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Friday, July 9, 2021

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 2)

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 2)

I want ten of the most authoritative film critics

World classic films of the 20th century

36. Toy Story 2, August 3, 1999

The first cartoon in the list may be a preconceived reason, but I think Toy Story 1 is more wonderful.

37. The Maltese Falcon, August 3, 1941

The cornerstone of early black films.

38. The sixth sense, August 3, 1999

The film has changed the fate of at least three people: the first is the young Indian director Nate samaran, the second is the action star Bruce Willis, who is worried about the bad transformation, and the third is the popular child star Osmond.

39. Fight club, August 3, 1999

Integrating anarchism and violence into a suspense and well-organized melodrama, David finch once again proved himself to be one of the most outstanding Hollywood directors in the 1990s. Edward Norton's excellent performance absolutely overwhelmed the handsome Brad Pitt.

The matrix, August 3, 1999

The fantastic ideas of the wodrowski brothers and Yuan Heping's martial arts director gave the world's movie fans the strongest visual impact in 1999. The lens of Keanu Reeves dodging bullets has become a classic.

41. "Submarine storm" Das boot, 1981, 8.3

Wolfgang Peterson, the famous German war film director, was the same generation as the new German film, but he always focused on commercial films. Later, he went to Hollywood for development. His works include air force one, perfect storm and so on.

42. All about Eve, August 3, 1950

American stage drama style films are famous for their "tongued" dialogue, starring Betty Davis, a famous Hollywood actress. Mankiwitz's most famous work should be Cleopatra.

43. Ragging bull, 1980.8.3

The third Scorsese film, which ranks in the top 50 of the list, is enough to show how well the film sociologist applauds among the fans. Playing king ramota, De Niro is not only scarred to learn boxing, but also gains more than 50 pounds to get close to his image. His professionalism has become a model for many actors.

44. Good, evil and ugliness, IL Buono, IL BRUTTO, IL cativo, August 3, 1966

Sergio Lyonne, an Italian director with less than 10 works in his life, is the originator of Italian Westerns. He created a unique style of Italian Westerns based on Kurosawa Samurai films and American Westerns. This low-yield director has had a great influence on Italian films and American independent films. The American past, which Chinese fans are familiar with, is his final work.

45. Sing in the rain, August 3, 1952

It may be many fans' first impression of "song and dance film". The scene of Kim Kelly dancing in the rain will arouse many people's romantic memories, but this classic song and dance transplanted to Kubrick's "clockwork orange" has turned into horror and banter.

46. Chinatown, August 3, 1974

One of Polanski's most famous films, starring Jack Nicholson.

Wallace & Gromit the wrong trousers, 1993

The early work of the director of chicken run is also clay animation.

48. The wizard of Oz, August 2, 1939

It seems that I have only seen cartoons. This film was released on DVD last year, but I have no patience to watch such old Hollywood movies.

Apocalypse Now, August 2, 1979

Coppola won praise for this film and Palme d'Or, because of the bad box office, he was burdened with ten years of debt, in which Marlon Brando is still the focus of attention.

Some like it hot, August 2, 1959

Directed by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemont, the comedy has won the first place in the best comedy of the century by the American Film Association.

51. The bridge on the River Kwai, August 2, 1957

The background of David Ryan's prisoner of war movie is similar to oshimazhu's "Merry Christmas on the battlefield".

52. Drug network traffic, August 2, 2000

Steven Soderberg, who just won the best director Oscar for his 10th film, seems to have become the mainstream of Hollywood.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas( (TV Version) August 2, 1966

Cartoon, this is the original work of Kim Carey's new film "Grinch".

54. Rashomon, August 2, 1950

Looking back half a century ago, the tall "emperor Kurosawa" held up an Oscar for best foreign language film at the Los Angeles Music Center, it is quite possible that "Asian films stand up!" What does it mean. Unfortunately, Akira Kurosawa failed to witness the "zero breakthrough" of Asian films with his own eyes. At the Venice Film Festival of that year, he learned the news that "Rosen gate" won the Golden Lion Award from the newspaper, and the trophy was also sent to Japan from Italy.

Double insurance, August 2, 1944

Another Billy Wilder film, it seems that there are a large number of nostalgic audiences in the United States.

56. 2001 a space odyssey, August 2, 1968

Kubrick's second "Future Trilogy", a classic science fiction film, is still fascinating today.

57. Touch of evil, August 2, 1958

The works of Orson wells in his later years.

The general, August 2, 1927

It seems that I have only seen cartoons. This film was released on DVD last year, but I have no patience to watch such old Hollywood movies.

59. Fame in sight, August 2, 2000

The film adapted by director Cameron Crowe according to his own experience evokes people's memories of rock and roll and youth in the 1970s. Of course, it's also very interesting for China's huge mouthmakers to watch this film.

60. American history x, 8.2.1998

The biggest highlight of the film is, of course, Edward Norton. Those who intend to immigrate for life should look at the side of racial discrimination in the United States.

The Manchurian candidate, August 2, 1962

A well-known political thriller tells the story of the brainwashed American soldiers in the Korean War who are preparing to assassinate the important personnel at the command of the Soviet Union after they return home.

62. The treasure of the Sierra Madre, August 2, 1948

Director and screenwriter John Heston has produced many films of this type, but this film, which describes greed, fear and murder in Mexico, is undoubtedly the most successful. The superb performance of the hero, Humphrey Bogart, is also an important factor.

63. Random ran, 1985.8.1

Kurosawa's masterpiece in his later years is adapted from Shakespeare's King Lear. The film pursues grand scenes and exquisite pictures too much. In order to make it authentic, Kurosawa ordered to burn down three high-cost live castles.

64. Clockwork orange, August 1, 1971

The finale of Kubrick's "Future Trilogy" reveals the violent nature of human beings incisively and vividly. Due to excessive violence, pornographic scenes and similar cases, "clockwork orange" was banned shortly after its release. It was not until shortly after Kubrick's death that the film came to light again and met European audiences in the theater.

65. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, August 1, 1975

"12 monkeys" director Terry Gilliam's early comedy tells the story of King Arthur and his round table warriors in search of the Holy Grail.

Being John Malkovich, August 1, 1999

An interesting American film in recent years.

67. City light, August 1, 1931

One of Chaplin's masterpieces.

68. Lola Rennt, August 1, 1998

Red hair, screaming, running, maybe that's what we're talking about postmodernism.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington, August 1, 1939

Hollywood's early political films.

Alien, August 1, 1979

At the beginning of a nightmare, the director Ridley Scott became famous.

71. Reservoir dogs, August 1, 1992

Tarantino's first work, black, violent and bloody, is a fable of male relations and an outstanding independent film. It seems that Tarantino's talent has been exhausted in the first two works.

72. Brave heart, August 1, 1995

With Mel Gibson's shout of "* *", he not only conquered the Academy Awards judges, but also nine out of ten fans.

73. Ice blood storm Fargo, August 1, 1996

Michael dormond, the wife of director Joel and the representative work of the Cohen brothers, has a good performance in the film, and the dialect of rustic is impressive.

74. Requiem for a dream, August 1, 2000

Darren Aronofsky, a new Hollywood star, wrote his first work π in 2000.

75. Modern times, August 1, 1936

This is a film that I have studied politics in junior high school!

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