972 8.9

Coppola's classic godfather is one of paramount's most successful films, and it should be popular to be at the top of IMDB. Although the critics unanimously praise the second episode of the godfather series, most fans seem to have a special liking for the godfather, which may be related to Marlon Brando's charismatic performance. Even today, his hoarse voice and mysterious expression are still fascinating.

2. Shawshank Redemption 1994 8.9

This film, known as "exciting 1995", also has a good reputation among Chinese fans, which shows the magic of the film's transcending national boundaries.

3. Schindler's list, August 8, 1993

Spielberg finally won the golden statue with the help of Schindler and countless Jewish refugees after four missed Oscars in jaws, Raiders, aliens and purple.

4. Citizen Kane, August 8, 1941

Needless to say, as a milestone of the film, the prodigy Orson wells is one of the most amazing works.

5. Casablanca, August 7, 1942

North Africa spy forever, Ingrid Bergman forever.

6. The Godfather Part II, August 7, 1974

In Godfather sequel, the history of the rise of the Corleone family and Michael's bloody struggle form a perfect match. This parallel montage application is highly appreciated by the critics. The success of the film also consolidates the positions of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

7. Shichinin no samurai, July 7, 1954

This may not be the best work of master Akira Kurosawa, but it's really his best work. Its influence on world movies is no longer a simple Oriental martial arts story.

8. Star Wars, August 7, 1977

For every American born in the 1950s and 1970s, they almost all like to be called "Star Wars generation". The Star Wars series should have the largest number of fans. Do you remember the frenzy when Star Wars prequel was launched in 1999?

9. American beauty, August 6, 1999

It's a bit surprising that this film can be selected into the top 10, a middle-class film unique to the United States.

10. One fly over the cuckoo [] s nest, August 6, 1975

Milos Forman and Jack Nicholson share the same peak, a compulsory course of film and television performance.

11. Dr. Strangelove, August 6, 1964

Kubrick's satirical black humor classic of the cold war, the first film of "the Future Trilogy", may not get such a high score for a Chinese audience who does not have that historical experience.

12. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, August 6, 2000

Ang Lee really made a great movie.

13. Rear window

Hitchcock's classic, the combination of James Stewart and Grace Kelly is as eye-catching as Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are today.

14. Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981, 8.6

Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones is at the top of the 50 Greatest screen Heroes (top Group) in total film magazine, and Spielberg is more cost-effective.

15. The common suspects, August 5, 1995

It's always so charming that the audience suddenly realize in the end. What's more interesting is that it also hides two future Oscar winners, Kevin Spacey and benejo Titolo.

16. Psycho, August 5, 1960

The audience is still afraid of the murderer's knife, which may be Hitchcock's greatest charm.

17. The Empire Strikes Back, August 5, 1980

The second Bible by Star Wars fans.

18. Pull fiction, August 5, 1994

It's probably the movie I've watched the most times. I've watched it 12 times in two years. Quentin Tarantino's ghost talent is short but unforgettable.

19. Memento, August 5, 2000

This year's popular suspense movies are still on the charts.

20. North by Northwest

Another Hitchcock film, Gary Grant's being chased by a small plane and fleeing into the corn field, can be regarded as a classic in the history of the film. It has been reproduced in different films by Yugoslavia prodigal son kusturika and funny white headed Eun Russell Nelson.

21. The silence of the lambs, August 5, 1991

When "Buffalo Bill" comes from the darkness, do you hear the cry of the lamb or your own heartbeat?

22. It [] s a wonderful life, August 4, 1946

Directed by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart, he has won five nominations for best picture, best director and best actor in this year's Oscar, but he was defeated in another excellent film "golden age". Selected into the 100 best films of the century by the American Film Association.

Goodfellas, August 4, 1990

Martin Scorsese's Italian gangster documentary literature, the most eye-catching actor in the film is little Joe Percy, this film can definitely be compared with Coppola's "Godfather" series.

Saving Private Ryan, August 4, 1998

Spielberg spent a lot of money to shoot the World War II film, but lost in the Oscar competition to the unknown "Shakespeare urn love story".

25. Awareness of Arabia, August 4, 1962

It's an Arab story, it's an era of David Ryan

12 angry men, August 4, 1957

Starring Henry Fonda, it's a wonderful movie. The whole story takes place in a room, where 12 people with different personalities perform a struggle between wisdom, reason and prejudice. There are many wonderful lines and ingenious ideas.

27. Paths of glory, August 4, 1957

Kubrick's early classic, starring Kirk Douglas.

To kill a Mockingbird, August 3, 1962

In the classic film starring Gregory Peck, he plays a southern town lawyer who defends black criminals. His wonderful acting skills won him the Oscar title of the year.

29. The cursed man, m, August 3, 1931

The classic of German film master Fritz Langer in the 1930s, the first aesthetic reference of sound film, the reserved items of western film club, and the compulsory course of film history research.

Vertigo, August 3, 1958

If we lose Hitchcock, what will happen to the movie

Taxi driver, August 3, 1976

As one of the most important works of Scorsese, Travis, the driver portrayed by De Niro, has become a typical character in the film history, and the child star Judy foster has come to the fore in the film.

The third man, August 3, 1949

The famous British black films have a great influence on New Hollywood directors such as Scorsese.

L.A. confidential, August 3, 1997

Excellent Hollywood films and black style brought the audience to Los Angeles in the 1950s. An excellent male film star and a Golden Vase besinger.

34. La Vita è Bella, August 3, 1997

Italian Robert Benigni's famous grey comedy frustrated Tom Hanks' dream of winning three golden statues.

35. Sunset Blvd. August 3, 1950

Director Billy Wilder is the most important figure in Hollywood in the 1950s. His works have been shortlisted for best picture Oscar 20 times and won six awards. This Jew from Europe was the director of the film department of the US Army's psychological war. He always believed that film was entertainment and worked in film for ten years.

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