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Friday, July 9, 2021

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 3)

What are the top ten classic films of the 20th century-( Part 3)

I want ten of the most authoritative film critics

World classic films of the 20th century

76. The past of the west, C [] era una voltail West, August 1, 1969

The works of Sergio Lyonne in the 1960s.

77. The green mile, August 1, 1999

Frank de la Ponte, director of Shawshank Redemption, launched his new work in 1999, starring Tom Hanks, but obviously failed to surpass the previous one.

78. Amadeus, Mozart, August 1, 1984

Milos Forman is probably the most successful immigrant director in America. His works have an obvious sense of challenging society, but they can only be allowed by Hollywood.

Blade runner, August 1, 1982

Redley Scott's works, unique humanistic spirit and excellent art special effects make "blade killer" a science fiction film that is not easy to forget.

80. Ladri di biciclette, the bicycle thief, August 1, 1948

It is the pronoun of Italian Neo realism.

81. The sting, August 1, 1973

A deceptive film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford was shown on domestic TV a few years ago.

82. Jaws, August 1, 1975

David finch described the movie like this: since I watched "Jaws", I never dare to swim in the sea, even though I know it's just a movie.

Duck soup, August 1, 1933

Co starred by the famous comedy house Max brothers.

84. On the waterfront, August 1, 1954

Another classic created by Marlon Brando.

85. Killer Leon, l é on, August 1, 1994

Luc Besson's work to establish international reputation. This seems to be the first French director on the list. The film was made in the United States. It seems that the American audience really only cares about domestic films.

86. Seven crimes Se7en, August 1, 1995

David finch is a movie that almost everyone loves.

87. That night, festen, August 0, 1998

The original name of "celebration" is Dogme95 No.1, which is the most influential one among the official works of Dogme95. The extreme image way is shocking, and the compact narrative has caught those audiences who are not suitable for holding the camera.

Magnolia, August 0, 1999

Paul Thomas Anderson's best work of multi petal structure after "unruly night" is the Golden Bear award of 2000 Berlin Film Festival.

Annie hall, 1977, 8.0

Woody Allen's semiautobiographical color masterpiece won the best picture Oscar. What impresses me deeply is the chattering dialogue in the film. If you take the GRE listening test, it must be like this.

Pride and prejudice, August 0, 1995

British actor Colin Firth has a large number of fans for his role as the hero Darcy in the popular TV series shot by BBC.

The straight story, August 0, 1999

American avant-garde director David Lynch's return to simple works.

92. The insider, August 0, 1999

Russell Crowe's performance in this film is obviously better than his award-winning Gladiator.

Yojimbo, also known as bodyguard

Works of Akira Kurosawa.

94. The great escape, August 0, 1963

One of Steve McQueen's masterpieces is the representative of the prisoner of war escape film.

Gladiator, August 0, 2000

Despite the popularity and awards, Redley Scott's original talent was swallowed up by Hollywood.

96, alien II, 8.0, 1986

The horror sci-fi films made by James Cameron make actress silguene Weaver the lone heroine in action films.

97. The African Queen, August 0, 1951

Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn's brilliant performance.

98. Mononoke hime, August 0, 1997

Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki works, this concern about people and nature of the film is full of a kind of warm humanistic care.

99. Strange passengers on a train, August 0, 1951


100, the seventh seal, DET sjude Inseglet, August 0, 1957

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